All Sermons: Practical Life

Maximize life! God knows best how to live it. Here are answers to everything from cremation to financial success, from tattoos to virginity, from swearing to marital sex, from job promotions to charity, and much more. As a Christian, God created you and bought you, so you are twice His. You owe Him everything. He jealously demands your affection and resents any flirting with the world. Most today love pleasure more than holiness, but the Bible teaches holiness that brings lasting pleasures of all kinds, both here and in heaven.

9/17/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (11)

Matthew 7:6 is a lesson from most ignore, for they reject Jesus' criticism of fools and scorners, which He called dogs and pigs. Such men do not deserve truth, and Jesus taught us to protect the truth from them and to protect ourselves from their violent tendencies against anyone correcting them.

8/13/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (8)

Memorize the five parts of prayer. Forgive everyone; flush all offences. Fast modestly - not like Catholics, who make a public show during Lent to defy Jesus. Make investments in heaven, not on earth. Do everything as to the Lord. Set your heart on Him. You will never be disappointed. You will be thrilled.

8/6/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (6)

God loved Israel by speaking to them by the prophets, but He has spoken to us by His Son. The Sermon on the Mount is written proof. Modest giving and praying is crucial to please God by the rules of Jesus. Lessons include rules for rewards, God seeing all good deeds, and Jesus' extreme wording.

7/30/2023 PM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (5)

Are you careful with your speech to avoid foolish or filthy expletives or euphemisms? Listen and learn how corrupt and depraved speech can be. Hate revenge. Let small offences slide. God will take care of you. Love enemies to be perfect like God and to prove your adoption as a son of God.

7/30/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (4)

Being a light in the world includes kindness to adorn and beautify duty and godliness. After our relationships, Jesus warned about fantasies and sexual temptations; then He taught to limit swearing, which the Jews abused often. His lessons keep coming to lead us to abundant living and eternal life.

7/26/2023 PM
David’s Mighty Men Slides

The divine library (Bible) has it all, even unmatched special forces that fought for David. These elite men and their ranks are recorded. Even Philistines loved David. God called men to be soldiers against several enemies, and the Bible details are encouraging for boys and men to consider.

7/23/2023 PM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (3)

The width and depth of this Sermon has no peer. God gave our Lord great wisdom to declare God's will for us (5:14-28). A few verses at a time, Jesus taught lessons of righteousness we should crave to learn and apply each day. This is the straight gate and narrow way that leads to life for only a few.

7/23/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (2)

Here is a review of the Sermon in general, a review of the first seven beatitudes, and then the application of the other beatitudes and the Lord's lessons through 5:13. If you want greater fellowship with God and His Son, then learn and live these lessons, for they will bless you now and save you later.

7/16/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (1)

God sent His Son to earth, and He preached the greatest sermon recorded in the Bible. This is a very simple application of Jesus doctrine that we should follow for proof of eternal life and to please God now. There are 21 lessons in our Lord's Sermon, but many mini-lessons within the large one.

7/9/2023 PM
Victorious Christian Living (23)

There are ten rules of winners to close out this sermon series. Great Christians, similar to world-class athletes, have certain traits that give them an advantage over others. It is your wisdom to consider these rules, embrace them as being valuable, and then apply them in your daily approach to life.

7/9/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (22)

How can we lose VCL? Allow funks or moods to destroy fruitbearing. Allow bitterness that gives Satan leverage in your life. Talk folly to yourself instead of talking faith. Allow anxiety, which is opposite of faith, peace, and joy. Accept religious routine and lose passionate first love of being hot for Christ.

6/25/2023 PM
Victorious Christian Living (21)

God has not only told us what to do but also how to do it - He wants cheerful givers and happy, joyful Christians. Kings required it of servants; we should be constantly thrilled to serve Him. You cannot neglect nutrition - Bible reading, prayer, preaching, and godly music and friends to grow and bear fruit.

6/25/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (20)

VCL is by faith, not feelings, so emotions are ruled to follow faith, not lead or control your life. Entertainment today of television, movies, Internet, social media, magazines, etc., must be carefully limited. At all times Jesus Christ must be constantly the main goal, for character without Him is nothing.

6/18/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (19)

VCL is to be accepted by God now and to hear, Well done, thou good and faithful servant, when we meet him. You can lose VCL by distracting ambitions, indulging in spiritual vacations, aim at nothing, poorly manage time, procrastinate conviction, and lose your first love of God and Jesus Christ.

6/11/2023 PM
Victorious Christian Living (18)

We reviewed eight ways VCL can be lost - these were covered in sermons #13-#16. Your life ambition(s) are crucial to success or not - for ambition in other areas, no matter how noble, distract from the war. Paul even warned about marriage, which should cause fear of other distractions.

6/11/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (17)

Review is necessary after a break of several weeks. Hearing truth is not enough, but hearing, retaining, and obeying. God has promised great blessings to overcomers. The key is daily focus and intentional living to obey and glorify God in everything you do, rather than let life happen and control you.

5/28/2023 PM
Twelve Facts for Christians (6)

The world explodes with information, but they are no closer to truth. Beware of the distraction of inputs by electronics in your life. Do not tempt God by questioning Him, provoking Him by presumptuous sins, or taking foolish risks. Prayer changes things and should be a main part of your life.

5/28/2023 AM
Twelve Facts for Christians (5)

Because God created you and saved you by a great price, you are not your own - you are His in every part of your life. He demands all your love and then for you to love others He puts in your life. You should never surmise about what God is doing in another's life, for you do not know His infinite will or them.

5/21/2023 PM
Twelve Facts for Christians (4)

Safety in life brings everything back to the Bible - all thoughts, ideas, choices, plans, events, etc. It should be taught daily to children. Your ideas can never be better. Period. Success in life before God and men is by fruit, not results, feelings, or words. Fruit is identified in the Bible. Abound in it.

5/21/2023 AM
Twelve Facts for Christians (3)

The sin Adam chose in Eden and we choose daily pervades all parts of life, and it should be identified to avoid misjudging things, persons, relationships. God is greater than man and can do what He wants with your life, like He did Job. We should never blame, complain, or even question Him. He is God.

5/14/2023 PM
Twelve Facts for Christians (2)

With the golden parachute of guaranteed eternal life, we can manage and profit by the trials and tribulations of uncertain life in this world. Not only has God saved us for eternity, His choices rule our lives here and now with incredible blessings, if we take the time to consider His loving providence.

5/3/2023 PM
Righteous Relationships Slides

The second command is to love others. The Bible teaches how all life relationships are to be treated. Here is a chart of the many relationships with God's rules for each. Growing in favor with God and men, the highest goal of life, requires learning and doing the duties of each relationship.

4/19/2023 PM
Above and Beyond Slides

Great lovers of God did more than bare duty worshiping and serving Him. Why would you stop at what is expected or minimum? He did far more than reasonable to adopt us. Let us look for extra ways we can delight in Him and glorify Him like David did planning and paying for Solomon's temple.

4/16/2023 PM
Victorious Christian Living (16)

Music is the powerful language of the soul. David played the harp to heal Saul's devil-afflicted soul. You do not have the right to any music. You must glorify God and use music that will lift your spirit toward heaven. Measure all music by its fruit in producers, performers, listeners, and churches using it.

4/16/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (15)

Recall seven reasons why God left us here. Average Christian is not VCL; most churches are not. How can you lose VCL? You can choose carnal, foolish, worldly friends. Or you can become too dependent on any relationship, so that you will compromise knowingly or not to keep the relationship.

3/26/2023 PM
Victorious Christian Living (14)

You lose VCL by choking on circumstances. God arranged each part of your life. Accept it and live above it, not under it. Guard use of alcohol, lest it hurts your efforts and reputation for Christ. Do not let past failures defeat you. The best of men fall, but they rise up to engage again. Triumph today!

3/26/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (13)

Why did God give the ministry? To help you live victoriously. What is VCL? It is God's best for your life. How can you lose it? Choose to be a loner and lose the necessary benefit of your local church. Or you can rest on your laurels, when you should be running the rest of your race even better and faster.

3/19/2023 PM
Victorious Christian Living (12)

Keep going. Let nothing stop or slow you. Perseverance is faithfulness. Reject every weight that might slow you down, even if it is not sin. Moderation balances all aspects of life to maximize fruitfulness. Get zealous, for intensity helps. Habits can help by daily duty. If you fall, repent and get back up.

3/19/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (11)

VCL requires strategic effort to pray like Hezekiah and Nehemiah - Remember me. It is an earthly engagement, so reject monastic desire for heaven. It is not legal righteousness; it is your personal righteousness by obedience to secure God's approval. Evil will come, but rise above it.

3/12/2023 PM
Victorious Christian Living (10)

VCL is more than bare faith - it is delight in God with great fervency and zeal. The world pursues its goals, like sports, with great zeal, and we should have similar zeal for Him and His kingdom. Life is often too busy and chaotic for intentional VCL, so you must slow down and simplify your life to succeed.

3/12/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (9)

Paul knew he had fought, finished, and kept the faith. So were Job, David, Timothy and several women. Paul taught regeneration provided the power for you to do so. VCL is not ordinary - it is exceptional. It is living with the kingdom as your priority and it is measured by the heart and souls helped.

2/26/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (7)

To be an overcomer, you should look to the reward like Jesus did. You must guard your inputs vigilantly, you should be the most thankful person, you should pray for it, and you should look to the effect. Remember that your defeated Christian life or a joyful, winning one will affect all those around you.

2/19/2023 PM
Victorious Christian Living (6)

To be victorious you must believe that God forgives easily, quickly, and fully. Any ideas to the contrary are sinfully wrong and will defeat and discourage you. Look to Jesus as your example going before, see difficulties as opportunities like Job and Paul did, and get competitive to be the best in God's sight.

2/19/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (5)

A victorious Christian life is confident living, kingdom building, and intentional living. It is necessary to view each night and day, in that order, with the clear goal to obey Christ fully. Your greatest enemy is yourself, and you must force all feelings to follow faith, no matter how powerful they may seem to be.

2/12/2023 PM
Victorious Christian Living (4)

A victorious Christian is a growing one with fruit rather than funks. One of our greatest enemies is bad thinking. Your thoughts are not helpful to serve God better. Too many of them are foolish and sinful. You must hate any funks and not try to excuse them by ruling your thoughts to choose godliness.

2/12/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (3)

Key facts to remember for victorious living are why God left us here with a sinful flesh in a sinful world. There are seven broad reasons He did so, and they are quite helpful to live intentional lives for God's glory and His approval and rewards. His reasons are also our goals for living right.

2/5/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (2)

Further identifying marks of a victorious Christian, who grows in grace, knowledge, service, and zeal in Christ's kingdom. They do not allow the sissy fits or funks of many today that are destroyed for hours or days at a time. They quickly repent and resume their duties with God's healing power.

1/29/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (1)

Introduction with hope and suggestions to run the Christian race like Jesus and Paul. God has done everything needed for our victory, including incredible prizes. But the real reason is to repay the debt of love we owe and realize the life He intended for His children by saving them in the first place.

1/18/2023 PM
Threefold Cords Slides

Wisdom from Solomon explaining the value of friendships and the synergy that can be maximized in a group.

12/25/2022 PM
Kiss the Son (3) Slides

Psalm 2:12 gives the phrase, Kiss the Son, as God by His prophet David warned rulers to humbly submit to Him lest He destroy them. Luke 7:36-50 describes a sinful woman kissing Jesus' feet affectionately. Judas also kissed Him hypocritically. Here are reasons to kiss the Son and how to do it.

12/25/2022 AM
Kiss the Son (2) Slides

Psalm 2:12 gives the phrase, Kiss the Son, as God by His prophet David warned rulers to humbly submit to Him lest He destroy them. Luke 7:36-50 describes a sinful woman kissing Jesus' feet affectionately. Judas also kissed Him hypocritically. Here are reasons to kiss the Son and how to do it.

12/21/2022 AM
Kiss the Son (1) Slides

Psalm 2:12 gives the phrase, Kiss the Son, as God by His prophet David warned rulers to humbly submit to Him lest He destroy them. Luke 7:36-50 describes a sinful woman kissing Jesus' feet affectionately. Judas also kissed Him hypocritically. Here are reasons to kiss the Son and how to do it.

12/7/2022 PM
Wise Decisions Slides

Learn the five F's of making decisions. Only one way works. The other four are terrible. Here is a practical study for your many life choices. Fathers should lead their families to learn the five ways decisions are made. A useful handout is explained and applied and should be retained for future reference.

11/2/2022 PM
Love Is the Greatest (#2) Slides

How important is love to God and the Bible? It is the greatest command, first to God and then to neighbors or brothers in Christ. But it is far more than just a duty. Loving one another in Christ's churches is the greatest fruit and trait of Christians in many different ways. Choose to love today as He loved us!

10/26/2022 PM
Traits of David – Slides

David the King was the man after God’s own heart. Here is a review of 80 character traits that made him special for us as men to copy and promote.

10/26/2022 AM
Traits of David – Table

A table containing 80 Character Traits of David the King

10/19/2022 PM
Love is the Greatest #1 Slides

How important is love to God and the Bible? It is the greatest command, first to God and then to neighbors or brothers in Christ. But it is far more than just a duty. Loving one another in Christ's churches is the greatest fruit and trait of Christians in many different ways. Choose to love today as He loved us!

10/5/2022 AM
Assurance of Eternal Life #2 Slides

God has never doubted the salvation of any, for He purposed and predestinated each one from eternity. He wants His children to know they have eternal life. He does not want them fearful or worried. Here is the evidence if you are elect and saved or not. Here are answers to fearful Bible verses.

10/2/2022 AM
All Things Are of God

II Cor 5:1-8 confidently details the certainty of immorality and a new glorified body for believers. II Cor 5:18-21 describes how that immortality and glorified body were secured for rebel, sinful enemies by God's gracious imputation and Christ's death on the cross. Be ecstatic, not miserable. God is at peace.

9/28/2022 AM
Mighty Men of Valor Slides

A men's meeting to challenge men to be mighty men of valor like in the Bible. God expects the sons of God on earth to be highly disciplined and fighting soldiers for the cause and kingdom of His Son Jesus. The lesson builds on an obscure record of king David's huge army coming together.

9/21/2022 PM
Assurance of Eternal Life Slides

God has never doubted the salvation of any, for He purposed and predestinated each one from eternity. He wants His children to know they have eternal life. He does not want them fearful or worried. Here is the evidence if you are elect and saved or not. Here are answers to fearful Bible verses.

8/24/2022 PM
Proverbs Is God’s Gift to His Sons #2 Slides

Every Christian young man should know God his Father loves him and desires his success more than anyone else. He chose a son of David, gifted him with supernatural wisdom, and inspired him to write the book of Proverbs as a manual for perfect living to prosper in blessed favor with God and men.

8/3/2022 PM
The Maccabees Slides

Between Malachi and Matthew there were things happening. A king of a segment of the Greek Empire violently abused the Jews and tried to overthrow the worship of Jehovah. God raised up some men that feared Him and used them to drive this enemy out of Jerusalem and to rededicate His temple.

7/27/2022 PM
Proverbs Is God’s Gift to His Sons #1 Slides

Every Christian young man should know God his Father loves him and desires his success more than anyone else. He chose a son of David, gifted him with supernatural wisdom, and inspired him to write the book of Proverbs as a manual for perfect living to prosper in blessed favor with God and men.

7/20/2022 PM
Use It … But Don’t Abuse It Slides

God put us in this world, and we have to be part of it until He gets us out of here. He allows and encourages His children to use the world, as long as we do not get caught up in its distractions or lies. The Bible has many examples of great men using the world in many different ways for their profit.

7/19/2022 AM
Love Not the World – Pyramid Slides

This simple graphic is a little tool to see all that is in the world we must not love. It is too easy to hate the bottom tier and forget our own lives at the top, which Jesus also said for us to hate. The tiers in between are the other things we must keep in their proper place to love God as He expects. The 3-minute video might help you further understand the graphic.

7/6/2022 AM
Lose Your Life to Find It Slides

Your best life requires you to give up selfish interests for Christ. If you do, you will enjoy life to its fullest as God intended. If you will not, you will lose offered joy and prosperity. Jesus repays followers 10,000% in this world and eternal life in the world to come. Follow and obey Him at any cost! It is win-win!

6/1/2022 PM
Resurrection Power Slides

The world has no clue about death. They do all they can to avoid it, but life expectancy is the same Moses wrote. We know everything about life, death, and eternal life. Our God and Father taught us, and He can give, take, or restore life easily.

5/22/2022 PM
Priorities of Fearful Pastors (2) Slides

I Cor 3-4 is mainly for pastors, as Paul corrected preacher factions at Corinth and warned them of their duties and coming judgment for pastors. God's churches are holy, and wood, hay, and stubble additions to Christ are to be hated.

5/22/2022 AM
Priorities of Fearful Pastors (1) Slides

I Cor 3-4 is mainly for pastors, as Paul corrected preacher factions at Corinth and warned them of their duties and coming judgment for pastors. God's churches are holy, and wood, hay, and stubble additions to Christ are to be hated.

5/4/2022 AM
Desire Slides

Every man and woman is born with it and to varying degrees their intensity or lack of it will determine their output.Desire is what sparks the will and ignites into action. Desire has both passion and purpose, with the energy and effort to evoke change in every area of our lives.

3/13/2022 AM
Glory to God Forever 1 Slides

Paul ended the first three chapters of Ephesians with a doxology. This followed his prayer for greater fellowship with God by Holy Spirit power working in them. You exist for God's glory, and it should be the focal point for every church.

1/23/2022 AM
Fabulous Facts of Forgiveness (7 sermons)

The holy, just, vengeful God of the Bible gloriously forgave sinners. If He did not, we are doomed. It is one of the great facets of salvation. You should celebrate it and then also show it to others. Here are 72 facts to teach, remind, bless you.

12/15/2021 PM
The Sovereignty of God (3) Slides

Sovereignty is God's right to do as He pleases with all creatures. Many Christians do not know this God. They think man has rights that God must honor. The truth is God has rights that man should honor. The truth has many benefits for us.

11/21/2021 AM
Elihu Exalts God (13 sermons)

The book of Job is God's sovereign choices for Job's life. Most do not know the wisest man in it - Elihu. Do not ever blame or question God. He is Creator and Potter. You are creature and clay. He is always perfectly just, right, and good.

11/14/2021 PM
Helpers to Faith Slides

A short reminder of how to build faith. The Bible has three sources - its inspired accounts, your own life experiences, and experiences of others. So a church should include public praise and testimonies (Ps 34:2; I Cor 14:16; Heb 13:15).

10/27/2021 AM
Patriarchs & Patriarchy Slides

Boys and men met to learn the word and concept of patriarchy. As more Christians compromise, men are neutered as God promised in Isaiah 3. The Bible teaches strong men throughout but never justifies abuse of those under their rule.

10/24/2021 PM
A Reprobate Mind

Man's perversity is accelerating, but Christians can have peace and praise about it. God Himself has sent it to judge men for choices against Him. His creativity in their perversities is perfect judgment for their pride and unthankfulness.

10/17/2021 AM
Soul Revival (5 sermons)

We fight daily against our flesh, the world, and Satan to love God and His Son. God expects total love and devotion to Him, and He knows if we slip. Therefore, we need revival often, so we must seek it diligently, and He will powerfully reward it.

9/12/2021 PM
Things Your Wife Deserves (3 sermons)

God made Eve for Adam, but He gave rules for men to care for and love wives. Concubines deserved essentials, but how much more Christian wives. Your wife deserves these things because God said so and for many other wise reasons.

8/18/2021 AM
When Pain Ends (Rom 8:17-25) Slides

Life and the universe are filled with pain, trouble, death. But Jesus died to lift the sin curse, so the creation will be changed back to its original perfection. It will occur when Jesus returns and God formally declares us His children to the universe!

8/4/2021 PM
Confidence & Excitement in Prayer Slides

The living and true God, Jehovah of the Bible, is our God and Father. He responds gloriously to our prayers. The 14 attributes of God for prayer build confidence and excitement to pray more. He does far more than hear and answer. You will shout!

7/18/2021 PM
Character without Christ (4) Slides

What should we do to change our habits and increase our love of Christ? We must repent for past lack of love and commit our full devotion to Him. There are some practical things that can be done daily to keep our hearts with Him.

7/18/2021 AM
Character without Christ (3) Slides

Paul was taught by Jesus Christ, and knew about Him better than any man, but he sought to know Him better in personal ways. In contrast, he warned about enemies of Christ that worshipped their bellies by minding earthly things.

7/11/2021 PM
Character without Christ (2) Slides

Character or conduct valued by men is not enough, even if Biblical. We must love Jesus the Son of God or we can expect His judgment like Israel received in 70 A.D. What can you do with your family to know and love Jesus most of all?

7/11/2021 AM
Character without Christ (1) Slides

We shall soon be at the judgment seat of Christ to account for our lives. Have we loved Jesus Christ and served Him passionately, or have we measured ourselves by worldly standards? Earthly honors will not mean a thing in that day.

6/20/2021 AM
War for Your Soul #9 Slides

The devil will devour lazy souls like he did Lot, Samson, and Solomon. The result are terrible. His main tactics are the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life. He used these three on Eve and Jesus. You must hate the world and all in it.

6/13/2021 PM
War for Your Soul #8 Slides

The devil's sin was pride, and he uses the pride of life to destroy. Esteem others and lower yourself. He was and is a liar, so you must love gospel truth, practice personal honesty, and hate even hearing distracting inputs of the world.

6/13/2021 AM
War for Your Soul #7 Slides

Chief tools of the devil are anger, bitterness, and not forgiving others, especially spouses. God wants his children happy, healthy, and confident to meet Him in the Day of Judgment, but the BAD devil will destroy all three blessings.

6/6/2021 PM
War for Your Soul #6 Slides

The devil wants you BAD ... bitter, arrogant, deceitful. By bitterness, God and the Bible mean any thought, word, or deed tending in the direction of murder, for Satan has been a murderer from the start. Hate this B sin in your heart.

6/6/2021 AM
War for Your Soul #5 Slides

Keep in mind when studying the devil's wiles - Jesus has and will yet defeat Him. He cannot do anything God did not plan and direct. He wants you to be BAD, which is bitter, arrogant, and deceitful. These are three of his chief wiles.

5/30/2021 PM
War for Your Soul #4 Slides

Paul taught two actions for you after putting on the whole armor of God. First, you must stand like Greek wrestlers did and not be taken down at all. Second, you must rightly pray in the intense and thorough way Paul described.

5/30/2021 AM
War for Your Soul #3 Slides

The devil looks for weaknesses to tempt you. He knew Jesus was hungry from long fasting. What habits do you have that leave you exposed to the devil? This is the first line of resisting him - discipline in all parts of life to send him away.

5/23/2021 PM
War for Your Soul #2 Slides

The devil is like a roaring lion - a terrible danger - trying to devour you. He is a destroyer. Think Lot, Samson, Solomon. The Bible records him troubling believers from the start. We will skip the national or sensational to stress the personal.

5/23/2021 AM
War for Your Soul #1 Slides

A diabolical fiend wants to destroy you by keeping you from being a fruitful Christian. He has been defeated legally and vitally by Jesus Christ, and he will soon be cast into the lake of fire. But he can mess up your life unless you rightly resist.

4/25/2021 PM
Priorities for Good Choices (2) Slides

Our heavenly Father has compared and ranked things in the Bible and told us what is better and best. The verses in this study show priority of one choice over another. God's best for your life is learning to exalt some things and demote others.

4/18/2021 PM
Priorities for Good Choices (1) Slides

Our heavenly Father has compared and ranked things in the Bible and told us what is better and best. The verses in this study show priority of one choice over another. God's best for your life is learning to exalt some things and demote others.

4/11/2021 PM
Conveying the Truth to Children Slides

God has blessed us with truth, and it must be taught to children, or it will be lost to future generations. Moses ordered fathers to teach, and so did Paul. A handout here shows ways to teach children and sources for what to teach them.

3/28/2021 PM
Destructive Decision Making

Men differ greatly in the prosperity or success they achieve. A major factor affecting them is how they make decisions. Hasty and ignorant decision making must end, for it truly hurts progress, though fools can hardly learn to do otherwise.

3/28/2021 AM
Paul’s Doctrine of Marriage (2 sermons)

Corinth was a lascivious city of the Roman world, and the church there asked Paul about marriage, sex, divorce, etc. His inspired answers for their situation have much wisdom for all Christians that want to know God's will about marriage.

3/21/2021 PM
War for Truth

There has always been violent opposition between the wicked and the righteous, Satan and God. The devil and world seek to rid earth of God's truth, so we must learn, defend, and promote it, especially in church and families.

2/3/2021 PM
David and Goliath Slides

Things new and old can be learned from reviewing this favorite Bible story. Studing the Davidic covenant justifies this review. After the facts and fun of I Samuel 17, there are lessons of David's character and conduct that can profit anyone.

1/24/2021 PM
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Angst has gripped Christians due to President Trump's defeat. Much of it is due to conservative news sites, which intend angst and addiction. But Christians keep the Bible's rules for politics and trust God and Jesus cheerfully for total world victory.

1/17/2021 PM
Don’t Sacrifice Your Future on the Alter of the Present

Life can be summarized as a series of decisions.  Each decision has consequences for your future.  We must be intentional about life and every choice we make with a circumspect view of the ramifications.

1/17/2021 AM
Lessons From The Rejection Of Saul

Saul, Israel's first king, was rebellious and stubborn so the LORD took everything from him and gave the kingdom to David, a man after His own heart. This semon explores Saul's wicked character when the LORD rejected him in 1 Samuel 15 and highlights lessons we can learn from this terrible event.

1/17/2021 AM
Our Command to Rejoice

The word rejoice is a verb denoting action. Did you know that we are commanded to rejoice? The Bible is filled with joyful information for believers. Read it and take action today!  

1/10/2021 PM
Josiah’s Example

As one of the 4 great kings of Israel, Josiah is an example of the character we should have as we serve the Lord in these last days.

1/10/2021 AM
What Do You Glory In?

The LORD tells us not to glory in might, wisdom, or riches but that we know and understand Him. How much do you glory in His Word? Do things of God truly delight your soul?

1/10/2021 AM
The Most Influential Member

Your tongue is far more powerful than you think! Men rise and fall in the sight of Jehovah, by their careful and diligent management of it. Godly men know the Christian walk is successfully navigated by directing their speech, rather than their feet. Have you mastered this unruly evil?

12/2/2020 AM
Isms Creeping Into The Church (3) Slides

Satan's lies are old, but he is smart enough to market them creatively. Ancient heresies with euphemistic names and definitions corrupt evangelical churches today, and the danger is great enough for this simple warning to know the errors.

11/8/2020 AM
Two Kings and Their Laws

Sin and death reign over men since Adam as unalterable laws. Bildad called death King of Terrors. Now righteousness and life reign by the Prince of Life for believers. Learn the terrible plight of sinners and our grand redemption in Christ.

10/25/2020 PM
Trust the God of Politics

Rather than look at the Bible's precepts for submission to civil government, it is helpful to recall the persons involved and how God reversed many political situations for the benefit of His children, just as He has for us and will for us.

10/25/2020 AM
Cleave Unto the Lord

Persecution drove the gospel north to Antioch of Syria. Barnabas came to see the Gentile converts and exhort them to cleave to Christ. He knew the threats to their zeal, which are similar to our own. Let us run to Christ and never let go.

9/27/2020 PM
Poetic Books of the Bible

The Bible is a library covering every part of your life. God gave us all we need to know for ultimate pleasure and profit in life. In the middle of the Bible are five special books, Job - Song of Solomon. Do you fully value them? Do you read them?

9/27/2020 AM
In a Crooked and Perverse Nation

America is a mess in 2020. It is crooked and perverse like Philippi was when Paul wrote them. What should a Christian do? Paul gave us clear marching orders from the Lord Jesus Christ. They are found in Philippians 2:1-18. Rejoice in truth!

9/20/2020 PM
Froward Spouses

Human relations involve sinners, so they will frustrate or hurt at times. Marriage has two sinners closer for longer than any other. Your spouse will upset you. What will you do then? It is only in this situation you can truly please God.

9/20/2020 AM
Are You Saved?

Judgment Day is fast approaching, when you will be judged and sent to hell or allowed into heaven. Any other fear of man like Covid-19 is nothing in comparison. Do you have Bible evidence to be sure of heaven? It is crucially important!

9/6/2020 PM
What Drives & Sustains You?

You do what you do by influences and goals you allow or choose. To please God and live victoriously, you must reset the factors for your priorities. Listen for the three reasons that should rule your life for God's glory and your success.

9/6/2020 AM
Romans 1:18-25

God's wrath is coming from heaven against the wicked. As Paul wrote, He gave all men opportunities to know Him, glorify Him, thank Him, and obey Him. They did not and instead invented lies, so He blinded and rewired them to sexual folly.

7/26/2020 PM
Jesus the Friend of Sinners

Pharisees despised Jesus for loving repentant sinners. He came to save such sinners. Learn to hate the vile spirit of Pharisaism in yourself or in others. Jesus will never cast out a sinner coming to Him. He loves big sinners, knowing they love more.

7/19/2020 PM
A Teachable Spirit

A teachable spirit is a key trait for success with God and men. David and Solomon emphasized it. We arrive in life ignorant, so we must be taught everything. Growth requires change, and change requires criticism and reformation.

7/5/2020 AM
Ebenezer: Stone of Help

Samuel led a great revival in Israel and beat the Philistines with God's help. This sermon is background and context. Samuel burned a sucking lamb to secure God's help and honored Him with a memorial - Hitherto hath the LORD helped us.

3/29/2020 PM
The Master of Disease Slides

The coronavirus pandemic has the world terrified, but Jesus rules all disease. Ten axioms tell the cause, reasons, and cure for disease. Take comfort that Jesus is in full control of COVID-19 as much as He was the Sea of Galilee with His apostles.

12/18/2019 PM
Reasoning with God in Prayer Slides

Mighty men with God learn how to bring arguments in prayer to win His favor.

12/1/2019 AM
Folly, Truth, and Glory of Baptism

Baptism according to the Bible is a wonderful event full of meaning and value, but it has been terribly corrupted by many heresies. The true followers of Jesus Christ keep God’s commandments just as given – they will not alter baptism at all from the example and instruction of the New Testament. We are Baptists because we believe the Bible, and we will exalt and defend it. Get excited about Bible baptism!

7/7/2019 PM
Isaiah – Chapter 3 (Slides) Slides

God judged Judah by taking men, exalting children and women, and exposing women

3/17/2019 AM
The End of the Universe

God has promised to save some from the coming destruction of the whole universe.

12/5/2018 PM
Great Woman of Shunem Slides

Study of a fabulous woman to encourage our girls and women to also be great.

8/15/2018 PM
Rightly Dividing the Bible 1 Slides

We want the sense or meaning of words, not just the sound or spelling. The difference is crucial - between truth and error. God may use a word different ways, but He gave a rule in II Timothy 2:15 to identify different meanings to arrive at the truth of a passage and the whole Bible.

8/1/2018 PM
Samson Slides

PPT slide presentation with emphasis on the lessons to be learned by his faults/failures.

4/18/2018 PM
Giving Thanks for Rulers Slides

The Bible exalts civil rulers and expects the children of God to give thanks for them.

3/21/2018 PM
Communication 102 Slides

We want to grow in favor with both God and Man. Communication is a large part of doing that. How well do you communicate to others? Do you know how to convey information in an efficient way? Knowing how to communicate is important for sharing truth from God's Word to those around you (part 2).

3/7/2018 AM
Communication 101 Slides

We want to grow in favor with both God and Man. Communication is a large part of doing that. How well do you communicate to others? Do you know how to convey information in an efficient way? Knowing how to communicate is important for sharing truth from God's Word to those around you.

12/6/2017 PM
Health, Sickness, and Death 2 Slides

The Bible has rules for the children of God to deal with the three cases properly.

11/15/2017 PM
Health, Sickness, and Death -1 Slides

Sin brought sickness and death into a perfect world. Unbelievers have no hope beyond this life, so they exalt their bodies over their spirits and time over eternity. The Bible has rules for us to have the right perspective in these crucial things.

11/1/2017 PM
The Gunpowder Plot (Guy Fawkes) Slides

Catholic conspirators in 1605 tried to blow up Parliament and kill King James & family.

8/16/2017 PM
Two-Step Bible Study #1 Slides

PowerPoint slides for a very simple review of proving what a text does not mean.

3/15/2017 PM
Change! Slides

God saved you to change you, and your growth and progress should be obvious.

2/15/2017 PM
Joseph the Prince Slides

PowerPoint sermon about the character of Joseph mainly for young men to copy.

2/1/2017 PM
Past, Present, and Future Slides

Bible study to rightly use your three time zones to maximize your life before God.

1/18/2017 AM
Reversal of Fortune Slides

Faith has three good helpers to trust God for great deliverances when in trouble.

12/7/2016 PM
Pearl Harbor Day Slides

Presentation honoring the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

10/19/2016 PM
Reviving Romance by the Spirit Slides

God is love and those truly saved will show it to others - starting with their spouse.

9/21/2016 PM
Differences in Men Slides

Successes or failures - all men are different and will be exposed now and/or later.

9/7/2016 PM
Incremental Compromise Slides

Playing with sin, even a little at a time, will eventually destroy you and all yours.

8/3/2016 PM
Loose Your Bowels! Slides

Bible bowels are your affection & sympathy for others to be loosed for kindness.

6/1/2016 PM
A Lying Spirit from God Slides

God sent a lying spirit into the 400 prophets of Baal to deceive the wicked king Ahab.

5/18/2016 AM
Three Basic Rules Slides

Paul gave us three comprehensive goals for every Christian life for us to follow.

1/20/2016 PM
75 Bible References on Drinking Slides

A pamphlet by a teetotaling Baptist preacher trying to condemn alcohol.

11/18/2015 PM
Zeal Slides

What is the definition, defense, and demonstration of proper Bible zeal.

11/4/2015 PM
The Worst Sin Slides

Self-righteousness is the worst sin, since it is so hard to identify and hard to correct.

10/7/2015 PM
The R Factor Slides

Any sinner can start over at anytime for any sin by true Biblical repentance.

8/19/2015 PM
Power of Prayer – II Slides

Then the earth shook! God hears and answers prayer - powerfully - like for David (Ps 18:6-7). He can and will answer prayers powerfully for you as well. David did great things with God's help. Let Bible examples increase your faith to prayer more powerfully.

8/5/2015 PM
Psalm 101 Slides

Embrace these slides showing the details of David's promises to God in order to please God for perfect fellowship. If you are not realizing God's best for your life, then you should hear this exposition and find where you are not like David.

5/20/2015 AM
Praying from Psalm 119 Slides

The inspired words of David in Psalm 119 can help you with spiritual prayer.

4/15/2015 AM
The Problem of Evil Slides

Natural man blames and questions God for the evil he witnesses throughout the world.

4/1/2015 PM
Sin Lies Slides

Lust and sin deceive men with all sorts of lies to get them trapped in death.

3/4/2015 PM
Three Choices for Living Slides

Your life is the result of choices you make out of only three options.

12/17/2014 PM
How to Read the Bible Slides

Make 2015 your best year of Bible reading ever by these helpful reading suggestions.

11/5/2014 AM
Death of a Nation Slides

Isaiah 3 for God judging sinful nations by removing men and exposing women.

10/15/2014 PM
Rulers and the Rich Slides

God condemns cursing either rulers or the rich and commands honor.

10/1/2014 PM
What Is a Great Church? Slides

A list of 45 features that make churches great to please God and Jesus Christ.

9/17/2014 AM
Right Side Up! Slides

Are you right side up in a world turning everything of God and truth upside down?

9/3/2014 AM
Inputs – Slides Slides

Godly Christians must rule a variety of inputs that corrupt heart and mind.

8/20/2014 AM
Trigger Verses – Nathan Slides

Your choices trigger either blessing or cursing from God.

7/16/2014 AM
Patience Is Necessary for Perfection Slides

Shortest Bible study ever with a few verses teaching key role of tribulations.

4/16/2014 PM
Mining for Treasure Slides

Miners invest wealth, effort, planning, patience to look underground for precious metals and gemstones. They endure hardship, setbacks, and risks searching for stones. But they cannot find wisdom and understanding. Only God knows where it is

2/19/2014 PM
Sermon on the Mount – Overview Slides

Matthew 5-7 is pure gold from the mouth of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is preaching at its best by authority and content. If you want to know if you are going to heaven, see how you stand against this criteria. If you want to measure your religion and faith, here is the standard.

12/4/2013 PM
Abaddon & Apollyon Slides

Jesus destroyed the works of the Devil legally on the cross and vitally by regeneration. But a very real personal and practical war continues. He is a murderous liar. He is a roaring lion seeking to devour you. He will lie about sin, hiding from you the horrible end results.

11/20/2013 PM
A Time for Mirth Slides

Moses severely warned Israel about their need to be joyful with glad hearts for the abundance of all things (Deut 28:47). If they did not, He would judge them very harshly. We are blessed far beyond those Israelites by every measure. How joyful and glad are you?

10/16/2013 PM
Are Ghosts Real? Slides

Ghost = spirit. The fear, especially in children, of this word is unjustified. Ghost = spirit. Every person has a ghost/spirit that goes to God at death. The angels are spirits, or ghosts, both good and bad. God Himself is the Holy Ghost, and we want Him speaking to our ghosts.

9/18/2013 AM
Giving Thanks for Government Slides

Christians submit to civil rulers because they are ordained by God and are for our civil good (Rom 13:1-7). But Christians are also to give thanks and pray for their rulers (I Tim 2:1-3; Jer 29:4-7). Paul even gave thanks for Nero - a lesson for us to give thanks for even ungodly rulers.

8/21/2013 PM
Techno Sins Slides

Witty inventions are a blessing (Pr 8:12). But 100 years of inventions have brought Sodom into every house. If you love your children, and if you know evil communications corrupt, you must be vigilant for yourself and them. Get scared to become a technology protector!

5/1/2013 PM
Gambling Slides

The Bible is plain enough to condemn this popular worldly activity.

4/3/2013 PM
Musical Instruments In The Church Slides

The Best! PowerPoint arguments both against and for instruments.

3/20/2013 PM
Evangelism – Small Pill Slides

PowerPoint presentation of simple suggestions for sharing the truth.

3/6/2013 PM
Family Planning & Birth Control Slides

PowerPoint presentation defending birth control as Christian liberty.

2/27/2013 AM
Christian Ethics – Case Studies Slides

Thirty case studies for practice at applying principles of Christian ethics.

12/5/2012 AM
Before It Is Too Late Slides

Bible study of importance of time urgency for obeying the Lord.

12/5/2012 AM
Connecticut School Murders Slides

Here is the Biblical response to tragedies like the murder of children.

11/11/2012 PM
Living Under Obama 2 Slides

A simple review of the 1960's and the ridiculous forecasts made then should comfort the fearful. God has preserved His people in the past, and He will preserve us now. The duties of saints are far different than what "patriots" practice.

11/11/2012 AM
Living Under Obama 1 Slides

God ordained submission to rulers, contradicting Christian "patriots." Paul and Peter taught obedience to Nero. Our fathers lived under other persecuting powers. We can easily live well under President Obama without fear for four more years.

8/15/2012 PM
God Distortions Slides

Some make God too loving. Some make God too hateful. Only the Bible tells the truth about God. This sermon is to save the fearful, save those with false humility, and save those who forfeit a happy and victorious Christian life. Satan and man’s ideas about God’s character and salvation form two false ditches, and the road of truth is right between them. Rejoice about Jesus’ finished work and your acceptance!

3/21/2012 PM
When Your Husband’s a Fool

How should a wife respond to a husband pressing her to sin?

3/18/2012 AM
When Your Husband Is A Fool

How should a wife respond to a husband pressing her to sin?

10/15/2006 PM
The Rules of Child Training

Be exemplary - your actions will teach better than your words.

1/18/2006 PM
Thou God Seest Me Revisited

The Lord's tender care of the rejected slave Hagar builds faith.

3/20/2005 AM
Sermon on the Mount #2

Verse-by-verse exposition of 5:13-16 of shining your light

12/28/2003 PM
Instant Preaching

God's Charge for preaching style, especially for the last days.

12/28/2003 AM
Rude Preachers

God's preachers defended against modern effeminate pastors.

12/17/2003 PM
Gideon, or Jerubbaal

Lessons to be learned from the events of Gideon's life from the book of Judges chapters 6-8.

12/14/2003 AM
God’s Will or Free Will ? (2 sermons)

Is God's or man's will sovereign? Does man have free will?

11/16/2003 PM
Living One Day At A Time

The 24-hour day is God's wise design for successful living.

8/31/2003 AM

A message about dealing with trials and tribulations in a God honoring manner so that in the end these things turn to our profit.

6/15/2003 PM
The Lessons of Agag

God gave king Saul an assignment. He compromised due to fear of the people and did not obey. Samuel confronted him for his error and killed Agag himself. What Agags might be in your life that you need to kill? Be convicted by this lesson.

6/15/2003 AM
Holding The Line

The lines of righteous living are collapsing all around us, someone has to hold the line and say no more. We will not allow the slide to continue in our church or our lives.

5/25/2003 PM
Few There Be that Find It

Jesus condemned comfortable and popular religion to hell.

5/11/2003 PM
Colossians 4

God's rules for masters to be just and fair with their servants Paul's inspired rules for prayer, conduct, and speech. Sundry salutations and commendations explained and applied.

4/13/2003 PM
Definition of Love

Phrase by phrase exposition of I Corinthians 13:4-7

3/30/2003 PM
Musical Instruments

Bible proof against musical instruments in N.T. worship

3/9/2003 PM
Lights In The World

Our conduct says more for Christ and truth than do words.

2/23/2003 PM

God hates complaining and murmuring (Numbers 11)

2/23/2003 AM
Truth Is Fallen in the Street

Perilous times require appreciation and seeking of truth

2/16/2003 AM
Your Body Is the Lord’s

Doctrine and implications of Christ's lordship of bodies

2/9/2003 PM
If We Confess Our Sins

Fellowship with God through faithful confession of sin

1/12/2003 AM
Power of Darkness

Review of Satan to glorify Christ and resist his devices.

1/5/2003 AM
Christian Speech

An exhortation by brother Newell Eastland to Godly speech

6/23/2002 PM
Truth, Lies, And Compromise

Jehoshaphat's error of unity with the wicked from I Kings 22

6/9/2002 AM
The New Bible Economics

Luke 16:1-15 is applied to spiritual preparation for eternity.

5/12/2002 PM
Blood Is Thicker than Blood

The saints' unity in Christ's blood and the Spirit beats family.

3/3/2002 PM
Forgotten Sins

These sins are not just another list of burdens. These are sins, because they offend God and destroy lives. It is our life, righteousness, wisdom, and happiness to learn, love, and keep these commandments.

2/17/2002 PM
Loving Life – Seeing Good Days

“For he that will love life, and see good days.” I Peter 3:10

1/27/2002 PM

“And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.” Luke 21:34

1/13/2002 AM
A Pure Heart

Detailed study of the nature and importance of heart religion

12/23/2001 AM
Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord? (2 sermons)

Genesis 18:14 and Jerimiah 32:27 applied to trusting God always

1/28/2001 AM
To Live Is Christ

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Philippians 1:21

1/14/2001 PM
Marriage Essentials

Marriage should emphasize the spiritual companionship of a man and a woman on their pilgrimage to heaven as seen in I Cor 9:5.

7/30/2000 AM
Contemporary Christianity

Against inventions and innovations of todays churches.

6/16/1991 AM
The Bible and Depression

What does the Bible have to say about depression?

8/6/1989 PM
Thou God Seest Me

The Lord's tender care of the rejected slave Hagar builds faith.