Murmuring And Complaining





  1. There has never been a people even close to us in all blessings we enjoy every day. If you consider our nation’s peace, prosperity, pleasure, and pampered lifestyle along with the incredible spiritual blessings both eternal and present, who in the world has had the Lord give them so much (Deut 4:7-8)?
  2. Yet, there are some who complain, murmur, and whine all the time about things, who never have a conversation of joyful blessing and thanksgiving without complaining or being negative for something.
  3. Yet, there are few that are as fully thankful as they should be for the great abundance of all things.
  4. It is a characteristic of our carnal Christian age with only a godly form to be unthankful (II Tim 3:2).
  5. This is serious enough for God to judge the unthankful with sodomy and other perversions (Rom 1:21).


  1. Murmur. 2. a. The expression of discontent or anger by inarticulate complaint; muttered or indistinct complaint, grumbling or repining.
  2. Complain. I. To give expression to sorrow or suffering. II. The expression of suffering passing into that of grievance and blame. 6. Intr. To give expression to feelings of ill-usage, dissatisfaction, or discontent; to murmur, grumble.
  3. Let us assist these definitions with these words, “Murmuring and complaining is a negative or fearful or critical outlook on life that is seldom thankful and joyful.”


  1. Read the importance placed on this sin by the apostle Paul to Philippi (Phil 2:14-16).
  2. God’s will in Christ Jesus concerning you is thanksgiving in everything (I Thess 5:18).
  3. This is particularly true when His obvious blessings are upon a people (Deut 28:47-48).
  4. We are forbidden to murmur and complain by commandments for thankfulness (Eph 5:3-7,18-20; Phil 4:6; Ps 69:30-32) and contentment (Phil 4:11; I Tim 6:6-8; He 13:5-6).


  1. Let us first see that the example of Israel was recorded for us (I Corinthians 10:6-12).
  2. Israel was burnt for complaining, and then complained again for meat (Num 11:1-35).
  3. Israel, provoked by ten negative spies, murmured against the Lord, which is called the day of provocation (Num 13:25 – 14:38; Deu 1:27; Psalm 95:8; 106:24-26; Heb 3:8,15).
  4. Israel, provoked by Korah’s rebellion, murmured against Moses (Num 16:11; 17:d1-13).
  5. And our brother Jude prophesied of such fruitless trees in our midst (Jude 1:12-16).


  1. Trusting the sovereign Providence of God will lead to secure contentment (Rom 8:28).
  2. Thanksgiving for all things as a matter of habit and obedience will work (Ps 103:1-2).
  3. Setting affection on things above (where nothing changes) saves frustration (Pr 15:15).
  4. Consider what you should be, or what others are, suffering to be thankful (Mal 1:1-5).
  5. If you have to complain for true spiritual pain, then go to the Lord and complain righteously (Psalm 77:1-20; 142:1-7), but don’t bother us and drag us down with it.


  1. It is the duty of saints to warn the unruly (I Thess 5:14), so I exhort you to warn whiners from now on.
  2. Let us be known as the most thankful and joyful people for everything in our lives on a consistent basis.
  3. Let us teach our children to be thankful at all times and punish any grumbling or whining about things.