Sermons – 2020

1/5/20AMIsaiah 40 (#1)
After 39 chapters of judgment for Israel’s sins, the book of Isaiah has a great change to promises of John the Baptist and Jesus the Messiah. This sermon covers Isaiah 40:1-11.
1/5/20PMIsaiah 40 (#2)
After 39 chapters of judgment for Israel’s sins, God mocked the ignorance and impotence of idols to exalt His saving strength for His people. This sermon covers Isaiah 40:12-31.
1/12/20AMIsaiah 41
God called the nations of the earth to a debate to prove their idols were worthless. The topic for the debate was the rise of Cyrus the Persian to rescue the Jews and send them back home to Jerusalem.
1/12/20PMChurch Purity
Israel under Moses had strict rules and great examples for preserving purity. The N.T. has its own rules and examples for the same end, but pastor and people must follow them, which is hardly done today.
1/15/20PMPhysical Attributes of God
Slides by Nathan Crosby show God is a spirit without a body, but He has revealed Himself with physical attributes for His children to know Him better and to know He is vulnerable, approachable, and relatable to us in comforting and encouraging ways.
1/19/20AMRapture Heresy Refuted
Jim Cutler presented the modern heresy of a secret rapture and then refuted it by the Bible. Jesus is certainly coming again, but not in the way or with the timing Futurists have invented and popularized in the last 150 years.
1/19/20PMStrangers and Pilgrims
Adam Wells reminded the church that this world is not our home - we seek one to come. We are only passing through. We are the sons of God. These facts about God's children should affect our perspective and choices in life.
1/22/20PMMen's MeetingMany men participated with long and short presentations to sharpen their brothers in the faith and kingdom of Jesus Christ.
1/26/20AMRude Preachers Review
Newell Eastland reviewed Bible examples and principles as to why God's ministers, even John, Jesus, and Paul, were rude in preaching content and style at times. They were opposite most preachers today pandering to compromisers.
1/26/20PMJohn 1:1-18 Review
Jonah Unger taught the glory of Jesus Christ, the Word of God made flesh, from John's preamble to His gospel. This section is dense with truth about the nature and ministry of John and Jesus, with Jesus the Life and Light and Savior.
2/2/20AMIsaiah 42
God would send His Servant - Jesus our Lord - and He would greatly bless His ministry to save the Gentiles from their blindness and idolatry. Hallelujah! But He would also destroy the Jews, who rebelled against greater privileges.
2/2/20PMThe Price of Your Soul
Jesus asked, What if a man shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? God describes salvation and discipleship in economic terms. Daily choices show how you value your soul. Jesus dying for sinners shows the soul price of salvation.
2/5/20PMRight Side Up - 2020 (#1)
Slides to show the horrible danger of spatial disorientation for pilots and divers. They must learn their instruments to fly in bad weather. Christians must learn the Bible to survive the bad weather of this wicked world and their own lusts.
2/9/20AMIsaiah 43
God promised Israel He would save them from Babylon; He would exchange others for them. He would regather them as a nation and prove He was the only God. They deserved the captivity, but He would save them for His own sake.
2/9/20PMRight Side Up - 2020 (#2)
Slides to show the horrible danger of spatial disorientation for pilots and divers. They must learn their instruments to fly in bad weather. Christians must learn the Bible to survive the bad weather of this wicked world and their own lusts.
2/16/20AMIsaiah 44
God comforted Israel that He had great things in store for them. He ridiculed the folly of idolatry and explained He blinded such men. He had forgiven Israel and would send Cyrus to save them from Babylon to fulfill prophecies of their return.
2/16/20PMIsaiah 45
God promised Cyrus and Israel He would use Cyrus for His glory to restore His people to Jerusalem. He declared His sovereign rule over all men, and though His work was not always seen, He would eradicate idolatry for His own final glory.
2/19/20PMElection & Conversion
Election is God's choice to eternal life. All others are reprobates. Conversion is belief of the truth. How do they relate? There are unconverted elect, de-converted elect, and converted reprobates. Examine yourself (II Cor 13:5).
2/23/20AMIsaiah 46
God comforted the captive Jews in Babylon that He was superior to idols by nature, by fulfilled prophecy, and by righteous salvation. While Persia would carry Babylon's idols away, God carries His people from birth to old age.
2/23/20PMIsaiah 47
God mocked Babylon as a virgin daughter to be disgraced by the Persians and as a lady doomed to widowhood and loss of children. God would destroy Babylon for her sorcery and witchcraft. Her satanic advisors would not stop Him at all.
3/1/20AMIsaiah 48
God reproved Israel for sins in spite of His fulfilled prophecies and chastening. He chose to end the time in Babylon for His own name's sake. He showed His care of Israel by sending Cyrus, but the reason for their trouble was their fault.
3/1/20PMIsaiah 49
The chapter begins by an intimate exchange between Messiah and God. He would have more success with Gentiles than with Jews. He would unite Jews and Gentiles to be a great kingdom with numbers beyond belief given the situation.
3/4/20PMBiblical Meditation
God saved His people to know Him, and He inspired the Bible to reveal much more about Him. We reject the Eastern and Catholic ideas of meditation - opening oneself to Satan - to follow Bible rules and examples for spiritual meditation.
3/8/20AMIsaiah 50
Israel deserved the captivity due to sins. Then Jesus spoke in prophecy of God teaching Him and His faithful use of God's gifts. He let men crucify Him, but with God's help He mocked His adversaries and their vain ideas and plans.
3/8/20PMFear, Faith, Facts, Fables
Coronavirus fear is everywhere, but Christians should be full of faith. They should exalt facts over fables in the media feeding frenzy of terrifying Americans. There is a godly balance to deal with the world's constant fear tactics.
3/15/20AMIsaiah 51God comforted captive Jews with deliverance and future blessings. He told them to think of Abraham. He would save by almighty power from their impotent condition. Their sons/bulls could not help. He would turn fury on their enemies.
3/15/20PMIsaiah 52God comforted His captives in exile and introduced Messiah His Servant. God would save His people and bless them into the N.T. The last three verses introduce Isaiah 53. Jesus was promoted to highest glory for saving His elect.
3/18/20PMNotice:Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our church members will stay home and use the website and other means for sermons, singing, and worship. You may use the same sermons that we will post here, whether from website archives or new recordings by our pastor from our church facility.
3/22/20AMIsaiah 53 (from 2002 archives)
This great chapter describes the glorious work of salvation by God's Servant Messiah - our Lord Jesus Christ. The Jews despised and rejected Him, but God punished Him for our sins. We were thereby justified, and He was glorified.
3/22/20PMHealth, Sickness, and Death Slides (from 2017 archives)Sin brought sickness and death into a perfect world. Unbelievers have no hope beyond this life, so they exalt their bodies over their spirits and time over eternity. The Bible has rules for us to have the right perspective in these crucial things.
3/29/20AMIsaiah 53 SlidesSlides detail this chapter foretelling the glorious work of salvation by God's Servant Messiah - our Lord Jesus. The Jews despised and rejected Him, but God punished Him for our sins. We were thereby justified, and He was glorified.
3/29/20PMThe Master of Disease SlidesThe coronavirus pandemic has the world terrified, but Jesus rules all disease. Ten axioms tell the cause, reasons, and cure for disease. Take comfort that Jesus is in full control of COVID-19 as much as He was the Sea of Galilee with His apostles.
4/5/20AMIsaiah 54God promised the Jewish church would explode in size, including many Gentiles. He would take her back like a loving husband and never reject her again. Prosperity and protection were guaranteed to her and to her children forever.
4/5/20PMIsaiah 55The gospel has a feast of fat things for the soul to find great delight. It includes the Son of David as leader and commander and abundant pardon for backsliders. His word is certain - the prosperity sure - for God's own name, sign, and glory.
4/12/20AMIsaiah 56Messiah's kingdom is for all people, so Isaiah comforted eunuchs and Gentiles. God measures men by character and conduct, not anything else. God had called Babylon to devour the nation, and He blasted their wicked pastors.
4/12/20PMIsaiah 57With terrible judgment coming, God took righteous men to heaven. He then mocked the idolatry and spiritual adultery of the nation. He promised to save the remnant in spite of themselves, though there would no peace to the wicked.
4/19/20AMIsaiah 58A glorious chapter! God blasted hypocritical worship like today's carnal Christianity. But He gave many rich promises for godly conduct, with the emphasis on charity and mercy with all others. Embrace these precious promises.
4/19/20PMIsaiah 59God deserted Israel for their sins. He listed many of their sins, which left the nation hopeless. Isaiah interceded for them. God promised to save them by Himself due to lack of a Deliverer. Messiah would save the elect and bless them forever.
4/26/20AMIsaiah 60Arise! Shine! God gave the Jewish church His Son, His gospel, and many Gentile conversions. After 70 years of captivity and 400 years of obscurity, God blessed the Jewish church with David's Son for great joy and unity of Jews and Gentiles.
4/26/20PMIsaiah 61Jesus fulfilled this prophecy in His hometown synagogue. But there is more than Jesus read. The Jewish church would explode with growth by many Gentile conversions. God exalted the elect Jews and changed them for their great joy forever.
5/3/20AMIsaiah 62Isaiah and pastors of the Jewish church prayed for God's promises to be fulfilled. God swore to always protect them. In addition to prayer, they prepared for the worldwide growth, which began with John the Baptist and then by the apostles.
5/3/20PMNations - Blessed or CursedWhat makes a nation great? Why is America a great nation? God blesses or curses nations as they protect or promote His gospel and church. Christians must know the divine and spiritual facts, rules, and forces in play in world politics.
5/10/20AMIsaiah - Chapter 63God as an angry, mighty avenger destroyed Edom, the perpetual enemy of Israel. Isaiah then led a review of God's love and mercy to Israel. On that basis He prayed God would see their plight in Babylon and deliver them like from Egypt.
5/10/20PMIsaiah - Chapter 64After chapter 63, Isaiah prayed for God to terrify Babylon by His mighty power. Remembering the law of Moses, Isaiah confessed the accumulated sins of the nation and begged God for mercy based on their relationship and worship.