Adam condemned you in Eden; you condemn yourself daily; your perverse nature loves sin and hates God; you are doomed to hell forever (Rom 3:9-18,23; 5:12-19; 6:23). You need a Savior, and not any savior will do, for the offended Judge is Almighty God, who cannot and will not acquit or clear you (Ex 34:7; Nah 1:3). There is no more important topic. How can you be saved from certain judgment?

Adam and Eve tried fig leaves and the blame game. Cain tried a new religion. Noah’s generation tried ignoring the warnings. Israel tried the brazen serpent, the ark of the covenant, and then the temple. Legalists tried Moses’ law. Catholics hope in sacraments. Buddhists hope in reincarnation. Mormons hope in baptism for the dead. Many hope in a decision for Jesus. Where is your hope? Will it work?

When Was Cornelius Saved?

Did Peter save Cornelius? By preaching? Baptism? Or did God save Cornelius by free grace in Jesus Christ, and Peter only told him about it?
The record of Cornelius in Acts 10 is an inspired account of the first official Gentile conversion. Most today think that eternal life hinges on a decision made for Jesus during the repeated singing of “Just As I Am.” But Peter did not give an invitation, and they did not sing a funeral dirge played on an organ. Cornelius was accepted with God and born again long before meeting Peter. Read about it, and get the Bible order of salvation established in your mind.

Regeneration and Conversion

Do you understand the important difference?

Questions about Tony’s Salvation

Watch this little animation and hear more about salvation than almost anywhere. Tony wisely and graciously responds to questions to help Steve and poor Barry see more than they ever imagined. 

Justification According to the Bible [PDF]

How sinners are made just and righteous before God is of great importance. Both Arminians and Calvinists claim sinners must believe before God will justify them. We hold that justification is by Jesus Christ alone, just as our Baptist ancestors did in the 1600s. Read this worthy explanation by Samuel Richardson from 1647.

Conversion Testimony of Baptist Pastor

We are thankful to God to provide this testimony of Roland C. Crosby, who converted from Arminianism to the true gospel of God’s free and sovereign grace in 1984-1986. He pastored several Arminian Baptist churches in Michigan from 1956 to 1985.


How can God forgive my horrible sins?

Can I lose my salvation?

What is election and predestination?

What is limited atonement?

Isn’t election unfair?

What about “whosoever”?

What about “God so loved the world”?


Five Phases of Salvation

When were you saved? How were you saved? God saves His elect in five distinct phases or stages. 

7 Proofs of Unconditional Salvation

Did God save you by free grace? Or did you save yourself by some act? There are only two possibilities. Either God saves unconditionally as a free gift of His grace, or you must do something in order to obtain it.

The Facets of Salvation

Like the polished faces of a diamond, here are seventeen facets of salvation to show the brilliance and glory of God’s unspeakable grace in saving sinners. Briefly explained, they will thrill your soul!

Calvinism, Arminianism, & the Truth

Literal wars and figurative wars have been fought over these two, manmade systems of salvation. Which one is the truth? That named after John Calvin or after James Arminius? Or is the truth outside both systems? Continue your graduate study in soteriology (salvation) right here.

When Was Cornelius Saved?

The Bible tells us more about the salvation of this Italian than any other man but Paul. When was he saved? Did Peter save him by the gospel? by baptism? Instead of listening to uninspired men tell you how they were saved, learn the truth by this inspired account.

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