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Jesus Is Our Yea and Amen

NEW! Everyone and everything you know in this world changes. You cannot trust anything with full confidence. God’s promises are different, for they depend on the integrity and performance of Jesus – the great Yea and Amen of God’s promises.

The Crucifixion in I Timothy 3:16

NEW! The inspired summary of truth Paul gave Timothy for the apostolic churches has six glorious phrases. Where is the crucifixion? It is found in each of the six events, if you stop to consider the richness and depth of the summary list. Hallelujah!

Christ of I Timothy 3:16 Slides

NEW! Slide presentation to review a key N.T. verse summarizing the gospel. The six facts here are greater than all events of human history. We must learn and love the Man Christ Jesus that did all these great things for us, especially as Gentile pagans.

Men Share Favorites of Isaiah

God mercifully showed us precious things from Isaiah’s many chapters and verses. Though still limited by the pandemic rules, about 20 men shared favorite verses from Isaiah. The variety reflects experiences of different men and Holy Spirit use.

Review of Isaiah 1-22Isaiah 23-44Isaiah 45-66 Slides

Slides are used to summarize each chapter of Isaiah from the recent sermon series. The purpose is to jog memories of the good things learned at the end of a long series. Extensive notes are on the website for deeper study of any verse.

5/17/20 AM: Isaiah – Chapter 65

God justly punished the Jews, and He introduced Himself to Gentiles that had not sought Him. He saved only a small elect part of Israel. He exalted the big difference election makes, and He described Christ’s N.T. gospel kingdom gloriously.

5/17/20 PM: Isaiah – Chapter 66

Two great events occurred around Jesus – Jerusalem was burned, and the gospel exploded. God mocked the Jews trust in ceremonies and promised vengeance. He united Jews and Gentiles in the church and exalted them over enemies.

5/10/20 AM: Isaiah – Chapter 63

God as an angry, mighty avenger destroyed Edom, the perpetual enemy of Israel. Isaiah then led a review of God’s love and mercy to Israel. On that basis He prayed God would see their plight in Babylon and deliver them like from Egypt.

5/10/20 PM: Isaiah – Chapter 64

After chapter 63, Isaiah prayed for God to terrify Babylon by His mighty power. Remembering the law of Moses, Isaiah confessed the accumulated sins of the nation and begged God for mercy based on their relationship and worship.

Fear, Faith, Facts, Fables

Coronavirus fear is everywhere, but Christians should be full of faith. They should exalt facts over fables in the media feeding frenzy of terrifying Americans. There is a godly balance to deal with the world’s constant fear tactics.

What is a Church?

A church is much, much more than most people think. Since Christian churches exist because of the Bible, we should go to the Bible to find all it says about churches.

What Is a Great Church?

A list of 45 features that make churches great to please God and Jesus Christ.

Who Killed Goliath in Your Bible?

Little children know David killed Goliath. But most Bible versions say Elhanan killed Goliath. What does your Bible say in II Samuel 21:19? Which Bible has it right? Which Bible shows God’s stamp of approval on it by getting this simple history correct?

What is the “word of God” in Hebrews 4:12?

This is one of the best known verses in the Bible. But do you truly understand it? To prove the weakness of modern Bible study and seminary training, just ask your pastor, “What is the ‘word of God’ in Hebrews 4:12?”

Proverbs 16:4

The LORD hath made all things for himself:
yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.

Can seventeen words answer the world’s hardest four questions? Yes, in this proverb! Here are the final and true answers to four of life’s greatest questions: What is the origin of things? Why do they exist? Who is the true God? And why does evil exist? This single sentence is worth the weight of your house in gold!

Importance of Baptism

Baptism proves our submission to Jesus Christ’s authority and represents His death and resurrection for our salvation. Only those born of the Spirit of God will esteem its foolish appearance. Many martyrs were killed for Bible baptism, which has made it the most visible identifier of the true worshipers of God.