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True preaching emphasizes Jesus Christ and Him crucified (I Cor 2:2; 3:11). This most important fact is glorious (Gal 6:14; I Tim 1:15; 3:16). The universe exists for the drama of the Son of God securing eternal life for His people. Preaching is not anecdotes, jokes, or stories. It is not about you being healthy, wealthy, and happy – it is about you humbling yourself before Jesus Christ and changing your life to please your Creator God and Saviour, for He is coming soon to judge the world.

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6/5/2024 PM
The Day of the Lord Slides

Jesus promised to return for us, and it will be one incredible event of resurrecting the dead, judging the wicked, and destroying this universe with fire. The world tries to get rid of this event like they do the Flood. The value of knowing this event is to live carefully to be ready to meet our Judge.

5/5/2024 PM
Obedient and Perfect Priest

Jesus Christ was made flesh in order to die for us, which involved great suffering that He begged to avoid, but He submitted obediently to His Father's will and thus was made an even more perfect priest for us, in that He can perfectly relate to our suffering and provided us an example we can follow.

5/5/2024 AM
Elect to Obedience and Blood

A great summary of the divine plan and work of salvation is I Peter 1:2. Election is the first cause of all that follows, with Jesus Christ's obedience and death the object of God's choice and the Spirit's setting apart of the elect to the effects of His death. These 24 words humble man and glorify God.

3/3/2024 PM
Glory Only in the Cross

Galatians 6:14 is a precious and special verse summarizing our faith. Very different than Jewish legalists Paul opposed, his glory was only in Jesus Christ's death. There are three crucifixions in the verse, and all three are important. If you are not crucified to the world, Jesus' death must not mean much.

2/4/2024 PM
The Power of Life (2)

No man has power to resist death or retain his spirit at the time of death. But God gave Jesus the power of life and eternal life, so He is the glorious Prince of Life, and He lives forever. Amen! He guarantees life for us; we can prove we have eternal life; and we should celebrate life with all our might.

2/4/2024 AM
The Power of Life (1)

Life is a precious gift, but we threw it away and chose death in Eden. No man can avoid death. Your body is decaying right now. You will die. But God planned life and eternal life for His elect, and He gave the power of life to His Son Jesus. The gift of life and eternal life bythe grace of God is glorious.

1/28/2024 AM
Sonship of Jesus Christ

Eternal Sonship is a popular heresy from the Nicene creed that denies the full Deity of Jesus Christ and creates unbiblical divisions in the Trinity. Incarnate Sonship exalts Jesus as the perfect man and as Jehovah God in His two natures. This review summarizes the Bible evidence for Incarnate Sonship.

12/3/2023 PM
Seven Facts of Salvation (2) Slides

Hebrews 1:3b declaring Jesus the Son of God as our Savior explained word by word. The book of Hebrews exalts Jesus and salvation like no other. This verse is a favorite. Enjoy these inspired words of God and pick a favorite(s). Revel in the glory of what Jesus did for us and where He is now.

12/3/2023 AM
Seven Facts of Salvation (1) Slides

Hebrews 1:3b declaring Jesus the Son of God as our Savior explained word by word. The book of Hebrews exalts Jesus and salvation like no other. This verse is a favorite. Enjoy these inspired words of God and pick a favorite(s). Revel in the glory of what Jesus did for us and where He is now.

11/26/2023 PM
Jesus Is Our Lord and Savior (2) Slides

A slide sermon showing Jesus' superiority to the angels and the glorious fulfillment of Psalm 8 when he was coronated in heaven. This sermon covers from 1:9 to 2:18. Jesus was made lower than angels to die for us, but is now far above them and the universe, and He is a perfect high priest and friend.

11/26/2023 AM
Jesus Is Our Lord and Savior (1) Slides

From Hebrews chapter 1, a slide sermon introducing titles of our Lord and the book to exalt Jesus Christ and His N.T. religion. This sermon gets through verse 8. To see the glory of God and to glorify God, you must learn about His Son and embrace Him for all He is. Love these verses. Pick a favorite.

10/1/2023 PM
Shiloh and Gathering the People

On his deathbed Jacob prophesied of a great ruler coming from Judah, named Shiloh, who would gather the people of God. Both the Old and New Testaments give many fulfillments of this work of Jesus Christ to gather the elect together into the family of God - legally, vitally, practically, finally.

8/13/2023 PM
The Everlasting God and Gospel

For thousands of years, He ignored Gentiles, while He chose Israel as His only nation and church. But then God sent out the command for the gospel to be preached to us, and the number of Gentile converts far exceeded the number of Jewish ones. Jesus' death ended the differences between us for one church.

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Identity of Christ

Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus is the most important man in human history. Your calendar counts the years since His birth, dividing time into BC and AD. Who is this Man? Learn about the Star of God’s epic drama, spanning the creation of Earth to its final destruction. Learn how His powerful arch-enemy was defeated. Learn what He will do for those who believe and obey Him, and what He will do to those who despise and ignore Him. Could Jesus be this important? You had better believe it (John 8:24)!

Deity of Jesus Christ

Is Jesus God? The Deity of Jesus Christ is the doctrine that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was and is truly God. The so-called Witnesses of Jehovah (groupies of Charles Taze Russell and Judge Rutherford) say Jesus was only a god, though He was actually Jehovah! Muslims say he was only a prophet. Mormons say he was a created spirit brother to Satan. Hindus say, “Who is Jesus?” What do you say?

What Do His Names Mean?

The God of heaven personally named His only begotten Son, Jesus. The Bible declares this name is above every other name, and that all creation will bow down before it (Phil 2:9-11). Do you understand why this name is so special? What about His other names? Learn what the Bible has to say about Christ, the Word of God, Immanuel, and other descriptive names and titles.

Sonship of Christ

Do you worship a begotten god? We do not! Jesus of Nazareth is Jehovah, the Mighty God, in the flesh! He is only begotten in His humanity. Do you understand the sonship of Jesus Christ?


More About Christ

Why did Jesus Speak in Parables?

Sunday School teachers say, “A parable is a simple earthly story teaching a heavenly meaning to help common people understand the truth.” Have you heard this explanation?

Messianic Psalms

Your greatest desire should be to know and love Jesus Christ more. Do you know how to do it? One of God’s chosen ways is to read David’s inspired prophecies about Jesus Christ – a gift from God to us. Jesus declared that the Old Testament scriptures were about Himself (John 5:39), and Paul wrote that knowing Jesus and glorying in Him is the highest pleasure a person can have (I Cor 2:2; Gal 6:14).

Six Mysteries of Jesus

A mystery in the Bible is something God reveals to His children that men cannot discover. The following six mysteries are fabulous – they are greater facts than anything else you can know. They are incontrovertibly great. There is no debate about them. They reveal astounding secrets that cannot be known except from the Bible.

Jesus and Three Important Trees

How well do you know world history? Do you know about the three most important trees? There are three trees in human history that greatly affect your life, even today.

Jesus: The Desire of All Nations

The Desire of all Nations came 2000 years ago. He is the perfect answer for pain, suffering, hopelessness, and death. His religion turned the world upside down. His truth changed nations. He will change your life, if you will believe and obey Him.

Jesus Is Coming Again

Jesus is coming again, and it will not be pretty when He returns. He will return soon to destroy His enemies. Most will be astonished when they meet the real Jesus for the first time, and discover He is nothing like they imagined. Will your house survive this great storm?

The Great Divider

Many think Jesus came to bring peace among men, but they have not read what He Himself taught. He came to bring division in families to prove His true disciples, for only they would pay such a cost. Only real Christians will follow this Jesus.


False Christs

Revelation 3:20 Reclaimed

This verse is used in thousands of churches, jails, and hospitals as candy for sinners to let Jesus into their heart to be saved and not go to hell. It may be the most abused verse in the Bible. This short document is to return this text to its rightful owners – believing saints of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Another Jesus

About 2.2 billion persons on earth claim to be Christians. Yet Jesus wondered if there would be any with true faith when He returned. Question everything you know about Jesus to see if it is clearly taught in the Bible. You must reject anything else.


The Glory of the Cross

The cross is the centerpiece and center point of time and theology. It is the reason why the universe exists – the drama of God’s love. It must be the emphasis of preaching, and it should be the chief glory and joy of all Christians. It should change lives, and it should be fully understood in detail.

The Transcendent Cross

Paul gloried only in the cross of Jesus Christ. His love of Jesus’s death changed his worldview, and it changed how the world saw him. The cross is the focal point of the power and wisdom of God in the universe. It is essential spiritual religion. Love Jesus and His crucifixion death.

Jesus Loves Losers

You can never sin so bad Jesus will not forgive you. He did not come for the righteous – He came for sinners. You should never fear or worry about your sins, once you have confessed and forsaken them. There is no way Jesus will ever reject a broken sinner coming to Him. He loves losers.

Sonship Simplified and Settled

How is Jesus the Son of God? Some think He is a Son in His divine nature by eternal generation. The Bible says He is a Son by miraculous conception in Mary. The pagan heretic Origen invented the false position; it was adopted by Rome, and now it is followed by nearly all Christian creeds.

Great Mystery of Godliness

The wonderful gospel facts of I Timothy 3:16 explained in simple points for memorizing the verse and the gospel truth in it. These six points are fantastic! This is good for children or for evangelism. This is good for examining yourself whether you believe on Jesus Christ unto eternal life or not.

Psalm 45

How about a love song? Of a glorious and victorious Prince loving and marrying His bride? What if Jesus is the Prince and you are the bride? Of all the Messianic psalms, this is the most affectionate and personal.

Order of Melchisedec

You need a priest. No earthly man can help, not even God’s O.T. priests, but especially Catholic priests. Christians have only one Priest, and He was ordained after the order of Melchisedec. Do you know Him?

He Is Lord of All

Is Jesus Christ your Lord? Can you prove it? The issue is greater than words. He does not care if you call Him Lord, if you do not obey His words. Will you examine all parts of your life by His Lordship?

The Triumph of Jesus Christ

You have an enemy! An enemy that deceived your first mother into suicide. Your enemy, far greater in intelligence and strength than you, is consumed with destroying your life now and taking you to hell later. But God protected the Seed of your cursed first mother and sent Jesus into the palace of the strong man to rescue you, where you were the devil’s willing slave. You are now complete in Christ, the devil has been cast out of heaven, and he cannot accuse you of anything.

Unsearchable Riches of Christ

Paul had the great privilege of preaching to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ. There is in Jesus Christ and salvation by Him a combination of value, power, and wisdom that far exceeds any other earthly benefit of any kind. Either love this Christ or face judgment from God His Father.

The Mystery of Malkiy-Tsedeq

You need a priest – a very good one. Without a priest you cannot go to heaven. The Jews trusted Levitical priests from Aaron. But David wrote in Psalm 110:4 that God would make Messiah a far better priest. Paul explained it all in Hebrews 7 by precious similarities of Jesus to Melchisedec.

A Name Above Every Name [Audio/Video]

Is Yahweh God’s name? Did Mary really call her Son Jesus? What does Jesus mean? You deserve answers, and God gave them plainly in His word, for He has exalted His Son’s name above every name. Do you know it well?

What a Word Is This!

Jesus Christ is the Word of God made flesh, but you need to consider the power of His spoken word! He could calm storms, cast out devils, raise the dead, and multiply small lunches with merely His word. Do you know the power of His word in two resurrections and a final sentencing?

You Need a Lawyer

You are guilty and condemned to die. After death comes your sentencing by God the Judge of all. You face punishment greater than death – eternity in the lake of fire. You need the very best defense attorney.

The Stronger Man

Your parents let you be kidnapped and held in the palace of a very strong man. There is no chance of escape. You have come to like it there, so you do not know you are a prisoner. You need a stronger man to rescue you!

The Coronation of Jesus Christ

What did Jesus do after dying and rising again? Glorious things little known or appreciated. He ascended into heaven, where He was crowned and given a throne. This Jesus is Lord of all!

Jesus and the Angels

What do the greatest created beings in the universe think about Jesus? The New Testament tells us! In fact, God chose to save His elect in order to give the angels an object lesson of His wisdom and love!

He Is Altogether Lovely

How beautiful is Jesus Christ to you? Is he the fairest of ten thousand to your soul? How can we measure His beauty? Let us compare Him to the most ideal man we can imagine by every measure of greatness.

Seed of the Woman

God used the weaker sex – by her cursed childbearing – for a Child to destroy the devil! What power and wisdom! Her Son, lower than the angels, defeated the devil through death, the thing by which he cursed our first parents!