Six Mysteries of Jesus

“And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.”
I Timothy 3:16

A mystery in the Bible is something God reveals to His children that men cannot discover. It is by His grace that He shows the truth to some. Most religions have mysteries, but they are lies. God reveals truth to some by His Spirit and His word.

The following six mysteries are fabulous – they are greater facts than anything else you can know. They are incontrovertibly great. There is no debate about them. They contain revelation that cannot be found anywhere else but in the Bible.

God was manifest in the flesh … when Jesus was born in this world. He was fully God and fully man. His name of Immanuel means God with us. The eternal, invisible, infinite God Jehovah became a man and lived for 33 years on earth.

Justified in the Spirit … describes the Holy Spirit’s power in Jesus Christ’s life to prove He was God’s Son. A dove descended on Jesus at His baptism to show this blessing, and He performed every kind of miracle and rose from the dead by Him.

Seen of angels … describes the activity of invisible angels. They told of His birth and worshipped Him. They helped Him in the desert and in Gethsemane. They saw and told about His resurrection and ascension. They praised His arrival in heaven.

Preached unto the Gentiles … is God’s choice to bless more than Israel. Gentiles had no truth, so Jesus sent a bigoted Jew – Paul – to preach to them. They rejoiced when Paul came. If Jesus had not sent truth to us, you might well worship Buddha.

Believed on in the world … is God’s power to open hearts and minds of men in other nations to believe about Jesus Christ. A few Jewish fishermen along with Paul turned the world upside down. The multitude in heaven is from every nation.

Received up into glory … is what Jesus did after His resurrection. He ascended up from earth into heaven, where He was crowned as Lord of the universe. He is seated at God’s right hand and will come again soon to destroy the present world.

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