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Faithful pastors preach the word (II Tim 4:1-2)! But most are not sure if they have His word – they talk about originals, though even apostles never had such a book. They talk about Hebrew and Greek, though they only took three semesters of each with a full load of other courses, working at night, and dating two girls at once. The inspiration, preservation, word-level integrity, and beauty of God’s word must be taught, for it is by every word of God that man shall live and determine truth.

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1/21/2024 AM
Qualifications to Understand the Bible

In order to rightly understand the Bible, we must first meet certain spiritual conditions that ensure we receive God's blessing and favor. The Bible is a spiritual book and must be spiritually understood; do not attempt to apply Bible rules of interpretation without first meeting these spiritual qualifications.

3/1/2023 AM
Overview of Minor Prophets Slides

Preparatory to sermons from Jeremiah, a review of O.T. prophets was made with an emphasis on the 12 Minor Prophets. For a longer review of all the O.T. prophets, see Overview of O.T. Prophets from 6/23/2019. See also Jesus in the Minor Prophets that was preached on 3/5/2023.

9/7/2022 PM
The Breath of His Lips Slides

The prophecies of Jesus the Messiah told He would have great wisdom and speech. The N.T. record shows His ability to slay the wicked with His wisdom and words. This glorious aspect of God's Son is wickedly thought too harsh and severe by most. Our Lord could also comfort and encourage any.

8/17/2022 PM
Sound Bite Cemetery Slides

Many take short phrases from the Bible to use for false doctrine. These short phrases are sound bites. Remember this crucial rule - a text without its context is a pretext. This Bible study refutes a few popular sound bites and puts them to rest in a cemetery! Learn to spot them and refute them.

4/25/2021 PM
Priorities for Good Choices (2) Slides

Our heavenly Father has compared and ranked things in the Bible and told us what is better and best. The verses in this study show priority of one choice over another. God's best for your life is learning to exalt some things and demote others.

4/18/2021 PM
Priorities for Good Choices (1) Slides

Our heavenly Father has compared and ranked things in the Bible and told us what is better and best. The verses in this study show priority of one choice over another. God's best for your life is learning to exalt some things and demote others.

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Short Documents

Who Killed Goliath in Your Bible?

David and GoliathLittle children know David killed Goliath. But most Bible versions say Elhanan killed Goliath. What does your Bible say in II Samuel 21:19? Which Bible has it right? Which Bible shows God’s stamp of approval on it by getting this simple history correct?

How to Read and Understand the Bible

Many read the Bible; few grasp its meaning. False teachers use it for all sorts of heresies. Here are tools to learn the Bible and be saved from deceivers. Hermeneutics is the science of Bible interpretation to prove what you hear (Acts 17:11; I Thes 5:21).

Modern Bibles Delete Embarrassing Baptism Verse

Do these words of God provide important instruction about baptism? Or should they be deleted from the bible?

Do We Need Thees and Thous?

Most despise thee’s and thou’s in the King James Version. Bible scholars claim to update and improve the Bible by removing them. But both are wrong. Take a short lesson in pronouns to learn you need them, if you want to understand what you read!

Every Word of God

How carefully do you read the Bible? Jesus said that man is to live by every word, and Proverbs teaches that every word is pure. Here are eight arguments presented by Jesus and Paul based on single words. Do you have a word-perfect Bible?

Modern Bibles Corrupt Best Verse on Baptism

The most important verse in the Bible about baptism is corrupted three ways in modern versions of the Bible!



How can I learn the Bible?

Did the Catholic Church give us the Bible?

What Bible version should I read?

Is the King James Version inspired?

What about the Ahaziah contradiction in the KJV?


Bring Everything Back to the Bible

The only source of truth and wisdom in the world is found in the Bible and nowhere else. All questions and problems are answered in the Bible, but you must know the Bible and obey it, in order to realize the benefit. Be a help to those around you – bring everything back to the Bible.

A Preaching Service

Here is the greatest preaching service in the Bible, recorded in great detail. Consider the attitude and actions of the hearers. Bible preaching is carefully defined, and the godly response explained. This is what ought to happen in every church. Can you make it happen in yours?

Why I Believe the Bible

Only one holy book has the evidence of being supernatural revelation – the Bible. There are many different ways to prove that the Bible is God’s revelation of truth and wisdom to man. Embrace and rejoice in all the details that show how the Bible is very unique and superior to all other books.

Right Side Up!

The world is turning everything of God and truth upside down. Jeremiah said to look for the old paths and walk in them. Isaiah told them God would judge them by taking away wisdom and understanding. Learn about spatial disorientation and your desperate need for the Bible.

Most Amazing Book

We are Bible Christians. We know God and His Son mainly by the Bible. God has exalted His word very highly. You must prove all things by it. Our lives now and hereafter depend on it. Do you love it like you should? Do you know how superior the KJV is to modern versions?



40 Years of Absalom

Here is II Samuel 15:7, And it came to pass after forty years, that Absalom said unto the king, I pray thee, let me go and pay my vow, which I have vowed unto the LORD, in Hebron. Textual critics, translators, and commentators do not know. Let the KJV show you the truth!

Inspiration of Scripture

The Bible is God’s word. In fact, it is God’s words. How did we get God’s words in a book written by men? God gave men His words by external and internal dictating. You should hate paraphrases or any alteration to His inspired words. He gave His words for us to live, but you must read them.

Proving the King James Bible

Most think that the case for which Bible is God’s word depends on manuscript evidence and textual criticism. But there is a simpler and more spiritual way to prove God’s word – use the Bible’s own internal criteria, which we call faith, fruit, facts, and fools. Just like we got the canon of the Bible.

Is God the Author of Confusion?

Can you answer this question correctly? Think the tower of Babel! Do you want to know the God of the Bible? Do you want to know why so many are confused with the Bible? Here is your answer to both desires. Bless God for opening your eyes to truth, including the truth He confuses men.

Not By Bread Alone

Daily Bible reading is essential for your spiritual growth and health. Man cannot live by bread alone, but rather by every word of God. Job esteemed the words of God’s mouth more than his necessary food. How many meals do you skip in a week? How about reading God’s word?