Did the Catholic Church give us the Bible?

This is a fascinating question, because the Catholic Church does not have a real Bible (they claim 73 books, though there are only 66), and they do not believe the Bible they do have! Catholics love to say their church gave the world the Bible from church councils in Rome (A.D. 382), Hippo (393), and Carthage (397). But there is a problem – the Bible shows that its books were identified as scripture around A.D. 70, about 320 years before the Catholics met about it. Peter while yet alive called Paul’s epistles scripture (II Pet 3:15-16), and Paul assumed Timothy had the New Testament to know how to be a New Testament minister (II Tim 3:16-17), and he even quoted Luke as authoritative scripture before A.D. 65 (I Tim 5:18; Luke 10:7).

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