Heresies are false doctrines that turn men from the truth. Satan deceived our first mother to sin against God. He even used scripture to tempt Jesus Christ to sin against God. He uses the same approaches today by promoting another Jesus, another gospel, and another spirit to turn men from the truth (II Cor 11:3-4, 13-15). Paul encountered and opposed many of these false teachers in his life (II Cor 2:17).

Only the right understanding of scripture can protect you. False teachers prey on the ignorant and weak (II Tim 3:6-7; II Pet 2:1-2). When the devil tempted Jesus in the wilderness, He responded the same way to each of the three heresies presented – “It is written.” The following documents were prepared to give you God’s word as the perfect antidote against the serpent’s lies through his false teachers.

Who is this? What is she doing?

Revelation 3:20 is the most abused verse in the Bible. Jesus does not look like an effeminate, she-man hippie. Jesus does not beg at the hearts of sinners. His appearance is very different; He opens the hearts of sinners by His great power; and Revelation 3:20 is for believing saints only! Get this verse right today, and never let anyone deceive you with it again!


Did Jesus Make Wine for a Wedding Feast?

Jesus had to deal with men in His day who enforced manmade rules in the name of religious tradition and self-righteousness – they were the scribes and Pharisees. The leaven (doctrine) of the Pharisees is still around today. Men condemn any use of wine or other alcoholic beverages and try to twist the Bible to support their manmade tradition. Here is the Bible refutation of an article by a respected teacher against the use of wine.


Drink Ye All of It

While instituting the Lord’s Supper and serving the wine, the Lord Jesus Christ said, “Drink ye all of it.” Was Jesus worried about leftover wine, or was He wisely condemning a future heresy?


Tongues Have Ceased!

Since 1901 there has been an obsession about speaking in tongues among Charismatics and Pentecostals, while Bible doctrine, gospel preaching, and holy living were declining. Benny Hinn and his followers are now sweeping the world with a false brand of Christianity. The Bible very clearly states what speaking in tongues is, when it would begin, how long it would last, when it would end, and why. Bible tongues ended at least 1935 years ago, and we can prove it.

The Lord’s Supper

How do you observe the Lord’s Supper? Since Jesus Christ chose this Supper for His churches to remember His death, it should be very important to observe it in a way that pleases Him. Since the only source of information about the Lord’s Supper is the Bible, we should choose its two elements based on Scripture alone. Where did grape juice and manufactured wafers or crackers come from? Could we use cookies and milk, if we were sincere?

Should Christians Cremate?

Hindus and other pagans that know not God or the Lord Jesus Christ have cremated for millennia. They know nothing about the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, and they have no regard for human life, since they expect to be reincarnated into another body after death. The first crematorium in the USA was built in 1876. After Roman Catholics whitewashed this pagan ritual and crematoriums sanitized the process, now it is the choice after 30% of all deaths in the USA. What should Christians do? Is it a matter of liberty?

What About the Seventh Day?

The Seventh-Day Adventists have made a golden calf out of the Old Testament Sabbath and the seventh day of the week. But what does the Bible say? Did Noah worship on Saturday?Did the apostles and early Christians worship on Saturday? Are Catholics behind Sunday worship? Who is Ellen G. Harmon and why are her writings considered greater than Scripture by Seventh-Day Adventists?

Should a Church Have a Piano?

This question may bother or offend you, just as it did us when first confronted with the Bible about it. Here is an article for those who care what the God of the Bible says rather than what everyone is now doing. Will you consider it with us?

What Would Jesus Do . . . with “WWJD”?

Do you have a WWJD bracelet? Visor? Coffee mug at the office? Or do you prefer a necklace? a t-shirt? It is religiously cool to wear these four letters in public. They have been the rage for the last several years. But what would Jesus do about WWJD? Would He wear one? Would the apostles wear one? Why are they worn for public display and not under clothing? Is not the heart more important than the appearance? Is not your walk more important than your talk? Are you willing to consider by the Bible what Jesus would do with WWJD?


What Would Jesus Do . . . with a Rosary?

Why did Jesus condemn foolish and worthless prayers recited over and over again as a pagan superstition (Matt 6:7-8)? Because He knew Roman Catholics would teach blasphemous prayers mumbled over and over while counting beads on a string. Do you know what a rosary is? Do you know the prayers of the rosary? Do you know how blasphemous the rosary is? Do you know how Catholics worship Mary ten times more than God? If you are a true believer in Jesus Christ, then this document will give you good cause to thank God always for saving you from such profane lies of the devil.

A Dispensational Dilemma

Did God give Israel the land He promised them? Scofield didn’t think so. Who should we believe? Let God be true!

The Shroud Is a Hoax

Controversy and debate have raged over the Shroud of Turin since it was “discovered” around 1355 in a French village. Supposed scientific examinations have argued both for and against the authenticity of the cloth. No one could explain the source of the image on the cloth until recently. But all the effort, time, and expense could have been saved. The inspired history of the Bible provides valuable facts that condemn the Shroud as a fraud. Bible Christians can rejoice in the light of Scripture!

Why Do Ministers Like Fancy Titles?

Jesus condemned ministerial titles as pompous Pharisaism. Why are ministers called “Father” or Reverend”? Wise Elihu was afraid to even consider them. What about you?

What Is Ash Wednesday?

Why do many Christians look like pagans in the spring, when they put ashes on their foreheads and stop eating meat? What is Lent? What is Mardi gras? Shrove Tuesday? and Collop Monday? What do Catholics and Hindus have in common? If you fear God and love Holy Scripture above all men and their opinions, then let this simple study show you the abominable spiritual fornication of Catholicism.

The “Hallelujah Diet” Is Heresy

George Malkmus, a self-proclaimed reverend, turned wild vegetarian ideas into a mass-marketing enterprise to prey on gullible Christians. He sells juicers, distillers, supplements, books, and gimmicks to fleece the simple. This document exposes his heresy by the infallible Word of God.

Oneness Delusion

Is the Trinity doctrine valid scripturally, or a Roman Catholic heresy? Is God’s name “Jesus Christ”? Is Jesus Christ the Son of God sitting at the right Hand of God the Father, or is He the Father? Who are the Oneness Pentecostals that deny the Trinity and baptize in “Jesus name” only?