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The most important organization on earth is an organism. It is a body of saints joined together by their love of Jesus Christ, submitted to the rules of the New Testament, and committed to love and serve one another until He returns for them. The Spirit of the living God inhabits this organization and moves its individual members, thus it is an organism – a living thing with Jesus Christ its head, and the Holy Spirit its animating, convicting, teaching, and empowering Presence.

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6/2/2024 PM
Two Mountains (2)

Hebrews 12:22-24 lists features of the new covenant in Christ that puts Moses' former covenant in the shade. Hebrew believers could know they had the better religion even before God destroyed the old worship by Roman armies in 70 A.D. Shout for joy at what N.T. Christians truly have in Christ!

6/2/2024 AM
Two Mountains (1)

Hebrews 12:18-21 describes the terrible old covenant God gave Moses and Israel at Mt. Sinai. In his effort to keep these believing and baptized Hebrews from returning to temple worship, Paul made the old covenant form of worship as bad as it was. He then reminded them of the superiority of the new.

4/17/2024 PM
Seven Short Lessons Slides

Only 23 minutes in total, but seven short Bible lessons ... best verses against Christmas ... "He is Lord of all" ... God overruled Nebuchadnezzar's witchcraft to direct his army ... what is "holy flesh"? ... "bruit" = news report ... reins = kidneys ... What is a Christian? and are you one?

2/18/2024 AM
Dogmatic Simplicity (2)

Absolute truth exists, no matter denials. God wrote absolute truth in the Bible. We do not fear being wrong - we pray for further light to gladly acccept redirection. We hate error; we name names. We keep truth simple like the Bible does. Intelligence and education are handicaps to truth, not helpers to it.

2/11/2024 AM
Dogmatic Simplicity (1)

Dogma = Doctrine, and Dogmatic = intense conviction about truth that will not tolerate differences. Though man chose lies in Eden, God revealed truth in the Bible. He expects us to hold it loyally and never compromise with anyone for any variation. Absolute truth is real and to be vigorously defended.

1/29/2024 AM
Cessationism – Tongues Have Ceased

Have the miraculous sign gifts ceased or do they continue today? Will you defend the operations and character of the Holy Spirit? Cessationism is simple Bible truth, and clearly defended by this short study. Hold fast to these five scriptural points against the modern day Charismatic movement.

1/17/2024 AM
Musical Instruments in the Church Revisited Slides

Bible proof against musical instruments in New Testament worship revisited.

12/31/2023 AM
What Is a Great Church? (repeated from 10/01/2014)

A list of 45 features that make churches great to please God and Jesus Christ.

10/18/2023 PM
Sheep Clothing of False Prophets Slides

Jesus warned in His Sermon on the Mount that false prophets (teachers) were wolves that would deceive hearers by appearing in sheep clothing. Here are many examples of the sheep clothing used by false teachers today. Exercise your senses and teach your children to identify these creeping heretics.

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Short Documents

What is a Church?

A church is much, much more than most people think. Since Christian churches exist because of the Bible, we should go to the Bible to find all it says about churches.

What Is a Great Church?

All churches are not equal. They vary greatly, and the only measuring criteria that count are in the Bible. How great is your church? And what are you doing about it?

What a Church Is Not

What is a church to you? Do you know what the Bible teaches? Do you know the real purpose and benefits of a church? The church of Jesus Christ is very important in the Bible, but many are confused about it, so they lose the great profit of a church.

Danger! Beware of Your Church!

The grave danger for your soul and those of your family is the rise of a carnal, compromising, effeminate, and worldly brand of Christianity. Prosperity preachers like Joel Osteen are perfect illustrations of it. His religion is not Bible Christianity.

Organism or Organization?

Is your church an organization or an organism? Does it have lots of parts, but they are not really connected in any meaningful, coordinated, affectionate way of unity and purpose? Do they gather together weekly and sit in pews like dominoes? Jesus said to look for churches and disciples that love each other (John 13:34-35).

One Another Duties

You may not like math, but you should consider the statistical consequences of all the “one another” duties in the Bible. Even a small church has many relationships that should be nurtured to be all that Jesus Christ expects His churches to be. Learn some Bible math!


Should pastor-teachers be supported full-time?

But didn’t Paul work to provide for himself?

My church is in error – what should I do?

Am I forsaking the assembly if I leave a church in error?

Should Christians be communistic and share all assets?

Did the church at Jerusalem share all things alike?

Do you practice integrated family worship?

Do you practice head covering for women?

What do you wear for church assemblies?

What kind of music do you have?

How much entertainment do you have?

Why do you use three songbooks or hymnals?

Do you practice church discipline?




What Is a Church?

A local church is much more important than most Christians think, especially today. David loved the O.T. house of God, and you ought to love the house of God in a true local church. This study will surprise you by what the Bible teaches are the glorious roles and traits of each local church.

What Is a Great Church?

David wanted to build an exceeding magnifical temple for God. An ordinary building would not cut it. Paul outworked the other apostles to build churches. A local church is a great blessing – you should want to make it the best. Here are some of the scriptural traits that make a church great.

True Worshippers

Jesus told a woman of Samaria that her nation did not know what they worshipped, and He prophesied there would be no true worshippers in Jerusalem either. God wants a certain kind of worshipper. Do you know what kind? Are you one of them?

Higher Ground

David and Solomon built God a temple, and He honored it with His glorious presence. The N.T. church exceeds any O.T. temple. Zealous Christians will want to make their church the best possible by Bible standards. You must forget all past successes and press forward to win the race.

The Day of Pentecost

How did the first church get started? After Jesus ascended, God gave Him authority and gifts for His victory, and He gave them to the church. This event changed the course of the world, explains many things about the gospel, and describes the character and conduct of a Spirit-filled church.

Lesson of the Locust

Some people are loners. They dislike crowds and want to worship God in private. But God chose group worship, so they need to find a church and become an active part in it. God made a little creature that transforms itself from solitary to gregarious for the benefits and power of society.

Musical Instruments in the Church

Here is a great subject to test your submission to scripture. Loud music is one of the key features of mega churches today. What does the Bible say? Can you throw off your conditioning that thinks instruments have a role in church worship to follow scripture only. There is a much better way.



Why Wear Pretty Shoes?

Why is much money spent for a variety of attractive shoes? Because feet are ugly! God and Paul compared a church to a human body. It has beautiful parts that do not need to be covered. It has ugly parts like feet that we hide in beautiful shoes. Do you fulfill this covering role in your church?

Exceeding Magnifical

Does this strange combination of words catch your attention? This is how David described what kind of temple needed to be built for the worship of God. How much are you like David in making your church the very best possible?

Christian Liberty

What do drinking beer, birth control, bungee jumping, and tattoos have in common? They cause heartburn in the church! Why? Ignorance or unwillingness to allow freedom in things God ignores. The gospel promotes freedom, but it guides your liberty for the benefit of all. Enjoy this fascinating study for peace in your heart and church.

Church Discipline

Most churches do not discipline their members. One reason is the lack of a systematic process to do so that satisfies all references in the New Testament. But if a local church is the temple of God and body of Jesus Christ, it should be disciplined. Here is the systematic process taught in the N.T.

Ancient Landmarks

Churches today are changing rapidly in doctrine, practice, and worship from their fathers. Are the changes right? Should there be changes, since the Bible declared the truth once for all no matter the generation reading it?

Pillar and Ground of the Truth

God designed churches for many good purposes, but one of them is to support and defend the truth. As the world turns farther away from Bible Christianity, true churches must stand up and earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints.

A Preaching Service

What should a real preaching service be like? God recorded the details of one in the Bible in which the attitude and response of the hearers and the method of instruction by the teachers are full described. What a great day! Let’s celebrate!