What is a Church?

A church is much, much more than most people think. Since Christian churches exist because of the Bible, we should go to the Bible to find all it says about churches.

The Creator God that designed and formed all things invented the church, and His wisdom is as visible in the features of a church as it is in roses, rainbows, and stars.

Here is what the Bible teaches what a church should be, and each feature has much to be said about it, which may be found in a link at the end of this short document:

God’s TempleSalvation SourceHeaven’s Executioner
Spirit’s HouseWorship CenterLiving Organism
Christ’s BodyReality CheckFreedom Park
Potentate’s PropertyGod’s SeminarySupport Group
Scripture RepositorySmall Claims CourtLord’s Supper
Treasure ChestWelfare AgencyPraise Band
Christ’s ProphecyCompetent CounselorsUnited Nations
Angelic WonderSynergistic SupportSecret Society
Heavenly ConnectionPrayer BandMega Church
Royal ConnectionReplacement FamilyChrist’s Bride
Truth DefenderBest FriendsHidden Wisdom

Glory to God! Read through the table again. The Bible teaches each of these features of a church and gives details about each feature. A local church is very important.

A church is not a building; it is not something to do on Sunday; it is not for Sunday networking; it is not a religious club to follow a popular man; it is not a mere organization; it is not an auditorium for presentations. A church is the table above!

How important is your church to you? Each church is important to God. What will you do for your church? Will you pray for it? Will you prepare for its assemblies? Will you participate in its assemblies? Will you protect its doctrine and its peace? Will you provide for it in every way you are able?

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