Our religion is not limited to Sunday worship in church. In fact, God rejects those who have a ritual of godliness but deny its authority in their personal lives (II Tim 3:5). The Bible addresses your day-to-day life, and honest preaching includes the whole counsel of God, no matter how uncomfortable for the speaker or audience. Your Father in heaven wants to help you prosper in every part of your life.

Keeping Jesus Christ’s commandments in your private life proves more devotion than vocal warbling in the choir or epileptic dancing in a praise band. How much do you love Him? Are you humble enough to hear what He has to say about your relationships, money, hair length, dating, facial expressions to parents, cremation, horoscopes, swearing, clothing, friends, savings, drinking, eating, etc.?


Should Christians Tithe?

A growing fad among some Christians is to deny tithing. Since there are no specific directions for tithing in the New Testament, they rejoice that they can skip this duty. So they leap on the no-tithing bandwagon and roll out their rabid rhetoric. It is time to take off their wheels and let the water of God’s word overwhelm them.


The Christian and Taxes

No one likes to pay taxes any more than getting a tooth pulled. But the Bible condemns the seditious spirit, thoughts, words, and actions of so-called Christian “patriots.” In fact, the harshest language of the New Testament is reserved for these false teachers that despise dominion and speak evil of dignities. If you love the Lord Jesus Christ, review His brilliance in shutting the mouths of both the Pharisees and Herodians about paying taxes.


Commentary on Solomon’s Proverbs

How much would you pay for the answer to all life’s questions? $500 an hour? $5,000 an hour? But here is God’s inspired wisdom by King Solomon free of charge! Get God’s wisdom from the most practical book in the Bible.

Rate-a-date Online Tests

Divorce and dysfunctional marriages are everywhere. Parents want their children to do better than they did. God created love, marriage, and sex. He knows more about these things than all counselors and sociologists combined. Below are tests from the Bible for men and women. Measure a few friends to get the feel.

Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman?

Can you find a good woman? It is very difficult. Do not be blinded by her stunning beauty – and her kindness may be a deadly trap (Prov 31:30; Ec 7:26)! God gives you the means to measure the perfect wife. Will you listen and be saved from a life of hell on Earth? Women, take the test for yourself and become worthy of a great man!

Looking for One Good Man

A good man is hard to find, but a bad marriage will ruin your life. Men are liars, and you are very easily deceived (Gen 3:6; I Tim 2:14). The feelings you have are wrong and will change after it is too late. Protect yourself from losers by the wisdom of God’s word. Men, think you deserve a “Proverbs 31” babe? How do you measure up?