Recent Sermons

9/17/2023 PM
Know God or Known of God

Paul told the Galatians (4:9) their conversion was knowing God, but their salvation was better understood as Him knowing them. God has known His elect from eternity. He set His love on them then and wrote their names in the book of life. No one else that might know you can do anything for you.

9/17/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (11)

Matthew 7:6 is a lesson from most ignore, for they reject Jesus' criticism of fools and scorners, which He called dogs and pigs. Such men do not deserve truth, and Jesus taught us to protect the truth from them and to protect ourselves from their violent tendencies against anyone correcting them.

8/27/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (10)

Matthew 7:1 is the most abused practical verse in the Bible, often hurled about as if no one should criticize anything. It rather warns against judging harshly or judging hypocritically. Let Jesus warn you against thinking, speaking, or working on others' little motes while you have bigger beams. Work on your beams!

8/20/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (9)

Christians must have a single goal - to serve God. They cannot serve God and the world; they are opposites. They should not worry, for spiritual things are most important, God can provide, worry does no good, they deny faith by worry, putting God's kingdom first He will provide, all that matters is today.

8/16/2023 AM
Gentile Jewels from Isaiah Slides

God ignored Gentiles for 4000 yrs, winking at their idolatry, but then He ordered His gospel to go to them, and they greatly increased the small Jewish church of John, Jesus, apostles. Isaiah foretold this great event, and these slides rush through 62 glorious verses about it. Pick a favorite!

8/13/2023 PM
The Everlasting God and Gospel

For thousands of years, He ignored Gentiles, while He chose Israel as His only nation and church. But then God sent out the command for the gospel to be preached to us, and the number of Gentile converts far exceeded the number of Jewish ones. Jesus' death ended the differences between us for one church.

8/13/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (8)

Memorize the five parts of prayer. Forgive everyone; flush all offences. Fast modestly - not like Catholics, who make a public show during Lent to defy Jesus. Make investments in heaven, not on earth. Do everything as to the Lord. Set your heart on Him. You will never be disappointed. You will be thrilled.

8/6/2023 PM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (7)

Never be intimidated by vain boasting by some of how long they pray. Jesus taught against vain repetitions and much speaking. You can pray concisely, be heard better, and pray more often for more things with greater joy. The Lord's prayer is a great outline. His forgiveness requires you forgiving others.

8/6/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (6)

God loved Israel by speaking to them by the prophets, but He has spoken to us by His Son. The Sermon on the Mount is written proof. Modest giving and praying is crucial to please God by the rules of Jesus. Lessons include rules for rewards, God seeing all good deeds, and Jesus' extreme wording.

8/2/2023 PM
Secret Code for Bible Prophecy Slides

The book of Daniel has great prophecies of world history from 500 BC to the end. They are in chapters 2 and 7-12. However, the prophecies have timing phrases that have confused many, for they cannot be treated the same, though written similarly. Rightly divide for God's approval and no shame!

7/30/2023 PM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (5)

Are you careful with your speech to avoid foolish or filthy expletives or euphemisms? Listen and learn how corrupt and depraved speech can be. Hate revenge. Let small offences slide. God will take care of you. Love enemies to be perfect like God and to prove your adoption as a son of God.

7/30/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (4)

Being a light in the world includes kindness to adorn and beautify duty and godliness. After our relationships, Jesus warned about fantasies and sexual temptations; then He taught to limit swearing, which the Jews abused often. His lessons keep coming to lead us to abundant living and eternal life.

7/26/2023 PM
David’s Mighty Men Slides

The divine library (Bible) has it all, even unmatched special forces that fought for David. These elite men and their ranks are recorded. Even Philistines loved David. God called men to be soldiers against several enemies, and the Bible details are encouraging for boys and men to consider.

7/23/2023 PM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (3)

The width and depth of this Sermon has no peer. God gave our Lord great wisdom to declare God's will for us (5:14-28). A few verses at a time, Jesus taught lessons of righteousness we should crave to learn and apply each day. This is the straight gate and narrow way that leads to life for only a few.

7/23/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (2)

Here is a review of the Sermon in general, a review of the first seven beatitudes, and then the application of the other beatitudes and the Lord's lessons through 5:13. If you want greater fellowship with God and His Son, then learn and live these lessons, for they will bless you now and save you later.

7/16/2023 AM
Sermon on the Mount Lessons (1)

God sent His Son to earth, and He preached the greatest sermon recorded in the Bible. This is a very simple application of Jesus doctrine that we should follow for proof of eternal life and to please God now. There are 21 lessons in our Lord's Sermon, but many mini-lessons within the large one.