Recent Sermons

2/18/2024 PM
Choices Two (2)

God's choices are all perfect for your good - if you respond properly. He deserves your greatest praise, thanksgiving, and trust. He managed the choices of others pertaining to you. Thank others for good choices; forgive them their poor choices. Your choices will bring reward or punishment. Learn wisdom.

2/18/2024 AM
Dogmatic Simplicity (2)

Absolute truth exists, no matter denials. God wrote absolute truth in the Bible. We do not fear being wrong - we pray for further light to gladly acccept redirection. We hate error; we name names. We keep truth simple like the Bible does. Intelligence and education are handicaps to truth, not helpers to it.

2/11/2024 PM
Choices Two (1)

What you are today is the result of infinite choices made by God, others, and you. Can you trust the God of choices and learn to make choices that please Him? He uses our choices in many ways, and you can rejoice in what He done with others' choices and your own choices. Trust Him. Praise Him.

2/11/2024 AM
Dogmatic Simplicity (1)

Dogma = Doctrine, and Dogmatic = intense conviction about truth that will not tolerate differences. Though man chose lies in Eden, God revealed truth in the Bible. He expects us to hold it loyally and never compromise with anyone for any variation. Absolute truth is real and to be vigorously defended.

2/4/2024 PM
The Power of Life (2)

No man has power to resist death or retain his spirit at the time of death. But God gave Jesus the power of life and eternal life, so He is the glorious Prince of Life, and He lives forever. Amen! He guarantees life for us; we can prove we have eternal life; and we should celebrate life with all our might.

2/4/2024 AM
The Power of Life (1)

Life is a precious gift, but we threw it away and chose death in Eden. No man can avoid death. Your body is decaying right now. You will die. But God planned life and eternal life for His elect, and He gave the power of life to His Son Jesus. The gift of life and eternal life bythe grace of God is glorious.

1/29/2024 PM
Decisional Regeneration

The popular way to get people saved today is to require they make a decision for Jesus. Is this Biblical? Here is a short study to approve or disprove whether sinners are born again by their own choice. Here is a review of several Bible points about the ability, timing, and order of regeneration.

1/29/2024 AM
Cessationism – Tongues Have Ceased

Have the miraculous sign gifts ceased or do they continue today? Will you defend the operations and character of the Holy Spirit? Cessationism is simple Bible truth, and clearly defended by this short study. Hold fast to these five scriptural points against the modern day Charismatic movement.

1/28/2024 PM
Dispensationalism – Jewish Fables

Prophetic futurism - most prophecies are future - is often Dispensational - meaning Israel and the Jews are the most important people and events. The apostles denied any such distinction; the gospel conversion of Gentiles built God's kingdom; and all land promises to Abraham have been fulfilled.

1/28/2024 AM
Sonship of Jesus Christ

Eternal Sonship is a popular heresy from the Nicene creed that denies the full Deity of Jesus Christ and creates unbiblical divisions in the Trinity. Incarnate Sonship exalts Jesus as the perfect man and as Jehovah God in His two natures. This review summarizes the Bible evidence for Incarnate Sonship.

1/22/2024 PM
Creation in Six, Literal Days

Many Christians fear man and his ideas from school or media. They try to squeeze evolution into Genesis. They (1) create a gap between 1:1 and 1:2; (2) turn the days described into long ages; or (3) view the opening chapters as metaphorical or poetic only. This sermon denies all three heresies.

1/22/2024 AM
Should Christians Tithe?

Is tithing a Christian duty? Indeed it is, and more so; current dissenting opinions about tithing lack biblical foundation. Although the New Testament does not explicitly mandate tithing, it does enjoin believers to give. Furthermore, like other practices, the details can be found within the Old Testament.

1/21/2024 PM
Preterism is Hopeless Heresy

A brief review of Preterism, a blasphemous doctrine. This view steals glory from God and hope from saints by placing fulfillment of all prophecies in 70 A.D. However, the gospel expressly denies this by several points, and there is much hope for believers in Christ's return and the resurrection.

1/21/2024 AM
Qualifications to Understand the Bible

In order to rightly understand the Bible, we must first meet certain spiritual conditions that ensure we receive God's blessing and favor. The Bible is a spiritual book and must be spiritually understood; do not attempt to apply Bible rules of interpretation without first meeting these spiritual qualifications.

1/14/2024 PM
Forgiven, Restored, Promoted

Peter was a loved apostle of Jesus, though emotional and impetuous at times. Jesus let Satan sift him during His trial, but He had prayed for his recovery after denying Him. Crushed with guilt and grief, Jesus forgave Peter and gave him tokens of forgiveness and then also restored and promoted him.

1/14/2024 AM
Glory to Glory (4)

In 2024 our goal is to be more like Jesus Christ as Paul told Corinth - to advance by increments from glory to glory to be living epistles of Jesus and His Spirit read by all men (II Cor 3:1-3,18). Not exhaustive at all, here are the next six of 44 traits to give you things to work on during the new year.