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    All Things Are of God

    II Cor 5:1-8 confidently details the certainty of immorality and a new glorified body for believers. II Cor 5:18-21 describes how that immortality and glorified body were secured for rebel, sinful enemies by God's gracious imputation and Christ's death on the cross. Be ecstatic, not miserable. God is at peace.

    First John Chapter 3 (#8) … Verses 18-21

    3:18-21 for loving action, not just words. Only love that costs and works counts to God. A Bible-trained conscience can assure your heart to be confident before God by loving action. If you do not have deeds of love, then worse things are coming, for a holy God knows your lack of love perfectly.

    First John Chapter 3 (#9) … Verses 22-24

    3:22-24 for powerful prayer and intimate fellowship with God by faith in the name of Jesus the Son of God and love of brethren. God and His Son have intimate fellowship with such Christians through the Holy Spirit, which we know we have by our faith and love, proving we are changed and saved.

    Assurance of Eternal Life Slides

    God has never doubted the salvation of any, for He purposed and predestinated each one from eternity. He wants His children to know they have eternal life. He does not want them fearful or worried. Here is the evidence if you are elect and saved or not. Here are answers to fearful Bible verses.

    First John Chapter 3 (#6) … Verses 13-15

    3:13-15 for brotherly love proving a huge difference from nature and the world and proof of everlasting life. Lack of brotherly love is hatred and the same as murder, which proves no eternal life. The standard here and the severe and strict description are God's, so beware. The danger is real.

    First John Chapter 3 (#7) … Verses 16-17

    3:16-17 for God and Christ's wonderful love for us by laying down His life for us on the cruel cross of Calvary. The call from heaven is for us to lay our lives down in a similar manner for our brethren. Such love is a choice involving bowels. If a person does not do so, how can he possibly be saved?

    First John Chapter 3 (#4)

    Here begins John's significant emphasis on brotherly love, which is the greatest duty and evidence of grace in a Christian's life. If churches stressed it more, they would grow in grace by the Holy Spirit faster and better. Brotherly love trumps emphasis on other less important aspect of Christ's gospel.

    First John Chapter 3 (#5)

    In contrast to brotherly love is the horrible example of a hateful brother - Cain. Think! Why did the Holy Spirit bring up this devilish murderer in this lesson about love? Because the old man inside every Christian is like Cain. Holding bitterness, envy, grudges, or strife can to lead to murder in God's eyes.

    The Breath of His Lips Slides

    The prophecies of Jesus the Messiah told He would have great wisdom and speech. The N.T. record shows His ability to slay the wicked with His wisdom and words. This glorious aspect of God's Son is wickedly thought too harsh and severe by most. Our Lord could also comfort and encourage any.

    First John Chapter 3 (#3) … Verses 4-7

    3:4-7 is John's instructions and warnings of how Christians should live in light of being adopted and glorified. A lifestyle of sin proves a person is not saved, for such a life is contrary to Jesus Christ. A e Christian will not continue in sin. He is born again, and the new man in him will not allow a life of sin.

    The Great Gulf Spanned

    Luke 16:19-31 is our Lord's lesson about hell and heaven, when He taught that hell was filled with torments and there was no comfort or escape. God has fixed a great gulf between hell and heaven, but Jesus died on the cross to span that gulf to save His elect. The song, At Calvary, was used.

    First John Chapter 3 (#1) … Verse 1

    3:1 for the glorious doctrine of adoption, a gift by God's love to the elect - they are made the sons of God. Behold! What manner of love! The five phases of adoption are very helpful. Just as the world did not know Jesus, but killed Him, so the world does not know children of God living here.

    First John Chapter 3 (#2) … Verses 2-3

    3:2-3 adds glorification to adoption, when we shall receive new bodies that have never been seen before. When Jesus returns, He will make our bodies to be just like His body, which will then be able to comprehend His. Adoption, glorification, and His return must be remembered for peace in this world.

    First John Chapter 2 (#15) … Verses 20-22

    2:20-22 reviewed the context that limits the verses to basic facts and truth about Jesus. Early believers in apostolic churches knew the basics about Jesus well enough to identify and reject antichrist liars and their lies, which at this point in the epistle is denial of Jesus as the Christ, God's Messiah.

    First John Chapter 2 (#16) … Verses 23-29

    2:23-29 continued John's argument that the believers had heard enough and had it confirmed by the Spirit to know the lies of the seducers. God had promised eternal life to the faithful, who could be confident at Christ's coming by abiding in faith about Himt and also copying His righteousness.

    Sound Bite Cemetery Slides

    Many take short phrases from the Bible to use for false doctrine. These short phrases are sound bites. Remember this crucial rule - a text without its context is a pretext. This Bible study refutes a few popular sound bites and puts them to rest in a cemetery! Learn to spot them and refute them.

    First John Chapter 2 (#13) … Verse 20

    2:20 can be misunderstood and misapplied, as if believers can know all things without teachers. Such a view contradicts the rest of the Bible, proving it a false view. The first word of the verse, But, limits the extent of the verse and passage to the limited threat of Jesus-denying antichrists in context!

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