Sermons – 2024

    1/7/2024 AM
    Glory to Glory (3)

    In 2024 our goal is to be more like Jesus Christ as Paul told Corinth - to advance by increments from glory to glory to be living epistles of Jesus and His Spirit read by all men (II Cor 3:1-3,18). Not exhaustive at all, here are the next seven of 44 traits to give you things to work on during the new year.

    1/14/2024 AM
    Glory to Glory (4)

    In 2024 our goal is to be more like Jesus Christ as Paul told Corinth - to advance by increments from glory to glory to be living epistles of Jesus and His Spirit read by all men (II Cor 3:1-3,18). Not exhaustive at all, here are the next six of 44 traits to give you things to work on during the new year.

    1/14/2024 PM
    Forgiven, Restored, Promoted

    Peter was a loved apostle of Jesus, though emotional and impetuous at times. Jesus let Satan sift him during His trial, but He had prayed for his recovery after denying Him. Crushed with guilt and grief, Jesus forgave Peter and gave him tokens of forgiveness and then also restored and promoted him.

    1/17/2024 AM
    Musical Instruments in the Church Revisited Slides

    Bible proof against musical instruments in New Testament worship revisited.

    1/21/2024 AM
    Qualifications to Understand the Bible

    In order to rightly understand the Bible, we must first meet certain spiritual conditions that ensure we receive God's blessing and favor. The Bible is a spiritual book and must be spiritually understood; do not attempt to apply Bible rules of interpretation without first meeting these spiritual qualifications.

    1/21/2024 PM
    Preterism is Hopeless Heresy

    A brief review of Preterism, a blasphemous doctrine. This view steals glory from God and hope from saints by placing fulfillment of all prophecies in 70 A.D. However, the gospel expressly denies this by several points, and there is much hope for believers in Christ's return and the resurrection.

    1/22/2024 AM
    Should Christians Tithe?

    Is tithing a Christian duty? Indeed it is, and more so; current dissenting opinions about tithing lack biblical foundation. Although the New Testament does not explicitly mandate tithing, it does enjoin believers to give. Furthermore, like other practices, the details can be found within the Old Testament.

    1/22/2024 PM
    Creation in Six, Literal Days

    Many Christians fear man and his ideas from school or media. They try to squeeze evolution into Genesis. They (1) create a gap between 1:1 and 1:2; (2) turn the days described into long ages; or (3) view the opening chapters as metaphorical or poetic only. This sermon denies all three heresies.

    1/28/2024 AM
    Sonship of Jesus Christ

    Eternal Sonship is a popular heresy from the Nicene creed that denies the full Deity of Jesus Christ and creates unbiblical divisions in the Trinity. Incarnate Sonship exalts Jesus as the perfect man and as Jehovah God in His two natures. This review summarizes the Bible evidence for Incarnate Sonship.

    1/28/2024 PM
    Dispensationalism – Jewish Fables

    Prophetic futurism - most prophecies are future - is often Dispensational - meaning Israel and the Jews are the most important people and events. The apostles denied any such distinction; the gospel conversion of Gentiles built God's kingdom; and all land promises to Abraham have been fulfilled.

    1/29/2024 AM
    Cessationism – Tongues Have Ceased

    Have the miraculous sign gifts ceased or do they continue today? Will you defend the operations and character of the Holy Spirit? Cessationism is simple Bible truth, and clearly defended by this short study. Hold fast to these five scriptural points against the modern day Charismatic movement.

    1/29/2024 PM
    Decisional Regeneration

    The popular way to get people saved today is to require they make a decision for Jesus. Is this Biblical? Here is a short study to approve or disprove whether sinners are born again by their own choice. Here is a review of several Bible points about the ability, timing, and order of regeneration.

    2/4/2024 AM
    The Power of Life (1)

    Life is a precious gift, but we threw it away and chose death in Eden. No man can avoid death. Your body is decaying right now. You will die. But God planned life and eternal life for His elect, and He gave the power of life to His Son Jesus. The gift of life and eternal life bythe grace of God is glorious.

    2/4/2024 PM
    The Power of Life (2)

    No man has power to resist death or retain his spirit at the time of death. But God gave Jesus the power of life and eternal life, so He is the glorious Prince of Life, and He lives forever. Amen! He guarantees life for us; we can prove we have eternal life; and we should celebrate life with all our might.

    2/7/2024 PM
    Revelation 17:1-6 Slides

    Jesus showed John a picture of the RCC as a vulgar whore riding the Roman Empire to power. This study is of their abominable rite of infant baptism in all the ridiculous, traditional details they added to scripture.

    2/11/2024 AM
    Dogmatic Simplicity (1)

    Dogma = Doctrine, and Dogmatic = intense conviction about truth that will not tolerate differences. Though man chose lies in Eden, God revealed truth in the Bible. He expects us to hold it loyally and never compromise with anyone for any variation. Absolute truth is real and to be vigorously defended.

    2/11/2024 PM
    Choices Two (1)

    What you are today is the result of infinite choices made by God, others, and you. Can you trust the God of choices and learn to make choices that please Him? He uses our choices in many ways, and you can rejoice in what He done with others' choices and your own choices. Trust Him. Praise Him.

    2/18/2024 AM
    Dogmatic Simplicity (2)

    Absolute truth exists, no matter denials. God wrote absolute truth in the Bible. We do not fear being wrong - we pray for further light to gladly acccept redirection. We hate error; we name names. We keep truth simple like the Bible does. Intelligence and education are handicaps to truth, not helpers to it.

    2/18/2024 PM
    Choices Two (2)

    God's choices are all perfect for your good - if you respond properly. He deserves your greatest praise, thanksgiving, and trust. He managed the choices of others pertaining to you. Thank others for good choices; forgive them their poor choices. Your choices will bring reward or punishment. Learn wisdom.

    2/25/2024 AM
    Jeremiah – Introduction (1)

    All scripture is inspired and necessary for maximum spiritual growth. Though Jeremiah had to tell Judah they were to be destroyed by Babylon for Manasseh's sins, they could be spared and prosper in Babylon. God sent this prophet to Judah and neighbor nations to tell that Nebuchadnezzar was his servant.

    2/25/2024 PM
    Jeremiah – Introduction (2)

    Get excited about learning this book. God sent these words for Judah and for us. There are powerful lessons we can learn for our own lives in 2024. There are jewels that will delight your soul through the book. Read it. Pray to get all God has for you in it. Pray for your pastor to rightly divide it and exposit it.

    2/28/2024 PM
    Josiah The King Slides

    An overview of the life of Josiah for traits to motivate men to greatness. This king started young to get the attention of young men, and God declared him the greatest revivalist of any king recorded in the Bible.

    3/3/2024 AM
    Jeremiah Chapter 1

    God ordained Jeremiah to be a prophet in a wondernful exchange and gave him the words to preach against Judah. He warned that all of Judah would resist him, but he should not fear their faces, for He would deliver him. His ministry was to warn Judah of the invaders coming soon from the north.

    3/3/2024 PM
    Glory Only in the Cross

    Galatians 6:14 is a precious and special verse summarizing our faith. Very different than Jewish legalists Paul opposed, his glory was only in Jesus Christ's death. There are three crucifixions in the verse, and all three are important. If you are not crucified to the world, Jesus' death must not mean much.

    3/6/2024 PM
    A Secret Prophecy about Josiah Slides

    An exciting review of a prophecy of Josiah by name 361 years before the event, which many Christians overlook in Bible reading.

    3/6/2024 PM
    A Short Overview of Jeremiah Slides

    A ten-minute look at Jeremiah and kings during his ministry from various angles using tables and maps, including a table of the major and minor prophets and which ones were contemporary to each other.

    3/10/2024 AM
    Jeremiah Chapter 2

    Creative, emotional, and logical appeals to condemn Judah's idolatry. God asked Judah why they left Him given former affection and kind treatment. No nation in history changed religions and gods like Judah had. They had lost and would shamefully lose further due to their religious adultery against Jehovah.

    3/10/2024 PM
    Jeremiah Chapter 3

    The shame of religious adultery, Israel's clear example, and a call to repent with gospel promises. God would take adulterous Israel back, though men should not. Judah was worse than Israel. God offered full forgiveness to Israel and briefly foretold the gospel era of glory with Gentiles.

    3/17/2024 AM
    Jeremiah Chapter 4

    Return, Israel! Repent, Judah! The king of Babylon comes with an army to destroy. Judah's sins brought the wrath of God on the nation; the destruction would be terrible. The chapter ends with bewailing the pain and suffering coming, all because of sins. Listener, repent! Thank God for His mercy.

    3/17/2024 PM
    Jeremiah Chapter 5

    The coming desolation of Judah was right and proper; their many sins were great. They had forsaken the truth, committed idolatry and adultery, rejected the true prophets, served other gods, and did not fear God. Wicked men prospered, and prophets and priests conspired against Jeremiah.

    3/24/2024 AM
    Jeremiah Chapter 6

    The war against the delicate and reprobate Judah was for obstinance against God's warnings. They had uncircumcised ears, refused to walk in the old paths, and were reprobate silver in spite of true prophets to save them. So God called the nations to witness what He would do to them and why.

    3/31/2024 AM
    Jeremiah Chapter 7

    The Jews obstinately resisted the warnings of God through Jeremiah. They presumed they were safe because they had Jehovah's house of worship in Jerusalem. But God corrected that lie several ways. He also explained that He did not care about sacrifices nearly as much as obedience.

    3/31/2024 PM
    Jeremiah Chapter 8

    Rather than mourn or repent to avoid the terrible punishment coming - even the dead would be mocked - they obstinately resisted. Even birds are wiser. God mocked his own scriptures, for they carry no profit or value for those that disobey them. They had worldly sorrow but not godly repentance.

    4/3/2024 PM
    Romans 9 Slides

    Romans 9:6-24 to review God's electing grace to save men and His dominion to damn rebels. Paul used family examples of Isaac and Jacob. He used scripture about His mercy and Pharaoh. He asked and answered questions. He exalted the Potter over the clay. He summarized it perfectly.

    4/7/2024 AM
    Jeremiah Chapter 9

    God called Judah to join Jeremiah mourning the ruin of Judah for their sins and to alter their confidences. They should hire fake mourners to get more serious, change their objects of delight from human measures to Him, and to not trust Jewish circumcision, for they were uncircumcised in heart.

    4/7/2024 PM
    Jesus Died for Me

    The death of Jesus was intentional, loving, personal, specific, and substitutionary. It is far more than a mere doctrine. He knew He came to die and for whom He would die. Your name was written in heaven, when He was assigned to save you. If He thus died for you, then you should live for Him.

    4/14/2024 AM
    Jeremiah Chapter 10

    God dramatically contrasted Himself to idols and warned again of severe judgment. The opening reads like a Christmas tree, though an idol, yet loyal Christians would never touch one. Jehovah is infinitely superior by His life and by creation. Faulty pastors would bring God's judgment on the nation.

    4/14/2024 PM
    Jeremiah Chapter 11

    God reminded Judah of covenant promises made with Moses, which He had kept but Judah had violated for much pain. God mocked their countless idols and shamed them for lewd religious adultery. He told Jeremiah of a conspiracy to kill him and promised to kill them without any survivors.

    4/17/2024 PM
    Seven Short Lessons Slides

    Only 23 minutes in total, but seven short Bible lessons ... best verses against Christmas ... "He is Lord of all" ... God overruled Nebuchadnezzar's witchcraft to direct his army ... what is "holy flesh"? ... "bruit" = news report ... reins = kidneys ... What is a Christian? and are you one?

    4/21/2024 AM
    Jeremiah Chapter 12

    Jeremiah asked God about the prosperity of the wicked, and He responded with perfect admonition and advice. Then He lamented the horrible state of Judah due to its sins and what was coming, but He foretold a return to the land for Jews and neighbors, who could be greatly blessed by converting.

    4/21/2024 PM
    Jeremiah Chapter 13

    God gave Jeremiah illustrations to warn Judah - a linen girdle terribly marred and figurative bottles of wine. But they would not hear. Their pride was too great. They would not be taught. They would not lay the warnings to heart. God summed up their sins as sexual debauchery He would expose.

    4/28/2024 AM
    Jeremiah Chapter 14

    Wicked Judah was not moved by a dearth, by repentance illustrated by Jeremiah's prayers, and severe prophecies of coming judgment. Jeremiah was up against false prophets lying about peace to contradict His message. Coordinated prayers and rejection of them did not move Judah either.

    4/28/2024 PM
    Jeremiah Chapter 15

    It was too late for prayer, even by Moses and Samuel. God would severly judge Judah, including making many widows and killing many sons. But He made a difference with Jeremiah and promised to protect him, though he did get a little too discouraged and pity himself more than he should have.

    5/1/2024 PM
    Jehoiachin Slides

    This king reigned 3 months before taken captive to Babylon. He never made it back to Jerusalem, but after 37 years in prison, a new king in Babylon treated him kindly. Why? Because he was the king that kept the Davidic line going for Jesus our Lord (Matt 1:11-12; Jechonias = Jehoiachin).

    5/5/2024 AM
    Elect to Obedience and Blood

    A great summary of the divine plan and work of salvation is I Peter 1:2. Election is the first cause of all that follows, with Jesus Christ's obedience and death the object of God's choice and the Spirit's setting apart of the elect to the effects of His death. These 24 words humble man and glorify God.

    5/5/2024 PM
    Obedient and Perfect Priest

    Jesus Christ was made flesh in order to die for us, which involved great suffering that He begged to avoid, but He submitted obediently to His Father's will and thus was made an even more perfect priest for us, in that He can perfectly relate to our suffering and provided us an example we can follow.

    5/12/2024 AM
    Jeremiah Chapter 16

    Starting by three object lessons, God gave a graphic picture of the coming war to get the attention of Judah. Jeremiah explained they were worse than their fathers, so God would judge them worse than the time in Egypt. He prophesied of future conversion of Gentiles, mocking idolatry, but the Jews did not.

    5/12/2024 PM
    Jeremiah Chapter 17

    Judah's obsession for idols was engraved on their hearts and affected their children. He stressed the need of heart trust in God, and he wrote that the heart is our worst enemy. Scorners mocked his preaching of God's warnings, so he prayed for judgment. He finished with a test case of the Sabbath.

    5/19/2024 AM
    Jeremiah Chapter 18

    God sent Jeremiah to a potter's house for a view of sovereignty, which was the rule He had over Judah. He described if-then rules with nations, but they profanely mocked Him. Other religions do not act like this, so God would severely judge. They conspired against Jeremiah who prayed against them.

    5/19/2024 PM
    Jeremiah Chapter 19

    Jeremiah took some very old citizens and priests to Tophet, the place of Baal worship outside Jeremiah. God promised to destroy this place they had corrupted for their idol. He broke the bottle to show what God would do to Jerusalem, and declared that all the punishments promised would come to pass.

    6/2/2024 AM
    Two Mountains (1)

    Hebrews 12:18-21 describes the terrible old covenant God gave Moses and Israel at Mt. Sinai. In his effort to keep these believing and baptized Hebrews from returning to temple worship, Paul made the old covenant form of worship as bad as it was. He then reminded them of the superiority of the new.

    6/2/2024 PM
    Two Mountains (2)

    Hebrews 12:22-24 lists features of the new covenant in Christ that puts Moses' former covenant in the shade. Hebrew believers could know they had the better religion even before God destroyed the old worship by Roman armies in 70 A.D. Shout for joy at what N.T. Christians truly have in Christ!

    6/5/2024 PM
    The Day of the Lord Slides

    Jesus promised to return for us, and it will be one incredible event of resurrecting the dead, judging the wicked, and destroying this universe with fire. The world tries to get rid of this event like they do the Flood. The value of knowing this event is to live carefully to be ready to meet our Judge.

    6/9/2024 AM
    Two Mountains (3)

    Hebrews 12:18-24 review with emphasis on blessings of Mt. Sion of the new covenant. The benefits of Jesus' kingdom are glorious, powerful, triumphant. Have you chosen Sion by baptism and joining one of His local churches? We know the future - we win - with Jesus the firstborn our Lord and Savior.

    6/9/2024 PM
    Two Mountains (4)

    Hebrews 12:25-27 warns of judgment for rejecting or neglecting the gospel of Jesus - Mt. Sion. If those who disobeyed Sinai's temporary law were punished, how much worse will they be punished who disobey the final form of God's worship? See that ye refuse not Him that speaketh from heaven!

    6/16/2024 AM
    Two Mountains (5)

    Hebrews 12:28-29 sums up the response we should have for God's gift of the promised kingdom of Jesus Christ. We should leverage the grace of the N.T. covenant by service with needed reverence and godly fear, for God came with fire in 70 A.D. against Israel and will come again to melt the universe.

    6/23/2024 AM
    Jeremiah Chapter 20

    Due to his pottery prophecy in the temple, a priest and governor smote Jeremiah and put him in jail. The next day the prophet cursed Pashur by a name change and prophecy of his terror and death. Jeremiah regretted his ministry due to great opposition, asked to see vengeance, and cursed his birth and life.

    6/23/2024 PM
    Jeremiah Chapter 21

    King Zedekiah sent men to ask Jeremiah to pray against Nebuchadnezzar, but God's word back to him was severe judgment. Turning to the common people, the prophet made life or death very easy. Zedekiah should clean up his life for God's help, since Judah could not resist the Chaldean army.

    7/14/2024 AM
    Glory of Christ in Romans 8

    The breadth, depth, density of this chapter is exceptional. The inspired apostle became a holy orator for God. It has many promises to increase assurance and faith. Its great emphasis from beginning to end is the union of the elect with Christ, proven by minding and walking after the things of the Spirit.