Sermons: Heresies

God gave truth to Adam and Eve, but Satan quickly lied against it. Natural man still resents the truth and prefers fables and entertainment (II Tim 4:3-4), so Satan deceives and empowers false teachers to preach lies (II Cor 11:3-4,13-15). Paul saw many in his day, and he warned there would be many more (Acts 20:29-30; II Cor 2:17). Faithful preachers expose false doctrine (I Tim 4:1-6; Titus 1:9-11).

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4/3/2024 PM
Romans 9 Slides

Romans 9:6-24 to review God's electing grace to save men and His dominion to damn rebels. Paul used family examples of Isaac and Jacob. He used scripture about His mercy and Pharaoh. He asked and answered questions. He exalted the Potter over the clay. He summarized it perfectly.

2/18/2024 AM
Dogmatic Simplicity (2)

Absolute truth exists, no matter denials. God wrote absolute truth in the Bible. We do not fear being wrong - we pray for further light to gladly acccept redirection. We hate error; we name names. We keep truth simple like the Bible does. Intelligence and education are handicaps to truth, not helpers to it.

2/11/2024 AM
Dogmatic Simplicity (1)

Dogma = Doctrine, and Dogmatic = intense conviction about truth that will not tolerate differences. Though man chose lies in Eden, God revealed truth in the Bible. He expects us to hold it loyally and never compromise with anyone for any variation. Absolute truth is real and to be vigorously defended.

2/7/2024 PM
Revelation 17:1-6 Slides

Jesus showed John a picture of the RCC as a vulgar whore riding the Roman Empire to power. This study is of their abominable rite of infant baptism in all the ridiculous, traditional details they added to scripture.

1/29/2024 PM
Decisional Regeneration

The popular way to get people saved today is to require they make a decision for Jesus. Is this Biblical? Here is a short study to approve or disprove whether sinners are born again by their own choice. Here is a review of several Bible points about the ability, timing, and order of regeneration.

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Short Documents

Why Do Ministers Like Fancy Titles?

Jesus condemned ministerial titles as pompous Pharisaism. Why are ministers called “Father” or Reverend”? Wise Elihu was afraid to even consider them. What about you?

What About the Seventh Day?

The Seventh-Day Adventists have made a golden calf out of the Old Testament Sabbath and the seventh day of the week. But what does the Bible say? Did Noah worship on Saturday?Did the apostles and early Christians worship on Saturday? Are Catholics behind Sunday worship? Who is Ellen G. Harmon and why are her writings considered greater than Scripture by Seventh-Day Adventists?

WWJD . . . with a Rosary?

Why did Jesus condemn foolish and worthless prayers recited over and over again as a pagan superstition (Matt 6:7-8)? Because He knew Roman Catholics would teach blasphemous prayers mumbled over and over while counting beads on a string. Do you know how blasphemous the rosary is? 

WWJD . . . with “WWJD”?

What would Jesus do with this religious fad? Are you willing to consider by the Bible what Jesus would do with WWJD?

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Have tongues ceased?

Why criticize Roman Catholics?

My church is in error; what should I do?




Christian or Sabbatarian? You cannot be both. The Sabbath was only for the Jews after Mt. Sinai, and no believers observed it after Pentecost, especially Gentiles. If you are a New Testament Christian, you know the first day of the week is the Lord’s Day.

Calvinism, Arminianism, and the Truth

Wars have been fought over these differences, but the Bible is plain enough to show you the truth. Instead of siding with great men on either side, let us side with God and the Bible. Here is a theological study that will help your understanding.

Once Saved, Always Saved

This little mantra is not found in the Bible. It was invented by those who teach a decision for Jesus is what saves a person. Since those persons often do not have any fruit of salvation, they are comforted in their decision by these false words of hope.


Do not think you do not need this reminding sermon. Sorcery, magic, and witchcraft creep into many aspects of our modern life, and if you want to please the Lord Jesus Christ, you must get away from them. Prepare to think critically about your life.

The Age of Accountability

What is the age of accountability? 12? 20? What do you think? After all, your opinion is as good as anyone else’s, since this heresy is not found in the Bible. What does the Bible say? It does not say what Sunday School teachers like to say!

Ancient Landmarks

True apostolic religion was once delivered to the saints, and we are to earnestly contend for it. This comprehensive sermon series deals with many aspects of doctrine and practice that have been sorely compromised in our generation.


Paramount Pictures movie Noah with Nephilim watchers has renewed public exposure to this heresy with foolish pastors and Christians allowing or endorsing the fable. The heresy is ludicrous in itself from every angle, but it also perverts Bible study and destroys the real lesson of the Flood.

Christ Wars

Jesus and apostles warned of false teachers and false Christs. Hardly anyone in Israel recognized Jesus of Nazareth as the Christ. Antichrists quickly corrupted the doctrine of Christ. Origen and his ignorant followers claim Jesus is a begotten God from Nicea to the present. Test every spirit.

The Distinguishing Love of God 

Most think God loves everyone, though 99% of those He loves end up in hell. But the Bible reveals powerful truth – He cannot love sinners, for He is holy. He has made His elect holy and spotless in Christ, and He loves only them. This makes His love certain, special, effectual, and glorious.

Strange Baptisms

Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu, once offered strange fire before the LORD, so God killed them. Around 90% of so-called Christians practice strange baptisms, and they will also be judged for it. Do you know the criteria for Bible baptism? Do you know how and why they reject God’s word?

We Don’t Celebrate Christmas

Here are 120 reasons why we reject this Catholic and pagan holiday. God has specified how He wants to be worshipped. He does not accept inventions or modifications. You live in the perilous times of the last days – a time of compromise by so-called Christians. Where do you stand?

Another Jesus

Paul was jealous for Corinth. Are you jealous for your church, family, and soul? False teachers present a false Jesus, spirit, and gospel to corrupt Christians and churches. Can you identify the true Jesus, spirit, and gospel by the Bible to reject all the false ideas of devilish teachers?

True Grace and False Grace (2014)

The devil has no grace in his future, and he hates Jesus Christ, so he helps heretics pervert the grace of God. Reject the grace revolution. This sermon exposes frustrated grace, lascivious grace, and vain grace; it also describes the effort and fruit that true grace produces in changed lives.

Christian or Mason?

Masonry is a devilish religion of the ancient mysteries, admitted by its leaders. Master Masons do not have a clue about the nature and goal of masonry by careful design of its leaders. Rejecting sensationalism and conspiracies, the Bible condemns the obvious facts of masonry.