Remove Not the Ancient Landmark



“Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.”

Proverbs 22:28


Prior to the use of surveying equipment, iron pins, computerized records, or even fencing of fields, posts or stones at intersections of adjoining fields marked property boundaries and lines. A thief could easily move or remove such a marker to expand his field at the expense of those owning the adjoining fields. The warning from heaven is to protect real property rights of owners. However, there is the additional lesson that the markers of the apostolic faith once delivered to the saints should not be altered either, lest the truth be compromised with error.



  1. Due to the nature and purpose of this document, little direct proof will be given here for each point; but links will be embedded in the document for all the evidence necessary to establish each landmark.
  2. These points of doctrine and practice have been taught in detail at other times. This is but a reminder.
  3. Repetition is a key to effective learning, and we will repeat these points until they are well known.
  4. The Lord convicted the author for this study when visiting Georgetown, SC, where William and Elisha Screven founded the Antipedo Baptist Church of Christ in 1704 and later the city of Georgetown itself. William fled Kittery, Maine in 1684 after being jailed for preaching against infant baptism, which the state church at that time (Congregationalists) would not tolerate. He brought 28 believers from Maine to Charleston, where they formed what is today the FBC of Charleston.
  5. It should be understood that we do not claim to be the only church practicing true apostolic religion in the 21st century: we know of other such churches, and we believe God still has His 7000 even today.

The Text

  1. Solomon’s proverb warned against altering boundaries of fields to steal real property, which can be proven by comparing scripture with scripture (Pr 23:10; Deut 19:14; 27:17; Job 24:2).
  2. Before modern surveying equipment, iron pins, computerized records, and fenced fields, a stone or post at property intersections identified real estate boundaries and lines.
  3. By moving such a marker only a few feet, a thief could expand his property by shrinking the fields adjoining his. By removing it altogether, he could create great confusion for theft.
  4. The land in Israel had been given by tribal inheritance, and God did not want it altered, which is indicated in the proverb by the reference to ancient landmark and fathers.

The Simple Lesson

  1. God’s laws are exceeding broad, as Paul’s use of the law for oxen indicates (I Cor 9:7-10), so we shall use this warning about real property rights to provoke our defense of the truth.
  2. The apostolic faith once delivered to the saints has certain markers, and we want to identify and maintain those markers with tenacious integrity for true doctrine and practice.
  3. God has been very merciful to grant us an inheritance of truth (Gen 32:10; II Thess 2:13-14), and our sons and daughters must know this truth, believe it, keep it, protect it, and defend it.
  4. God called His people in times of compromise and heresy to locate the old paths (Jer 6:16).
  5. The one and only faith was delivered once with ancient landmarks (Ephesians 4:5; Jude 1:3).
  6. There is only one way to worship God, and He will only accept that one way (John 4:20-24).
  7. If markers are moved, as common today, we shall become the church of the dead (Pr 21:16).

The Exanded Lesson

  1. The metes and bounds for truth are determined always and only by Holy Scripture (Job 32:6-14; Ps 119:128; Isaiah 8:20; Luke 1:1-4; Acts 17:11; I Thess 5:21; II Tim 3:16-17).
  2. Yet, the Lord must open eyes, ears, and hearts to know the truth, which is a further great blessing (Gen 32:10; Isaiah 29:9-14; Matt 11:25-27; 13:10-18; Acts 16:14; Rev 2:7).
  3. The one true gospel does not change (Deut 5:31-32; 12:32; Ps 117:2; 119:160; Matt 5:17-18; 24:35; II Thess 2:15; II Tim 1:13; 2:2; 3:14; Titus 1:9; Jude 1:3).
  4. God’s great saints hold the truth fast without wavering (Acts 2:42; I Cor 15:58; 16:13; Phil 1:27; 2:12-16; 4:1; Col 2:5; I Thess 3:8; II Thess 2:15; I Pet 5:9; II Pet 3:17; Rev 3:3,11).
  5. God warned about false teachers removing landmarks, especially in these last days (Acts 20:28-31; Col 2:4,8,18; I Tim 1:6; 4:1-3; 6:3-5,20-21; II Tim 1:15; 3:1-5; 4:3-4; II Pet 2:1-3).
  6. False teachers remove landmarks, which faithful ministers and saints are to reject with great severity (Rom 16:17-18; Gal 1:6-9; II Thess 3:6; I Tim 6:3-5; II Tim 4:1-4; Titus 3:10-11).
  7. Your spirit should be stirred at the wholesale compromise on every side, as landmarks are ripped up and removed (Psalm 119:136; Acts 17:16; 20:28-31; II Cor 11:1-4; Phil 3:18-19).
  8. The great and dreadful God, Who seeks worship in spirit and truth, Who will destroy those who corrupt His worship, must be followed strictly (Ezek 9:1-11; Jn 4:20-24; II Tim 3:1-17).
  9. It is our duty to hold fast and to help each other hold fast (Heb 3:6,12-14; 4:14; 10:23-25).
  10. Fathers to sons to grandsons is one of God’s means (Deut 4:9; Psalm 78:1-8; Isaiah 38:19).
  11. However, a landmark established by fathers without clear Bible support is merely tradition or Christian liberty and not to be followed as a doctrine of God (Matt 15:7-9; I Peter 1:17-21).

Ancient Landmarks of Doctrine

  1. The KJV Bible is God’s preserved word in English, which is to be used with full authority and detailed argumentation as inspired scripture, proven by faith, fruit, facts, and fools.
    1. Other defenses of the KJV i.e. manuscript evidence have been ably presented by others.
    2. A few scriptures: Ps 12:6-7; Is 30:8; 40:8; Matt 5:18; John 10:35; I Pet 1:25; II Pet 1:19.
    3. A few documents: Why I Believe the Bible? “The Battle for the Bible”; Every Word of God; Does the KJV Have Contradictions? The Bible Babel; The NKJV: Counterfeit! Who Killed Goliath in Your Bible?
  2. The Preeminence of Jesus Christ is essential to our faith and church, which rejects programs, personalities, popes, or any other pretender to His office as Apostle, Bishop, High Priest, etc.
    1. A few scriptures: John 1:17; 3:30; I Cor 2:2; Gal 6:14; Eph 1:21-23; Phil 1:20; 2:9-11; Col 1:18; Heb 1:5; 2:9; 3:1; 4:12; 5:5-6; 7:22-28; 8:1-2; 9:11-12; 10:7-14; 12:22-24; 13:8.
    2. A few documents: We Would See Jesus; World’s Greatest Lover; King of Kings; He Ascended Up on High; The Stronger Man; The Mystery of Godliness; Our Great High Priest; “He Is Altogether Lovely.”
  3. The LORD Jehovah is the only true God, and He has never changed and never will change, and any alterations to His character or conduct from the Bible record are to be rejected.
    1. There is one God: all polytheists are wrong. God is Jehovah: Allah is an imposter, etc.
    2. A few scriptures: Ps 115:1-8; Dan 4:34-34,37; I Cor 8:4-6; Eph 4:6.
    3. A few documents:
  4. Jesus Christ is the Son of God by His incarnation through Mary, which condemns all theories of eternal generation and begotten gods espoused by church creeds and modern Bibles.
    1. A few scriptures: Luke 1:35; John 1:1,14,18; Col 2:9; Isaiah 9:6; I John 5:7; Heb 1:8.
    2. A few documents: Jesus Christ Is the Son of God; Jesus Is Jehovah.
  5. Baptism is by immersion only for those who profess faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, which condemns 95% of so-called Christians who sprinkle or pour on infants and adults.
    1. A few scriptures: John 3:23; Acts 8:36-39; Romans 6:3-6; I Cor 15:29; I Peter 3:21.
    2. A few documents: Proper Subject; Proper Mode; Denominational Survey.
  6. The kingdom of God has been here for 2000 years, and it is seen in the present reign of Jesus Christ over the universe and through His churches and in the gospel millennium.
    1. A few scriptures: Dan 2:44; Matt 3:2; 4:17; 21:28-46; Luke 3:1-6; 11:20-23; 16:16.
    2. A few documents: The Gospel Millennium; The Blessed and Only Potentate; Jesus Is King of Kings.
  7. The Israel of God is a spiritual people out of all nations looking for a spiritual land based on spiritual promises obtained through the justifying death of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    1. A few scriptures: Rom 2:28-29; 9:6-8; Gal 4:21-31; 6:16; Heb 11:8-16; Rev 2:9; 3:9.
    2. A little support: Who Is the Seed of Abraham? The Israel of God.
  8. Eternal life is an unconditional gift by God to those chosen in Christ Jesus before the world began, which is proven by seven categories of proofs refuting any human will or works.
    1. Man by nature is unable and unwilling to obey or please God for salvation (Eph 2:1-3).
    2. The Bible expressly denies man’s will or works in salvation (John 1:13; Rom 9:15-16).
    3. Faith and works are results of salvation, not conditions or means for it (Phil 2:12-13).
    4. Jesus Christ saves sinners by Himself without human cooperation (Rom 5:19; Heb 1:3).
    5. The gospel and its ordinances were never designed to give eternal life (II Tim 1:10; 2:10).
    6. The Bible gives examples of salvation without conditions (Luke 1:15,41-44; Rom 9:13).
    7. Unconditional salvation is the only doctrine giving God all the glory (I Cor 1:26-31).
    8. For a full study of the seven proofs, see the document, Seven Proofs of Unconditional Salvation.
  9. Five phases are necessary to rightly divide and understand the Bible doctrine of salvation, which show the words and concepts of salvation used in a variety of senses.
    1. A few scriptures: Romans 13:11; I Timothy 4:16; Titus 3:5; I Timothy 1:15; II Tim 1:9.
    2. A few documents: The Five Phases of Salvation; Adoption – I; Adoption – II; Sanctification.
  10. Election and predestination are clearly taught in the Bible and were reverently believed by the fathers that went before us, regardless of the disgust and despite of the present generation.
    1. A few scriptures: Rom 8:28-39; Rom 9:6-24; 11:5-6; Eph 1:3-12; II Tim 1:9-10; 2:10.
    2. A few documents: Is Election Fair?; Five Phases of Salvation;
  11. Regeneration and conversion are two very different things that should not be confused, for the former is the work of God and absolutely necessary for any degree of the latter.
    1. We deny decisional regeneration as much as we do baptismal regeneration as heresies.
    2. A few scriptures: John 1:12-13; 3:3,6-8; 5:24-29; 8:43,47; 10:26; I Cor 2:14-15; Eph 2:1-3; Jas 5:19-20; I John 3:14; 4:7; 5:1.
    3. A few documents: Regeneration and Conversion; The Truth About Being Born Again.
  12. Limited atonement describes the covenant aspects of our Lord’s death for the elect only, which is incredibly unpopular today, when men are convinced that God owes them salvation.
    1. A few scriptures: John 6:37-39; 10:26-29; 17:2; Rom 8:28-39; Eph 5:25-27; Heb 2:13.
    2. A few documents: Limited Atonement; Does God Love Everybody?; Eternal Life Is a Gift.
  13. Calvinism is only part of the truth, for it misapplies irresistible grace and final perseverance, and it originated with baby sprinkling heretics, who hated Baptists and wanted a state church.
    1. A few scriptures: Psalm 119:98-100;
    2. A few documents: Calvinism, Arminianism, and the Truth.
  14. Instrumental music is not part of N.T. order; the rule is to sing; instruments were a beggarly aspect of O.T. worship not serving the spirit; they falsely presume the argument from silence.
    1. A few scriptures: Rom 15:9; I Cor 14:15; Eph 5:19; Col 3:16; Heb 2:12; Jas 5:13.
    2. A few documents: Instrumental Music.
  15. Tongues and healing as practiced today are not by the Spirit of God, as indicated by the Bible, the misapplication of both terms, and the false doctrine of their teachers.
    1. A few scriptures: Micah 7:14-16; Mark 16:17-20; I Cor 13:8-10; I Tim 5:23; II Tim 4:20.
    2. A few documents: Tongues Have Ceased; Charismatic Religion; Commentary on I Corinthians 13.
  16. The Lord’s Supper is only metaphorical, closed to local church members, kept in a full assembly by tearing one lump of unleavened bread, and using grape wine from red grapes.
    1. A few scriptures: I Cor 5:1-13; 10:16-17; 11:21; II Cor 2:6-8.
    2. A few documents: The Lord’s Supper; Closed Communion; Drink Ye All of It; I Cor 10; I Cor 11.
  17.  Bible prophecy is largely fulfilled, including Daniel 8-12, the seventy weeks, the desire of all nations, the prophet Elijah, and the great tribulation; and there is no “rapture” in the Bible; we are neither Preterists or Futurists, but follow the fulfillment of prophecy in history.
    1. A few scriptures: Dan 2:44; 10:14; 12:7; Matt 11:14-15; 24:32-35; Heb 12:26-27.
    2. A few documents: Outline of Daniel; The Witness of 70 A.D.; When Will Elijah the Prophet Come?
  18. The Man of Sin is the papacy of Rome, and the Great Whore is the Roman Catholic Church, both of which have been revealed for a long time already before Christ’s second coming.
    1. A few scriptures: Daniel 7:1-25; II Thess 2:1-12; I Tim 4:1-3; Revelation 12-13;17-18.
    2. A little support: Rome Connection; Daniel 7; II Thess 2; What Is Ex Cathedra?; Which Comes First?
  19. Baptism and church membership are not related except in Catholic thinking, or in state-church daughters of Rome, though believer’s baptism is a true prerequisite of membership.
    1. A few scriptures: Acts 2:37-41; 8:36-40; Matt 28:19-20.
    2. A little support: “Baptism and Church Membership”; Baptism Catechism;
  20. Foot washing was a custom of that day done in private to clean dirty feet: it is not a public ordinance of worship required of the whole church and/or attached to the Lord’s Supper.
    1. Bible foot washing was a real act, not a figure; Rome and her daughters have practiced it.
    2. A few scriptures: Luke 7:44; John 13:10; I Timothy 5:10.
    3. A few documents: “The Bible and Footwashing.”
  21. Secret societies like the Masons are to be rejected, for the people of God have no relation to these worldly works of darkness taken from paganism, which have crept into many churches.
    1. A few scriptures: John 18:20; II Cor 6:14-17; Eph 5:12; James 4:4.
    2. A few documents:
  22. Women in assemblies are to be silent, learn in all subjection, take their questions to their husbands at home, and have no role of teaching or usurping authority over men.
    1. A few scriptures: I Cor 14:34-35; I Tim 2:11-12; Titus 2:3-5.
    2. A few documents: I Corinthians 11; I Corinthians 14; Perilous Times.
  23. Gospel evangelism is to convert the elect from ignorance about their eternal life secured by Jesus Christ alone, is to teach them how to live, and it is to be the emphasis of assemblies.
    1. A few scriptures: Rom 1:9-15; I Cor 1:18-24; II Cor 2:14-17; II Tim 1:9-10; 2:10; 4:1-4.
    2. A few documents: Why Preach the Gospel? Why No Invitation?
  24. Church discipline is to be applied to public sinners to keep the Lord’s Table pure, and it is to back up any private debate with a resolution and excommunication, if necessary.
    1. A few scriptures: Matt 18:15-18; I Cor 5:1-13; 6:1-8; II Thess 3:6,17-18.
    2. A few documents: Church Discipline; I Corinthians 5; II Corinthians 2:6-8.
  25. Holidays maintained by the church of Rome, taken from pagan customs or traditions, or otherwise mingling the doctrine of Jesus Christ with the world are to be strictly avoided.
    1. A few scriptures: Deut 12:29-32; Jer 10:1-4; Ezek 8:15-18; II Cor 6:14-17; Rev 18:4.
    2. A few documents: How To Stop Celebrating.
  26. Church independence is a Bible doctrine and practice, which prohibits us from joining super-church associations or defiling ourselves with any worldly organizations.
    1. There is no Baptist Church; there are Baptist churches i.e. Acts 15:41; Rom 16:16.
    2. A few documents: “Why We Are Not Primitive Baptists.”
  27. Christian Liberty is to be taught, defined, and protected on both sides of many issues, for any matter where God has not spoken is not to become an issue of offence or division at all.
    1. A few scriptures: Romans 14; I Cor 8; I Cor 10.
    2. A few documents: Christian Liberty.
  28. Giving is a privilege and duty of the New Testament, by which gospel ministers are supported, evangelism promoted, and the poor in this or other faithful churches relieved.
    1. A few scriptures: Acts 4:32-37; 11:27-30; I Cor 9:3-14; 16:1-3; Gal 2:10; I Tim 5:17-18.
    2. A few documents: What About Tsunami Relief? Should Christians Tithe?
  29.  A burning hell is a doctrine of the Bible, and we have not discarded it, as so many seeker sensitive types today, who will not preach about sin, repentance, death, or torments in hell.
    1. A few scriptures: Matt 25:41; Mark 9:44,46,48; Luke 16:22-24; II Pet 2:17; Rev 20:15.
    2. A few documents: Is There a Burning Hell?
  30. The Great Commission was given to the 11 apostles, included power for spectacular miracles, was fulfilled completely by them, and was never repeated to any other audience.
    1. A few scriptures: Matt 24:14; Mark 16:14-20; Acts 1:21-22; Col 1:6,23; Heb 2:1-4.
    2. A few documents: “Is the Great Commission Your Responsibility?”
  31. Not Reformed; our history is outside Rome; we deny eternal sonship, sacramentalism, a state church, rule by other than a pastor, adoration of creeds, classical education for ministers, etc.
    1. A few scriptures: Dan 7:25; Rev 12:12-17; 17:6.
    2. A few documents:
  32. Not Landmark Baptists; we reject church succession, especially any that can be traced by church back to the apostles; churches do not grow arms; ministers succeed ministers.
    1. A few scriptures: Acts 14:21-23; II Timothy 2:2; Titus 1:5.
    2. A few documents:
  33. Not Primitive Baptists; we reject any name or denominational system that is only 150 years old and enslaves churches, where loyalty to a name is more important than anything else.
    1.  A few scriptures: II Cor 1:24; Rev 2:6,15.
    2.  A few documents: “Why We Are Not Primitive Baptists.”
  34. Not Fundamentalists.
Proverbs 22:28; Jeremiah 6:16; Jude 1:3
Scriptures read this morning: II Kings 23:1-25; Hebrews 3:7-19; Revelation 3:1-13
Of course, these positions are old fashioned, between 2000 and 6000 years old!
Of course, you will be ridiculed by the world, which is imploding around us.
We are in the midst of a downward spiral by men at large and by so-called Christians.
We have not proven or pounded our points here, but elsewhere.
If the Bible even hints at something being better, we want to do it.
If the Bible even hints at something being wrong, we want to avoid it.
Some of these matters are Christian liberty in the degree of them, but we want to gather the direction from the Bible.

Ancient Landmarks of Practice

  1. Bible preaching is the distinct reading of scripture and explanation of the right interpretation of the reading; it is not pep talks, storytelling, eloquent orations, weeping, or other substitute (Neh 8:8; II Tim 4:1-4.
  2. Sermons are shortened, filled with fluff, neutered of doctrine, and include jokes and illustrations until the unregenerate can listen to them easily, which they crave for itching ears.
  3. Female modesty in clothing and conduct is commanded in both testaments; but it is now stigmatized by the world and most professing Christians, especially among the youth (Pr 7:10; Is 3:16-24; I Tim 2:9-10; I Pet 3:3-4).
  4. The Lord’s Day is His; there has been a collapse in the world and among Christians as to what to do with the first day of the week, which John used to be in the Spirit (Rev 1:10). We do not keep the O.T. Sabbath, but the principle is powerful. God has not changed (Num 15:30-41; Acts 20:7; I Cor 16:1-2).
  5. Sobriety is considered totally out of touch with the cackling, jesting, and pleasure-mad society around us, yet the Bible commands and warns about gravity and sobriety (Eccl 7:2-6; Eph 5:3-5; Titus 2:1-6).
  6. Hospitality is a shrinking practice and virtue from the standard practices of previous generations and the instruction of both testaments, to which the saints are to be given. It has nothing to do with being Southern; it has everything to do with being a Christian (Rom 12:13; I Tim 5:10; Heb 13:2).
  7. Reverence is nearly extinct, as churches opt for casual worship, contemporary worship, come-as-you-are worship, and add just about any form of entertainment to tickle the lost; they are unholy from II Tim 3:2 (Ps 89:7; I Cor 14:40; Heb 12:28-29).
  8. Courting or some variation of chaperoned dating for young couples is nearly extinct, as youth are fed a diet of fornication by every medium available and allowed to be alone, which was maintained by arranged marriages or great care for virginity (I Thess 4:1-7; Rom 13:14).
  9. Marriage in the Lord has come to mean that a person has spouse potential as long as they are not a Muslim, Hindu, or Jehovah’s Witness, but the standards of God are much higher (I Cor 7:39; 11:11). How can you earnestly contend against error by marrying your children to it? See, “Marriage in the Lord.”
  10. Large families are a thing of the past, even though the Lord describes children as a blessing and a large family with many children a wonderful thing (Ps 107:41; 127:3-5; 128:1-6).
  11. Child training has been turned over to the public schools and rarely Sunday schools, which deprives a generation of the nurture and admonition of the Lord and the fear of God (Ps 34:11; Is 38:19; Eph 6:4).
  12. Church music has degenerated generation by generation from doctrinally deep, spiritually sober, and scripturally correct lyrics to frothy jingles with little substance and light melody. The psalms should guide us, and the matter must be worthy of teaching (Eph 5:19; Col 3:16). The goal is to have your heart and soul stirred toward the Lord, not your foot tapping.
  13. Joyful singing of hymns is now rare, as instruments make the noise, and special music replaces congregational singing. The only zeal for group music among today is a Christian rock concert, though Spirit-filled believers will want to sing joyfully and loud themselves.
  14. Politics has become a vehicle for activism, projects, and crusades, though no such practice ever occurred in the New Testament, where saints were reverent and taxpaying citizens. The social gospel was unheard of in the New Testament.
  15. Submissive wives are considered an abused species and a relic from ignorant ancestors without the benefit of education or the proper view of women (Eph 5:22-24; Col 3:18).
  16. Strong men have been taken away according to the promise of God, so that the spiritual leaders in most churches, homes, and marriages are the women, rather than God’s leaders (Is 3:1-5; I Cor 14:34-35; Eph 6:4; Gen 18:19; Josh 24:15).
  17. Musing has been replaced by amusement, as a pleasure obsessed society does all it can to end sober reflection, thinking, or meditating, which are an essential part of walking with God (Gen 24:63; Ps 1:2; 63:6; 77:12; 143:5).
  18. Honoring and obeying parents and grandparents has been replaced with the buddy system, where children exploit and extort parents for their own ends as they well please. But respect for your elders is more than just an old idea of men (Lev 19:1-3; 27:16; Deut 27:16; Pr 30:17).
  19. Divorce for every cause is now common and defended, though labeled as no-fault divorce or irreconcilable differences, which effectively undermines the Bible’s strong position (Matt 19:1-3).
  20. Authority was ordained by God, and all the honor, respect, and obedience that scripture gives it is to be followed, whether parent, husband, master, ruler, pastor, or any other authority, ruler, or leader (I Pet 2:13-24).
  21. Hair length is only a matter of liberty so far, because the Bible has addressed the issue, no matter how personal you may think that is or how much you prefer some modern short style (I Cor 11:13-16).
  22. Abortion should be obviously wrong, but this “Christian” nation has legalized it for the last 33 years, at the cost of about 1.5 million unborn babies each year (Ex 21:22-25).
  23. Invitations are the invention of Charles G. Finney, who used coming forward to the mourners’ bench as a means of eliciting a public act to be associated with decisional regeneration. What kind of invitations did Peter give at Pentecost, Paul at Athens, etc.
  24. Virginity did not go out of style in the sight of God and all noble men and women. It is one of the great gifts that a girl or young woman can give to God and her husband and her parents (Deut 22:13-21).
  25. Cremation is the burning of the dead without regard for the body or hope of the resurrection, which practice was borrowed from profane pagans and justified by convenience and cost. Compare Abraham for Sarah, Joseph, Moses, David’s sepulcher, Jesus, Ananias, etc.
  26. Music out of the church is not simply a liberty, as all such things must be done to the glory of God with thanksgiving through Jesus Christ; if you desire to listen to worldly music, or it pleases you more than godly music, then you have a problem (I Cor 10:33; Col 3:17).
  27. Church attire is something we can see addressed in the Bible, and our parents or grandparents understood it well, for they called it your “Sunday best,” which is fitting for worshipping the great God acceptably with reverence and godly fear (Gen 35:1-3; Ex 19:14-15; I Cor 7:5).
  28. Bond of words has declined greatly from previous generations, when a man’s word was his bond, and from the Bible that declares yea or nay should be sufficient (Ps 15:4).
  29. Self-love and self-esteem are to be despised as narcissistic arrogance rather than the cure-all for relationships and the foundation for a happy and successful life (II Tim 3:2).
  30. Thanksgiving is not just a good idea; it is a commandment of the living God (Deut 28:47-48; I Thess 5:18). First, we must be a thankful people, and then we must give thanks. It is mark of reprobates and carnal Christians alike to be unthankful (Rom 1:21; II Tim 3:2).
  31. Fasting
  32. Giving and financial integrity


  1. Charge the young men (and women) to be faithful to the landmarks God has revealed by their fathers, as David charged his son Solomon (I Chron 28:9).
  2. Do not change doctrine or practice that does not have overwhelming Bible proof, no matter how plausible, possible, popular, pressed, or preferred (I Thess 5:21; Titus 1:9).
  3. The enemies are great and numerous against the truth, so diligence, vigilance, and zeal must be used.
  4. Old is not always better … but the truth is always old … and new changes to the truth are wrong.
  5. We slip … by nature … by Satan … by the world … by worldly Christians … by peer pressure … by popularity … by habits … by tradition … by preference … by persecution.
  6. There are some things that it is good to be old fashioned about, and God’s truth is one of those things.
  7. We have a cloud of witnesses … those in Hebrews 11 … and our ancestors in the faith (Heb 12:1-3).
  8. God has given us much through the fathers; but it will be quickly lost, as with other churches, if each member is not faithful and vigilant, especially the children (Deut 4:9).
  9. Rather than a wildlife preserve or refuge, let us be a preserve for the truth and refuge for truth seekers.
  10. Rather than closet defenders of the one faith, let us show the world the ancient landmarks of truth.
  11. A variety of persecution will come, but do not let it move you (Phil 1:27-30; II Tim 3:12; Acts 5:41).
  12. Let us rejoice at the opportunity to be the repairers and restorers of the truth (Is 58:12; Ezek 22:30).
  13. To live, work, play, and die will waste a life: but the only legacy that counts is Jesus Christ and truth.
  14. Let us be part of Elijah’s “seven thousand,” who have not kissed Baal (I Kgs 19:18; Rev 12:17).
  15. Doctrinal integrity and purity are not enough, for they must include full heart devotion (Rev 2:1-7).

For Further Study:

  1. The proverb commentary, “Proverbs 22:28,” which deals specifically with Solomon’s proverb and its meaning.
  2. The Wickipedia article, “Michael Servetus,” documents his belief in incarnate sonship and believer’s baptism.
  3. God Hates Compromise
  4. Truth Is Fallen in the Streets
  5. “The Distinguishing Marks of the Greenville Church.”
  6. Jesus is Lord of Your Body
  7. Jesus Is Lord.
  8. Perilous Times.

This outline is presently incomplete, 12/12/06.