Recommended Documents

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The Mortification of Sin (Audio and Text)

Be killing sin or it will be killing you. A treatise by the puritan John Owen on the importance and work of the Christian in putting to death their deeds of the flesh.

Is Christ Your Lord? Tract by Arthur W. Pink

We do not ask, Is Christ your “Saviour,” but is He, really and truly, your Lord? If He be not your Lord, then most certainly He is not your “Saviour.” Those who have not received Christ Jesus as their “Lord,” and yet suppose Him to be their “Saviour,” are deluded, and their hope rests on a foundation of sand. Multitudes are deceived on this vital point, and therefore, if the reader values his or her soul, we implore you to give a most careful reading to this little tract.

The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination … by Loraine Boettner … online version (here).

The Sovereignty of God … by Arthur W. Pink … online version (here).

Bible Chronology

Since the Bible was not written in chronological order, this reference work was designed to help understand the order of events.