Sermons – 2021

    1/10/2021 AM
    What Do You Glory In?

    The LORD tells us not to glory in might, wisdom, or riches but that we know and understand Him. How much do you glory in His Word? Do things of God truly delight your soul?

    1/10/2021 AM
    The Most Influential Member

    Your tongue is far more powerful than you think! Men rise and fall in the sight of Jehovah, by their careful and diligent management of it. Godly men know the Christian walk is successfully navigated by directing their speech, rather than their feet. Have you mastered this unruly evil?

    1/10/2021 PM
    Josiah’s Example

    As one of the 4 great kings of Israel, Josiah is an example of the character we should have as we serve the Lord in these last days.

    1/17/2021 AM
    Lessons From The Rejection Of Saul

    Saul, Israel's first king, was rebellious and stubborn so the LORD took everything from him and gave the kingdom to David, a man after His own heart. This semon explores Saul's wicked character when the LORD rejected him in 1 Samuel 15 and highlights lessons we can learn from this terrible event.

    1/17/2021 AM
    Our Command to Rejoice

    The word rejoice is a verb denoting action. Did you know that we are commanded to rejoice? The Bible is filled with joyful information for believers. Read it and take action today!  

    1/17/2021 PM
    Don’t Sacrifice Your Future on the Alter of the Present

    Life can be summarized as a series of decisions.  Each decision has consequences for your future.  We must be intentional about life and every choice we make with a circumspect view of the ramifications.

    1/24/2021 PM
    Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

    Angst has gripped Christians due to President Trump's defeat. Much of it is due to conservative news sites, which intend angst and addiction. But Christians keep the Bible's rules for politics and trust God and Jesus cheerfully for total world victory.

    2/3/2021 PM
    David and Goliath Slides

    Things new and old can be learned from reviewing this favorite Bible story. Studing the Davidic covenant justifies this review. After the facts and fun of I Samuel 17, there are lessons of David's character and conduct that can profit anyone.

    2/7/2021 PM
    David and Jesus Compared

    Jesus is the Son of David with some similarities, but Jesus far excells him by some differences. We can glorify Jesus by the similarities and the differences. David himself called Jesus his Lord, and he wrote that He was fairer than all men.

    3/7/2021 PM
    The New Testament Cup

    The words Jesus used to institute communion are often read without understanding. The new testament is the everlasting covenant of salvation revealed. Therefore, each aspect or facet of salvation may be added to His words, This cup is ....

    3/21/2021 PM
    War for Truth

    There has always been violent opposition between the wicked and the righteous, Satan and God. The devil and world seek to rid earth of God's truth, so we must learn, defend, and promote it, especially in church and families.

    3/28/2021 AM
    Paul’s Doctrine of Marriage (2 sermons)

    Corinth was a lascivious city of the Roman world, and the church there asked Paul about marriage, sex, divorce, etc. His inspired answers for their situation have much wisdom for all Christians that want to know God's will about marriage.

    3/28/2021 PM
    Destructive Decision Making

    Men differ greatly in the prosperity or success they achieve. A major factor affecting them is how they make decisions. Hasty and ignorant decision making must end, for it truly hurts progress, though fools can hardly learn to do otherwise.

    4/4/2021 PM
    Selective Identity

    When God looks at you or me, He sees His Son Jesus Christ by selective identity, for He chose us in Him, and He chose Him to be our Substitute and also our Advocate and Mediator.

    4/11/2021 PM
    Conveying the Truth to Children Slides

    God has blessed us with truth, and it must be taught to children, or it will be lost to future generations. Moses ordered fathers to teach, and so did Paul. A handout here shows ways to teach children and sources for what to teach them.

    4/18/2021 AM
    John the Baptist (5 sermons)

    John is a great man in the Bible and human history. Learn all you can of how he prepared Israel for Jesus and identified Him as Son of God. Get ready for Him by repentance, baptism, reformation, godliness. A study of John is a study of Jesus.

    4/18/2021 PM
    Priorities for Good Choices (1) Slides

    Our heavenly Father has compared and ranked things in the Bible and told us what is better and best. The verses in this study show priority of one choice over another. God's best for your life is learning to exalt some things and demote others.

    4/25/2021 PM
    Priorities for Good Choices (2) Slides

    Our heavenly Father has compared and ranked things in the Bible and told us what is better and best. The verses in this study show priority of one choice over another. God's best for your life is learning to exalt some things and demote others.

    5/2/2021 AM
    The Blood of Christ (3 sermons)

    Blood is featured prominently in the Bible, for it is the life of the flesh. Bloodshed is death. God created a flesh and blood body for Jesus to be the perfect high priest, and losing His blood at death secured eternal life for God's elect.

    5/23/2021 AM
    War for Your Soul #1 Slides

    A diabolical fiend wants to destroy you by keeping you from being a fruitful Christian. He has been defeated legally and vitally by Jesus Christ, and he will soon be cast into the lake of fire. But he can mess up your life unless you rightly resist.

    5/23/2021 PM
    War for Your Soul #2 Slides

    The devil is like a roaring lion - a terrible danger - trying to devour you. He is a destroyer. Think Lot, Samson, Solomon. The Bible records him troubling believers from the start. We will skip the national or sensational to stress the personal.

    5/30/2021 AM
    War for Your Soul #3 Slides

    The devil looks for weaknesses to tempt you. He knew Jesus was hungry from long fasting. What habits do you have that leave you exposed to the devil? This is the first line of resisting him - discipline in all parts of life to send him away.

    5/30/2021 PM
    War for Your Soul #4 Slides

    Paul taught two actions for you after putting on the whole armor of God. First, you must stand like Greek wrestlers did and not be taken down at all. Second, you must rightly pray in the intense and thorough way Paul described.

    6/6/2021 AM
    War for Your Soul #5 Slides

    Keep in mind when studying the devil's wiles - Jesus has and will yet defeat Him. He cannot do anything God did not plan and direct. He wants you to be BAD, which is bitter, arrogant, and deceitful. These are three of his chief wiles.

    6/6/2021 PM
    War for Your Soul #6 Slides

    The devil wants you BAD ... bitter, arrogant, deceitful. By bitterness, God and the Bible mean any thought, word, or deed tending in the direction of murder, for Satan has been a murderer from the start. Hate this B sin in your heart.

    6/13/2021 AM
    War for Your Soul #7 Slides

    Chief tools of the devil are anger, bitterness, and not forgiving others, especially spouses. God wants his children happy, healthy, and confident to meet Him in the Day of Judgment, but the BAD devil will destroy all three blessings.

    6/13/2021 PM
    War for Your Soul #8 Slides

    The devil's sin was pride, and he uses the pride of life to destroy. Esteem others and lower yourself. He was and is a liar, so you must love gospel truth, practice personal honesty, and hate even hearing distracting inputs of the world.

    6/20/2021 AM
    War for Your Soul #9 Slides

    The devil will devour lazy souls like he did Lot, Samson, and Solomon. The result are terrible. His main tactics are the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life. He used these three on Eve and Jesus. You must hate the world and all in it.

    6/27/2021 AM
    The Beauty of Jesus Christ

    Isaiah foretold Jews rejecting Jesus for not having any beauty. To those with spiritual and foresightful eyes, He is very beautiful. Do you think Jesus Christ beautiful? How do you show it and tell it to others. Renew your first love of Him today.

    7/11/2021 AM
    Character without Christ (1) Slides

    We shall soon be at the judgment seat of Christ to account for our lives. Have we loved Jesus Christ and served Him passionately, or have we measured ourselves by worldly standards? Earthly honors will not mean a thing in that day.

    7/11/2021 PM
    Character without Christ (2) Slides

    Character or conduct valued by men is not enough, even if Biblical. We must love Jesus the Son of God or we can expect His judgment like Israel received in 70 A.D. What can you do with your family to know and love Jesus most of all?

    7/18/2021 AM
    Character without Christ (3) Slides

    Paul was taught by Jesus Christ, and knew about Him better than any man, but he sought to know Him better in personal ways. In contrast, he warned about enemies of Christ that worshipped their bellies by minding earthly things.

    7/18/2021 PM
    Character without Christ (4) Slides

    What should we do to change our habits and increase our love of Christ? We must repent for past lack of love and commit our full devotion to Him. There are some practical things that can be done daily to keep our hearts with Him.

    7/25/2021 AM
    When Was Cornelius Saved? (1) Slides

    God counted this Italian the first Gentile convert. His conversion is given in detail and defended twice. Jesus provided much help for this glorious conversion of a Gentile family, but he was regenerated long before he ever met Peter.

    7/25/2021 PM
    When Was Cornelius Saved? (2) Slides

    The Holy Spirit, an angel, and Peter declared Cornelius's saved conduct before Peter preached to him. This inspired event proves regeneration before faith and good works. Traditionalists today as then miss or resist God's sovereign grace.

    8/1/2021 AM
    The Spoils of the Cross

    God loved His Son's noble conduct to become a man and die the cruel death of crucifixion. For His death on the cross, God gave Him great honors and rewards, which spoils of victory He has shared with His church, especially the Holy Spirit.

    8/1/2021 PM
    Notable Features of Jesus’ Death

    A very short devotional before the Lord's Supper in which a very few notable features of Jesus' death are identified in the Bible. Lovers of Christ want to remember more than that Jesus died but how well He died, just as His Father above.

    8/4/2021 PM
    Confidence & Excitement in Prayer Slides

    The living and true God, Jehovah of the Bible, is our God and Father. He responds gloriously to our prayers. The 14 attributes of God for prayer build confidence and excitement to pray more. He does far more than hear and answer. You will shout!

    8/8/2021 AM
    I Thessalonians 5 (14 sermons)

    Paul's goal for this new church was their full sanctification in holiness. He began with Jesus' secret return to motivate them before listing various godly duties. Christians should greatly differ from pagans and be wholly holy to meet Christ.

    8/18/2021 AM
    When Pain Ends (Rom 8:17-25) Slides

    Life and the universe are filled with pain, trouble, death. But Jesus died to lift the sin curse, so the creation will be changed back to its original perfection. It will occur when Jesus returns and God formally declares us His children to the universe!

    9/1/2021 PM
    I Have Found a Ransom Slides

    The Holy Spirit chose special words for our salvation, which we call facets. Ransom is an economic term for the price paid to get something or someone back from another's control. We want to fully grasp it to appreciate our salvation.

    9/5/2021 PM
    Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

    Calvary had physical pain, anxiety and loss psychologically, spiritual warfare, and divine forsaking. God and Jesus had perfect fellowship at all times until our sins were put on Him, causing Him to despearately cry out as Psalm 22:1 records.

    9/12/2021 PM
    Things Your Wife Deserves (3 sermons)

    God made Eve for Adam, but He gave rules for men to care for and love wives. Concubines deserved essentials, but how much more Christian wives. Your wife deserves these things because God said so and for many other wise reasons.

    9/15/2021 PM
    Redeemed! Slides

    A follow-up to a salvation study of ransom two weeks earlier. The Holy Spirit chose special words for our salvation, which we call facets. Redeem is an economic term used often in the Bible. We want to fully grasp it to appreciate salvation.

    10/3/2021 PM
    The Unspeakable Gift

    II Corinthians 9:15 declares God's gift of eternal life by His Son to be an unspeakable gift. Paul ended two chapters exhorting Corinth to greater giving by this statement. How is salvation unspeakable? What should we do because of it?

    10/6/2021 PM
    Salvation Facets Divided by Phases Slides

    Eternal life is a gift occurring in five phases. God also used 20 different words for salvation that we call facets. These also can be divided by the five phases. This study looks at facets sanctification and adoption.

    10/17/2021 AM
    Soul Revival (5 sermons)

    We fight daily against our flesh, the world, and Satan to love God and His Son. God expects total love and devotion to Him, and He knows if we slip. Therefore, we need revival often, so we must seek it diligently, and He will powerfully reward it.

    10/20/2021 PM
    Limited Atonement Slides

    Does God love and did Jesus die for all men or the elect? The answer is crucial. God's love and the death of Christ are incredibly greater when they accomplish their purpose and result in perfect salvation forever without loss or separation of one.

    10/24/2021 PM
    A Reprobate Mind

    Man's perversity is accelerating, but Christians can have peace and praise about it. God Himself has sent it to judge men for choices against Him. His creativity in their perversities is perfect judgment for their pride and unthankfulness.

    10/27/2021 AM
    Patriarchs & Patriarchy Slides

    Boys and men met to learn the word and concept of patriarchy. As more Christians compromise, men are neutered as God promised in Isaiah 3. The Bible teaches strong men throughout but never justifies abuse of those under their rule.

    11/3/2021 AM
    The Sovereignty of God (1) Slides

    Sovereignty is God's right to do as He pleases with all creatures. Many Christians do not know this God. They think man has rights that God must honor. The truth is God has rights that man should honor. The truth has many benefits for us.

    11/7/2021 AM
    That They Might Know Thee

    John 17:1-3 states that God saved His elect by giving them to Jesus to die for. Why? For them to know Him and His Son! The universe exists for the glory of God, and salvation's design does it perfectly for intimate fellowship with some.

    11/14/2021 PM
    Helpers to Faith Slides

    A short reminder of how to build faith. The Bible has three sources - its inspired accounts, your own life experiences, and experiences of others. So a church should include public praise and testimonies (Ps 34:2; I Cor 14:16; Heb 13:15).

    11/17/2021 PM
    The Sovereignty of God (2) Slides

    Sovereignty is God's right to do as He pleases with all creatures. Many Christians do not know this God. They think man has rights that God must honor. The truth is God has rights that man should honor. The truth has many benefits for us.

    11/21/2021 AM
    Elihu Exalts God (13 sermons)

    The book of Job is God's sovereign choices for Job's life. Most do not know the wisest man in it - Elihu. Do not ever blame or question God. He is Creator and Potter. You are creature and clay. He is always perfectly just, right, and good.

    12/5/2021 PM
    A Lake, A Book, A Lamb

    Jesus will soon sit on His throne to destroy this world. He will judge all men and cast sinners into the lake of fire. Some will be saved whose names are in the book of life, which He guaranteed by His death for them. Is your name in this book?

    12/15/2021 PM
    The Sovereignty of God (3) Slides

    Sovereignty is God's right to do as He pleases with all creatures. Many Christians do not know this God. They think man has rights that God must honor. The truth is God has rights that man should honor. The truth has many benefits for us.