Sermons – 2021

    1/10/2021 AM
    What Do You Glory In ?

    The LORD tells us not to glory in might, wisdom, or riches but that we know and understand Him. How much do you glory in His Word? Do things of God truly delight your soul?

    1/10/2021 AM
    The Most Influential Member

    Your tongue is far more powerful than you think! Men rise and fall in the sight of Jehovah, by their careful and diligent management of it. Godly men know the Christian walk is successfully navigated by directing their speech, rather than their feet. Have you mastered this unruly evil?

    1/10/2021 PM
    Josiah’s Example

    As one of the 4 great kings of Israel, Josiah is an example of the character we should have as we serve the Lord in these last days.

    1/17/2021 AM
    Lessons From The Rejection Of Saul

    Saul, Israel's first king, was rebellious and stubborn so the LORD took everything from him and gave the kingdom to David, a man after His own heart. This semon explores Saul's wicked character when the LORD rejected him in 1 Samuel 15 and highlights lessons we can learn from this terrible event.

    1/17/2021 AM
    Our Command to Rejoice

    The word rejoice is a verb denoting action. Did you know that we are commanded to rejoice? The Bible is filled with joyful information for believers. Read it and take action today!  

    1/17/2021 PM
    Don’t Sacrifice Your Future on the Alter of the Present

    Life can be summarized as a series of decisions.  Each decision has consequences for your future.  We must be intentional about life and every choice we make with a circumspect view of the ramifications.

    1/24/2021 PM
    Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

    Angst has gripped Christians due to President Trump's defeat. Much of it is due to conservative news sites, which intend angst and addiction. But Christians keep the Bible's rules for politics and trust God and Jesus cheerfully for total world victory.

    2/3/2021 PM
    David and Goliath Slides

    Things new and old can be learned from reviewing this favorite Bible story. Studing the Davidic covenant justifies this review. After the facts and fun of I Samuel 17, there are lessons of David's character and conduct that can profit anyone.

    2/7/2021 PM
    David and Jesus Compared

    Jesus is the Son of David with some similarities, but Jesus far excells him by some differences. We can glorify Jesus by the similarities and the differences. David himself called Jesus his Lord, and he wrote that He was fairer than all men.