Did the church at Jerusalem
share all things alike?

No. The early believers in Jerusalem included many new converts from Pentecost that were in Jerusalem visiting for that great feast (Acts 2:5-11). Some would have been stretched financially, because they had only come to visit, and now they were staying longer after being converted and joining the Jerusalem church. The selling of assets and giving of money was only done for existing needs (Acts 2:45; 4:35). No one lacked necessities, but there were still rich and poor.

There was no selling to redistribute wealth like communists, a devilish economic and political system contrary to the Bible and that has been proven false in every nation that has attempted it. The only needs that God recognizes and approves are those from an act of God – food, clothing, shelter, and emergency medical treatment. No gifts were given to anyone that was lazy, foolish, risky, or wasteful, for that would contradict the rest of the Bible (II Thess 3:10; Prov 20:4).

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