Which Bible version do you recommend?

We believe the King James Version is God’s word in the English language, with all the individual words God wants you to have. Since man is to live by every word of God, you need a Bible you can trust at the word level. We have a unique set of reasons for believing this. We do not care what others think of our position or skeptical questions they ask. Like Abraham, we are strong in faith and do not consider the faithless, foolish, and skeptical questions that trouble and worry those that do not believe or trust that God is able to perform His promises (Rom 4:19-21).

We believe the King James Version is God’s approved Bible version for several reasons. First, God promised to preserve His words, so by faith we look for them (Ps 12:6-7). Second, God promised His words would have fruit, so we look for a version that changed lives and nations (I Thess 2:13). Third, the internal integrity and facts of the King James are far superior to other versions, ancient and modern (John 10:35). Fourth, those who most resent the King James are those who think themselves wise, and God has promised to turn them into fools (I Cor 1:19-20.

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