Jesus Is the Desire of All Nations

“And I will shake all nations,
and the desire of all nations shall come:

and I will fill this house with glory,
saith the LORD of hosts.”

Haggai 2:7

All men in all nations know they will die. Before they die, they endure pain and suffering of all kinds. They must work hard to even survive for the few years of life. Their hopes and dreams are seldom realized, and death takes everything away.

They dream of a Fountain of Youth or Nirvana. They know life is hopeless, because the best of them still suffer and die like animals. Solomon summarized his observations about life’s hopelessness this way: All is vanity and vexation of spirit.

All nations seek relief from hopelessness every way imaginable. They invent gods and idols to give them hope. They practice witchcraft. They resort to drunkenness or drugs to reduce the pain. They pursue pleasure after pleasure to stop the pain.

There is only one cure for man’s hopeless condition and future – and that remedy and savior of man is a gift from the Creator God, the LORD Jehovah of the Bible. Though man chose death and hopelessness in Eden, God promised a solution.

God promised He would send a Man to destroy death and the curses on men and the universe that were the result of sin. He promised this Man would give eternal life and recreate the universe for the everlasting pleasure of the children of God.

The prophecy above by Haggai was given about 400 B.C. In it, God told Haggai to tell the Jews that the Man would visit the temple they were rebuilding, and His new religion would turn the world upside down with the good news of salvation.

The Jews were discouraged. Their rebuilding project was very inferior to the glory and grandeur of Solomon’s temple that Nebuchadnezzar had razed in 526 B.C. But God encouraged them that His Man visiting their temple would make it far greater.

Who was this Man? Jesus of Nazareth, God’s Son. When did He visit the second temple? Many times during his life. Did He bring hope and salvation? Yes, indeed! His death tore the temple veil from top to bottom to fully open the way to God.

The news of this Man and His achievements, including rising from the dead, was carried through the earth by His apostles and the men they ordained. Christianity exploded as a new religion with hope, joy, truth, and wisdom never heard before.

The Desire of all Nations came 2000 years ago. He is the perfect answer for pain, suffering, hopelessness, and death. His religion turned the world upside down. His truth changed nations. He will change your life, if you will believe and obey Him.