The Seed of the Woman




“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

Genesis 3:15


Preparatory Reading: Genesis 3; Luke 1; Luke 2.


  1. This sermon considers Mary and mothering the Son of God, but it totally rejects all Catholicism.
  2. This simple sermon considers some of the most profound historical facts, but the world ignores them.
  3. Genesis 3 is negative and hopeless, except for 3:15. Consider it well! The Seed makes the difference!
    1. Most of the questions and confusion that face men can be found in this chapter of true history.
    2. Psychology, anthropology, social studies, and other social sciences can never figure things out.
    3. Consider lying, lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, ambition, ambition to be as God, snakes on their bellies, spiritual death, physical death, guilt, shame, nakedness, clothing standards, fear, hiding, blaming others, excusing sin, aversion to snakes, vulnerability to women, sorrow in conception and childbearing, aggravated rule of husbands over women, difficulty of making a living, thorns and thistles, hopelessness, etc.
  4. Where else do we see the power and wisdom of God in Christ like in this study (I Cor 1:24)?

The NEED of the Woman’s Seed

  1. We find Adam and Eve in a “world of hurt” after their transgression in Eden (Gen 3:1-13).
    1. Any shame you have ever felt for some degree of nakedness can be traced to their sin.
    2. Any guilt you have ever felt for sin can be traced back to this first rebellious act of sin.
    3. Any fear you have known for doing something wrong first started with their rebellion.
    4. Any trouble you have ever experienced, either natural or spiritual, is from this sin also.
    5. Any death you have ever observed, or felt the death in your members, is from here also.
  2. We are the biological, natural, and legal descendants of Adam and Eve with their heritage.
    1. We are their biological descendants as Eve is the Mother of all living (Genesis 3:20).
    2. We are their natural descendants as we bear their image rather than God’s (Gen 5:3).
    3. We are their legal descendants as God counted us in Adam (Ps 14:1-3; Rom 5:12-19).
    4. We are biologically corrupt, naturally perverse, and legally condemned in our parents.

The PROMISE of the Woman’s Seed

  1. God condemned the serpent’s role in their sin, but He told of a coming Seed (Gen 3:14-15).
    1. The prophecy is two-fold: it has both a literal/physical and spiritual/mystical sense.
    2. The serpent is now a reptile that indeed moves on its belly in the dust of the earth.
    3. There is and has been a definite aversion of serpents or snakes by most all women.
  2. However, the treat truth of this prophecy is a coming singular Seed to destroy the devil.
    1. The Seed of the woman is a singular seed by “it”; the seed of the serpent is he himself.
    2. By comparing pronouns – note the “his” – we can see the woman’s seed is masculine.
    3. Therefore, the serpent and the woman’s Seed would be at war against each other.
    4. The bruises or wounds described in a figure signify a nuisance and a mortal blow.
    5. We know that the serpent is no other than the devil and Satan (Revelation 20:2).
    6. Therefore, God’s promise is of a great male Seed that would destroy the devil.
    7. Catholics, willing to corrupt scripture to protect their tradition, pervert the text in their Douay-Rheims version to read, “I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.”
  3. Isaiah prophesied to Judah of a Son born to a virgin that would be for a sign (Isaiah 7:14).
    1. A virgin conceiving a Son without a man would truly be the promised woman’s Seed!
    2. This Son’s name would be Immanuel, which is to say, God with us (Matthew 1:23).
    3. Consider the heresy of the Revised Standard Version and their use of “young woman.”
  4. Isaiah prophesied to Israel of a Son that would be the Ruler of God’s kingdom (Isaiah 9:6).
    1. This great male child or Son born of a woman would be called the Mighty God.
    2. He would also be called the Prince of Peace, for He would be the great Deliverer.
  5. Jeremiah prophesied to Israel of a new thing God would create in the earth (Jeremiah 31:22).
    1. This new thing would be a woman compassing a man – a man inside a woman’s womb.
    2. Since all men but Adam came this same way, God’s creation made this one unique.
    3. The angel’s explanation of Mary’s pregnancy fulfilled this language perfectly (Luk 1:35).

The FULFILLMENT of the Woman’s Seed

  1. The angel of the Lord told Joseph his fiancée Mary was to bear the Seed (Matthew 1:18-25).
    1. Mary was pregnant with child before having come together with Joseph sexually.
    2. Her conception was by the Holy Ghost and thus God had created the woman’s Seed.
    3. Her conception was without intercourse so it was truly the conception of a virgin.
    4. Her conception was that of a Son, and the male woman’s Seed was to be called, Jesus.
  2. The angel Gabriel explained this fulfilled promise to the bewildered Mary (Luke 1:26-35).
    1. He pronounced her blessed among women, since she would bear the promised Seed.
    2. She was to conceive in her womb and bring forth a son – she would compass a man.
    3. He was to be called Jesus, and he would be great and the Son of the Highest.
    4. Mary wondered how this could be, and Gabriel told her that God would create the child.
  3. A multitude of angels told some shepherds that a babe was their Saviour (Luke 2:7-20).
  4. He was dedicated to the Lord for opening the womb of the woman Mary (Luke 2:21-24).
  5. Simeon by the Holy Ghost pronounced the baby Jesus to be God’s salvation (Luke 2:25-35).
  6. A prophetess named Anna spake of this male Seed as the great Redeemer (Luke 2:36-38).
  7. Paul testified that Jesus Christ was made of the seed of David in the flesh (Romans 1:3).

The GLORY of the Woman’s Seed

  1. God used the weaker sex … by her cursed childbearing … to bring a Seed that would use the curse of death … to destroy the works of the devil! What glorious power and wisdom!
  2. The woman’s Seed – lower than the angels – defeated the devil through death – the very means by which he had cursed our first parents (Heb 2:14-17; I John 3:8).
  3. Satan tried to seduce Jesus after His baptism, but he was not moved at all (Luke 4:1-15).
  4. The woman’s Seed greatly fought the devil (Luke 4:33-37; 9:37-42; 10:17-19; Acts 10:38).
  5. Jesus was blasphemed as working for Satan, but He revealed the truth (Luke 11:14-22).
  6. As Jesus approached the cross to die the death of His people, He prophesied of His victory over the Serpent (John 12:27-33; 14:30; 16:11).
  7. When Satan must have vainly thought he had defeated the woman’s Seed at the cross, He made a show of destroying him openly (John 13:2,27; Ephesians 1:19-23; Col 1:13; 2:15).
  8. The salvation her Seed obtained cannot be affected by Satan (Rom 8:33-39; Rev 12:9-10).
  9. Having bound the devil, the great Seed now blesses the gospel (Rev 20:1-3; Acts 26:18).
  10. And the saints are waiting for the party to begin (Matthew 8:29; Jude 1:6; Matthew 25:41).

The LOVE of the Woman’s Seed

  1. Women need not despair due to their great failure in the Garden of Eden (I Timothy 2:15).
    1. They should be shamefaced before men (2:9-10) and submissive to authority (2:11-12).
    2. Her position is inferior to the man’s by the order of creation and her weakness (2:13-14).
    3. Eve showed great weakness and vulnerability to Satan in her transgression in Eden.
    4. However, God has turned the very object of His curse upon women – childbearing – to be the means of their salvation, if they continue evidentially in good works.
  2. God sent His Son made of a woman to adopt us and make us heirs of Himself (Gal 4:1-9).
    1. Our Redeemer was made of a woman (conceived and formed within her) as her Seed.
    2. We are the sons of God and God is our Father by this great Seed and His Spirit.
    3. We are now heirs of God with the Seed Himself – our privileges of Eden restored.
    4. Since we have been so delivered by God, we ought to do proper service to God.
  3. As Paul promised, the saints of God, with and by the great Seed of the woman, shall bruise Satan under their feet shortly (Romans 16:20 cp Luke 10:19 cp Revelation 20:10).


  1. Do you believe the woman’s seed is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of God?
  2. Do you believe the woman’s seed has defeated the devil, sin, death, and the grave?
  3. If you believe this, what have you done about it? Baptized? Church member? Holy and righteous life?
  4. As we come to the Lord’s Table for the Lord’s Supper, let us glory in the woman’s Seed dying for us!
  5. These stupendous events and facts are ignored by the world, but we should love and rejoice in them.
  6. Where else do we see the power and wisdom of God in Christ like in this study (I Cor 1:24)?
  7. Without His incarnation in Mary’s womb, He would not have human life in order to die for us.
  8. Without His incarnation in Mary’s womb, He would not have the body and blood we remember here.

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