Boast Not Thyself of Tomorrow




“Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou
knowest not what a day may bring forth.”

Proverbs 27:1


  1. I just completed sermons “The Bible Cannot Profit,” “Starting Over,” “Spiritually Minded,” and “Seek Ye My Face.”
  2. How do we put these applications of the Word of God into practice? How do we actually get started and do them?
  3. If I were to warn you and save you from even small carnal dangers, you would appreciate both the warning and me.
  4. I speak this morning to those I believe want to be disciples indeed of Jesus Christ and walk with God their Father.
  5. God called me to lift up my voice as a trumpet and warn against the sin of procrastinating Christians today (Is 58:1-7).
  6. My simple point is this – all you ought to do to serve the Lord fully, do it today! In fact, do it right now! Hurry!


  1. You do not have a clue as to what is going to happen tomorrow, so don’t presume on it.
  2. God condemns all confident planning and boasting about the future (James 4:13-17).
  3. Life is incredibly short and uncertain (Job 7:6; 9:25-26; Psalm 39:4-6; 102:11; 144:4).
  4. Yet I call you to more than accelerated planning – I call you to immediate action, now!
  5. We boast of tomorrow when we say, “I want to seek the Lord, and I am going to do it.”
  6. We boast of tomorrow when we say, “That’s all well and good, but I am not ready yet.”
  7. We boast of tomorrow when we say, “My goal is to be this or that, but a day can’t hurt.”
  8. We boast of tomorrow when we say, “Why is the pastor so worked up on living right?”
  9. We boast of tomorrow when we say, “Is that all he can preach? What about doctrine?”
  10. We boast of tomorrow when we say, “I do need to do something about that area of life.”
  11. How do you know tomorrow you will be convicted? Or will remember? Or will do it?
  12. Do not let Satan deceive you by God’s mercies in past days that you yet have mercy.


  1. Forget everyone else, for the whole matter of your soul before God is enough for you.
  2. Forget actuarial tables and average life expectancy, for you may easily die tomorrow.
  3. Forget worrying about others and their lives, are you examining yourself (I Cor 11:28).
  4. God created the heaven and earth one day at a time, which we can copy (Gen 1:1 – 2:3)


  1. Jesus warned us to seek first His kingdom and righteousness today (Matthew 6:33-34).
    1. Don’t be too concerned about tomorrow, for there is plenty of evil today for you.
    2. Don’t be too concerned about tomorrow and things, for He will provide them.
  2. We must focus on today, for it is the moment and time that God has presently given us.
    1. Satan loves to beat us with the past and distract us with the future. Resist! Do not let him discourage you with a lengthy future or depress you with a bad past. The Lord is only asking for today! It is something you can manage. Start now!
    2. God created days for us and they make a life (Gen 1:5,14; 5:4; 6:3; 25:7; 47:9).
    3. Due to evil hearts, God would have us exhort one another daily (Heb 3:13-13).
    4. Due to His providence, God calls us seek our bread from Him daily (Matt 6:11).
    5. Due to daily trials, God strengthened Paul by His Spirit for the day (II Cor 4:16).
    6. Due to our weakness and the length of a day, we are to fear all day (Prov 23:17).
    7. Due to human variability, God calls us to take up our cross daily (Luke 9:23).
    8. Due to the folly of evil emotions, God calls us to end them each day (Eph 4:26).
    9. Due to the brevity of life, God calls youth to consider in these days (Eccl 12:1).
    10. David valued days (Ps 44:8; 71:8,15,24; 84:10; 96:2; 18:24; 119:97,164; 145:2).
  3. So we recall each duty and area of conviction in our lives, and we make changes now!
    1. Procrastination is foolish in the natural realm, but it is fatal in the spiritual realm.
    2. If we deal with days instead of weeks, months, or years, we won’t procrastinate.
    3. If your fellowship with the Lord is stale and sin may be there, confess it now.
    4. If you know things with your spouse are not as they should be, correct it now.
    5. Tell yourself. I must be a good father today. I must be a good wife today. I will be meek today. I will pray today. I will read today. I will avoid temptation today. I will resist the devil today. I will train my children today. I will love the brethren today. I will seek the face of the Lord today. And then do it, now!
  4. God will bless these daily efforts, as He blessed the loaves and fishes, for it is His way!


  1. A rich fool thought he was in great shape and could relax for the future (Lu 12:15-21).
  2. Felix and Agrippa wasted the day of opportunity and boasted (Acts 24:25; 26:28-29).
  3. So get started right in the morning, as David (Psalm 5:3; Genesis 22:3; Mark 1:35).
  4. So we beg God to help us number our days and use each one for Him (Psalm 90:12).
  5. What are you convicted to do better? What do you want to do with the Lord? Do it!
  6. Whatever you must do today to find time for the Lord, buy it back quickly (Eph 5:16).
  7. Whatever can be done for the Lord, should be done right now. Don’t assume tomorrow.


  1. A successful and godly life is a string of successful and godly days. Make today godly success!
  2. A successful and godly life is a string of successful and godly days. When will you start yours?
  3. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, as some say, so choose a life of holy obedience.
  4. Instead of “What have I done with my life?” we should say, “What have I done today?”
  5. Your life to date does not matter – forget it; and you don’t know about tomorrow. Do it today!
  6. Today is the day to start over and seek Jesus Christ. Today is the day to be spiritually minded.
  7. And don’t even wait for some time later in the day, do it right now! And hurry! Don’t hesitate.
  8. Learn from this simple sermon to hate hesitation and cast it from your habits (Psalm 119:60).
  9. Go to the Lord now. Confess any and all sins. Beg for Him to search you. Vow to changes.
  10. Get down on your knees, either literally or in your heart, and start over with the Lord; Who will forgive your sins, cleanse your heart, and renew your strength. Then rise to live perfectly today!