Peace, Comfort and Joy




1. Eph 2:11-22

  1. Eph 2:11-12 Remember – Paul tells us to remember and appreciate where we were
    1. Our history
      1.  Eph 2:11 Gentiles in the flesh
      2.  Eph 2:11 Uncircumcision: not partakers of the sign of Jehovah’s Covenant (Gen 17:11)
      3.  Eph 2:12 Without Christ: Shiloh, the Branch, Messiah that was promised to the Jews (Gen 49:10; Jer 23:5-6; Dan 9:25)
      4.  Eph 2:12 Aliens to Israel: outside the borders of the land of promise
      5.  Eph 2:12 Strangers from the Covenants, the promises of land, protection & rest
      6.  Eph 2:12 No hope: outside of Israel there was no basis for hope in our lives
      7.  Eph 2:12 Without God: we had no official relationship with Jehovah
        1. We were outside of His land & people
        2. We were outside of His promises & blessing
  2. Eph 2:13-18 But now
    1. Eph 2:13 But – a blessed sharp contrast!
    2. Eph 2:13 Now – starting from the days of Paul on throughout the New Testament age
    3. Eph 2:13 In Christ Jesus – because of the work of Jesus Christ
      1. Eph 2:13 Far off – made nigh: no longer strangers outside the land of promise
      2. Eph 2:14 He is our peace: He ended our war with His people, the Jews!
      3. Eph 2:14 Unified us: from warring parties to a unified people
      4. Eph 2:14 Renovated the building: Jesus tore down the walls separating Jews & Gentiles
      5. Eph 2:15 Cancelled the war: by the sacrifice of His life
      6. Eph 2:15 Made one from two: Jesus personally unifies us
      7. Eph 2:15 Made peace: you cannot war against your own family now!
      8. Eph 2:16 Reconciled both to God: Jesus brought BOTH groups of sinners to God!
      9. Eph 2:16 Killed the war: He destroyed any grounds for war between God and man
      10. Eph 2:17 Preached peace: He proclaimed His victory and our peace
      11. Eph 2:18 Joint access: the Son and the Spirit bring us into the Father’s presence
  3. Eph 2:19-22 Now therefore
    1. Now: this was a current reality in Paul’s day – how much more for us today!
    2. Therefore: these are the results of 13-18
    3.  Ye are: present tense – see our new status
      1. Eph 2:19 No more strangers: no separation from God’s blessed people
      2. Eph 2:19 Equal citizens: we have equal rights to God as His OT saints
      3. Eph 2:19 Of God’s house: we are part of the family of God
      4. Eph 2:20 Same foundation: we all have the same doctrinal basis
      5. Eph 2:21 One building: we have one form of worship & public fellowship with God
      6. Eph 2:21 Carefully constructed: by the Master Carpenter Himself
      7. Eph 2:21 A holy temple: we corporately & individually are God’s temple
      8. Eph 2:22 Built together: the efforts of men and God’s plans
      9. Eph 2:22 God’s home: where Jehovah lives – with His people!

2. 1 John 1:1-3

  1. a. John’s background: 1 John 1:1-2
    1. Personal witness of John as a disciple and apostle of Jesus Christ, one of the pillars of the NT church
    2. Of the Word of Life = Jesus Christ
  2. b. John’s declaration: 1 John 1:3-4
    1. Fellowship with the apostles – we have apostolic fellowship
    2. Fellowship with Jehovah, the Father – the Creator God
    3. Fellowship with Jesus Christ – the Blessed Son of God
    4. Fullness of joy

3. John 14:1-3

  1. John 14:1 Peace for believers: No reason for a troubled heart if you know and believe in Jesus
  2. John 14:2 Many mansions in Jehovah’s abode: the Creator God has lots of rooms!
  3. John 14:2 Jesus went to prepare our place: He is making personal preparations for us
  4. John 14:3 His promise to come back: He has promised to come for us
    1. John 14:3 To receive us: Jesus will receive us!
    2. John 14:3 To be with Him: We will live with Jesus in heaven – forever!

4. John 14:15-27

  1. John 14:15 Love Jesus = keep His commands
  2. John 14:16 Jehovah to send another Comforter to those who love Him and His Son
  3. John 14:16 He will be a continual Companion – we are never alone!
    1. The Spirit of Truth
    2. The world does not have Him
    3. He dwells within us
  4. John 14:18 Jesus won’t abandon us: He is always thinking about us
  5. John 14:18 Jesus will come to us: He will come back to claim His own (Jn 17:20-21)
  6. John 14:19 Because Jesus lives we will live: what a surety for us!
  7. John 14:20 When Jesus comes for us we’ll realize the fullness of our unity with the Godhead
    1. His unity with the Father
    2. Our unity with Him
    3. If we are in Him and He is in the Father, then we are in the Father!
  8. John 14:21: Those who have & keep His commands: consider these precious promises!
    1. John 14:21: Love Jesus: we can KNOW who loves Jesus by their reaction to His word
    2. John 14:21: Shall be loved by the Father: those who love Jesus, His Father loves
    3. John 14:21: Will be loved by Jesus: Jesus shows His love to those who obey His word
    4. John 14:21: Jesus will show Himself to them: Jesus specially reveals Himself to believers
    5. John 14:23 – Father & Son will come to him: the Godhead seeks out those who love Jesus
    6. John 14:23 – They will live with him: the presence of God is with true disciples – Glory!
  9. John 14:27: Jesus left His peace with us
    1. Why should we ever be troubled? Jesus has reassured us twice!
    2. Why should we ever be afraid? Jesus died and rose again once for us!

5. John 15:1-11

  1. John 15:1-2 The metaphor of the vine
    1. the vine produces branches
    2. the branches get food from the vine
    3. the branches should bear fruit
    4. the farmer tends the vine to get much fruit
  2. John 15:4 we must live in Jesus
    1. John 15:4 we cannot bear fruit without Him
    2. John 15:5 we can bear much fruit in Him
    3. John 15:6 fruitless branches are cast away
    4. John 15:7 by living Jesus words our prayers are answered
    5. John 15:8 by being Jesus’ disciples we bear much fruit
  3. John 15:10 by keeping Jesus commands
    1. John 15:10 we live in Jesus’ love
    2. John 15:10 like Him, we live in the Father’s love
  4. John 15:11 Jesus told us this so we can be full of joy! John was following his Lord’s example (1Jn 1:4)


  1. Trace the lines of blessing – from Gentiles with no hope to joint heirs with fullness of joy!
  2. Consider our lines of fellowship – with the apostles through the Holy Spirit to the Son and the Father!
  3. Remember the relationships:
  4. We love Jesus by keeping His commands
  5. Therefore Jesus loves us
  6. Therefore the Father loves us
  7. Jesus fully reveals Himself to us
  8. Jesus went to prepare us a place
  9. Jesus is coming back to claim us as His own and take us to be with Himself and the Father forever!
  10. Let us bear much fruit for our Great and Good God!