God Discriminates




The Examples

  1. It is heresy that all men are created equal, except in very limited senses; all men are unequal!
  2. The idea of giving equal awards or rewards regardless of ability or performance is confusing.
  3. Communism and socialism are based on this perversion of God-ordained differences in men.
  4. God created two lights, but they were not equal. One was the greater light, one the lesser.
  5. God created the horse, which is magnificent; but He also created the ostrich, which is stupid!
  6. Saul was very tall and handsome; Zacchaeus was very short. What height should you be?
  7. God chose to know and bless only Israel among the nations of earth (Deut 7:7; Amos 3:3).
  8. When Israel was in Egypt, God drew a line in the sand between Goshen and the Egyptians.

The Lessons

HUMILITY (I Corinthians 4:7)

  1. Arrogance or pride totally misses the fact that anything you have or are is God’s gift or test.
  2. Time and chance happens to all men and affects their lives more than abilities (Eccl 9:11).
  3. Hezekiah, Nebuchadnezzar, and Belshazzar had problems (II Chron 32:25; Dan 4:31; 5:23).

SUBMISSION (Isaiah 45:9)

  1. You have no right or reason to argue against God or your parents for what you are or have.
  2. The comparison of Potter and clay is used more than once (Is 29:16; Jer 18:6; Rom 9:20-21).
  3. Should the man born blind … merely for God’s glory … resent his blindness (John 9:1-3)?
  4. Each of you was converted at different points in life; thank God for any conversion at all!

CONTENTMENT (Job 1:20-22)

  1. Can you worship God, regardless of what you do or do not have in life? This is true religion.
  2. It is certain we brought nothing into this life, and we will take nothing with us (I Tim 6:6-7).
  3. If you have the promised presence of Jesus Christ, what else could you need (Hebrews 13:5)?
  4. Events can happen outside your control, but even incest is within God’s control (Matt 1:3)!

ENVY (Matthew 20:15)

  1. Anger and wrath are terrible things, but envy is far worse than both of them (Pr 27:4; 14:30).
  2. Should Eliab and the rest of David’s brothers resent the fact that God chose David?
  3. Why resent God’s choice of lepers and widows like Nazareth? How about favored John?
  4. Rather than fret that others have it better than you, do your best and rejoice at their blessings!

FAITHFULNESS (I Corinthians 15:10)

  1. It was Paul’s diligence with the grace given him that made him the greatest of the apostles.
  2. God is not asking you to change what you were given or have, but rather to use it well.
  3. What did David do with the fact that God “liked me”? He gathered with all His might!


  1. The greatest discrimination is the gift of salvation, which none deserve (Rom 9:20-24; II Thess 2:13).
  2. There is a way to live life in total peace regardless of circumstances; I have just shown you part of it.