Give No Place To The Devil



  1. Our text is a commandment and a warning to which we should give double heed (Eph 4:27).
  2. Satan seeks to destroy your faith and walk with God to deny God your obedience (I Pet 5:8).
  3. We are engaged in a conflict of gigantic proportions in the spiritual realm (Eph 6:10-12).
    1. Satan is the Devil, that old serpent and great dragon (Rev 20:2 cp 12:9 cp Gen 3:1).
    2. Satan has a kingdom of demonic princes and soldiers (Luke 11:18 cp Dan 10:13,20).
    3. Satan before Christ had access to God’ throne to accuse our brethren (Job 1:6; 2:1).
    4. Where stakes are high, he may be present himself (I Chr 21:1; Zec 3:1-2; Lu 22:3-6).
    5. But Jesus our LORD cast Satan out of heaven (Luke 10:18; 11:20-22; John 12:31).
    6. A glorious summary of the church, Satan, pagan Rome, and Christ is Revelation 12.
    7. Satan no longer accuses us in heaven (Rev 12:10 cp Ro 8:33-34; I Jn 3:8; Heb 2:14).
    8. Satan was bound for a thousand years for gospel progress (Re 20:1-3 cp Matt 16:18).
    9. Satan has likely been released to unite the world’s hatred against us (Rev 20:7-8).
    10. Satan knew and opposed Paul’s ministry (Acts 19:13-20; I Thess 2:18; II Tim 4:17).
    11. Jesus is omnipresent (Job 1:6-7), omniscient (Heb 4:12-14), omnipotent (Mat 28:18).
    12. If Jesus unleashes Satan, we will fall faster than David, Job, or Peter (Luk 22:31-32).
    13. Let us rejoice – we are on the winning side (Jn 16:33; I Jn 4:4; Lu 4:8; Rom 16:20).
    14. The Lion of the tribe of Judah is greater than Satan – a roaring lion (Re 5:5; I Pe 5:8).
    15. Yet we may only rebuke him by our Lord Jesus Christ (Jude 1:8-9; II Peter 2:10-11).
  4. We are to know Satan’s devices to avoid giving him an advantage over us (II Cor 2:11).
  5. This opponent is so great the LORD must grant repentance for deliverance (II Tim 2:26).
  6. If you cannot see the world of spiritual conflict of angels, you are blind (II Kings 6:17).


  1. Eve gave place to Satan by allowing a friendly questioning of God’s word (Genesis 3:1-7).
    1. Satan used all three principal categories of sinful lust to seduce her (I John 2:15-17).
    2. The simple law, innocence of Eden, speed of seduction, and the cost are incredible.
  2. The sons of God gave place to the devil with the daughters of men (Gen 4:25-26 cp 6:1-2).
  3. Lot chose a more fleshly appealing situation and pitched his tent toward Sodom (Ge 13:12).
  4. Joseph’s brethren could not stand their father’s love and care of Joseph (Genesis 37:3-4).
  5. Joseph fled from a beautiful woman at great shame and cost to himself (Genesis 39:7-20).
  6. Achan looked at and considered some forbidden things in the city of Jericho (Josh 7:19-21).
  7. Balaam gave place for an attempt at honor and great riches from Moab (Nu 22:12-13,15-22).
  8. Samson gave place to the devil with women and a particularly evil woman (Judges 16:1,4).
  9. Saul gave place to jealousy rather than affection and appreciation for David (I Samuel 18:9).
  10. David tarried at Jerusalem when he should have been with Joab at the battle (II Sam 11:1).
  11. Amnon allowed a lust of the eyes and flesh to vex him into a horrible sin (II Samuel 13:1-2).
  12. Solomon even before his vision from God had given place with women (I Kings 3:1,5).
  13. Ahab gave place to covetousness rather than respect Naboth and obey God (I Kings 21:4).
  14. Job was tried to give place by family, finances, and bodily health (Job 1-2; note “hedge”).
  15. Satan tempted Our LORD Jesus Christ thrice with his most wily devices (Matthew 4:1-11).
    1. He used His circumstantial hunger to tempt the lust of the flesh rather than God.
    2. He appealed to pride by falsely questioning His identity and twisting Scripture.
    3. He showed Him all wealth and power and appealed to the lust of the eyes.
    4. But our LORD resisted him with the word of God, and he departed from Him.
  16. Ananias and Sapphira saw what Joses did but gave place to the devil (Ac 4:34-37 cp 5:1-11).


  1. Paul identifies armor we must take to stand in God’s might against the devil (Eph 6:10-20), but we cannot destroy this passage with mystical confusion by a metaphor (I Thess 5:8).
    1. TRUTH protects from his lies, diversions, confusions, and heresies (John 8:44).
      1. Truth is certain and absolute (Luk 4:1-4; Jn 4:24; Ga 1:8-9; 2:5; Pr 22:17-21).
      2. We must walk in truth as God’s honest children (Romans 12:17; Eph 4:25).
      3. Consider John’s sober warning to a sister in the gospel about truth (II John).
    2. RIGHTEOUSNESS protects from accusations, compromise, reproaches, and doubts.
      1. God has made us righteous through Christ’s sacrifice (II Co 5:21; Rom 8:33).
      2. We are called to righteousness in our lives (II Cor 6:7,14; Eph 4:24; 5:9).
      3. When evil was planned against Daniel, they could find no fault (Dan 6:4-5).
    3. PEACE protects from doubts, fear, worry, anxiety, distractions, and loss of joy.
      1. God is at peace with us now through Christ’s death (Col 1:19-20; Rom 5:1).
      2. We are to have peace in our lives (James 3:17-18; Rom 12:18; Phil 4:6-7).
      3. Is there greater peace than that of Job blessing the Lord (Job 1:20-22; 2:10)?
    4. FAITH protects from accusations, doubts, confusion, impatience, and inventions.
      1. He states “without faith it is impossible to please Him.” Believe (He 11:6)!
      2. Faith is evidence of God’s promises (Heb 11:1; Rom 4:17-21; I John 5:4-5).
      3. Abraham walked by faith in a strange land with many tests (Heb 11:8-19).
    5. SALVATION protects from hopelessness, guilt, condemnation, and foolish works.
      1. It is called the hope of salvation in I Thes 5:8. For it gives us hope of heaven.
      2. There is no condemnation to them in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1). Believe it!
      3. Paul at the end of his life in Rome was still confident in grace (II Tim 1:12).
    6. WORD OF GOD is offensive and will effectively counter his very best temptations.
      1. Our LORD Jesus used “It is written” to resist Satan three times (Mat 4:1-11).
      2. But you must know the Bible, believe the Bible, and use the Bible widely.
      3. We must be able to use and teach the Scriptures in all situations (He 5:12-14).
    7. PRAYER IN THE HOLY GHOST is the activity we should constantly emphasize.
      1. We do not have the strength or wisdom in ourselves to combat Satan’s wiles.
      2. Walking and praying in the Spirit assists prayers (Jude 20-21; Rom 8:26-27).
      3. Prayer must be a greater and more frequent part of our lives (Daniel 6:10).
  2. A very important maneuver is to make no provision (possibility) for the flesh (Rom 13:14).
    1. Even a thing valuable and desirable: you must cut it off or pluck it out (Mat 5:27-32).
    2. We are to mortify or kill – not merely spank or rebuke – our flesh (Colossians 3:5-8).
  3. If you know television has and/or could tempt you, should you channel surf? This is easy!
  4. Flee youthful lusts rather than entertain or modify them (II Ti 2:22 cp Pr 4:14-15; 5:8; 6:5).
  5. If you don’t have a great sexual relationship, you give place for two in this matter (I Co 7:5).
  6. Dating without a chaperone is as foolish as it gets for two teenagers with mutual attraction.
  7. Another important maneuver is great care to hear, believe, and obey preaching (Luke 8:12).
  8. For those with tendencies to anger, slow down your angry response (Ec 7:9; James 1:19-20).
  9. Merciful forgiveness and reception of those offending us is wise (II Cor 2:6-11 cp Col 3:21).
  10. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you; he looks for lazy Christians (Jas 4:7; I Peter 5:9).
  11. Do not live tired with excessive activity. Remember Satan tempted hungry Jesus with food.
  12. Relationships with the opposite sex cannot be allowed to cross the first line of attraction.
  13. Don’t resent or resist dogmatic stands on Bible doctrine (II Cor 11:1-14; Gal 1:6; 3:1; 5:8).
    1. Satan can present his own Jesus, spirit, and gospel, which will deceive the simple.
    2. He is not a fool. He can be an angel of light and his ministers those of righteousness.
  14. Note the practical rule of keeping young men out of the office of bishop (I Timothy 3:6).
  15. If you think yourself free from him or above his ability, beware (I Cor 10:12 cp Luke 22:33).
  16. How do you give place to covetousness? By seeing or considering something you desire.
  17. What pet thoughts or fancies allow him a toehold? Child training? Tradition? Family?
  18. If you are rich or moving there, you may give place with pride or vain trust (I Tim 6:17).
  19. Don’t forget ouija boards, horoscopes, zodiac signs, fortune tellers, and fortune cookies.
  20. Do you read novels instead of watching television? Are they perfect? Or a “little” polluted?
  21. Does Braveheart give place? Parent honor? Catholicism? Adultery? Nudity? Faithlessness?
  22. Self-righteousness is worse than any sin, for it precludes confession and forgiveness.
  23. Women give place by modifying their proper role in marriage and home (I Tim 5:11-16).
  24. A carnal perspective or use of the gospel is as alarming as any destructive vice (II Ti 3:1-7).
    1. O LORD, Save us from an accurate religion without appropriate love (Rev 2:1-7).
    2. O LORD, Save us from religious confidence without true spirituality (Rev 3:14-22).
  25. Friends should be chosen very carefully with a view to truth and spirituality (I Cor 15:33).
  26. Women’s hair length (and submission) is a minor matter, right? Wrong (I Cor 11:10)!
  27. The great object of Satan’s hatred is the LORD Jesus Christ, therefore measure by Him.
    1. From the very beginning the antagonism between them was prophesied (Gen 3:15).
    2. Love Paul’s great summaries of His glorious preeminence (Col 1:9-29; Phil 3:7-21).
    3. Do you love to walk with Christ, talk of Christ, pray to Christ, sing of Christ, etc.?
  28. “Lead us not into temptation” are not just religious words (Matt 6:13 cp 4:1 cp Luke 22:31).
  29. Fornication, adultery, uncleanness, and lasciviousness don’t just happen; they result from giving place with pictures, lustful looks, songs, movies, jokes, fantasies, opportunities, etc.
  30. Murder often simply follows offences, envy, anger without a cause, and hatred (Mt 5:21-26).
  31. Covetousness, which is idolatry, results from discontentment, shopping, poor giving, debt.
  32. Entertaining differences leads to variance, competitiveness to emulations, discussion about authority to sedition, and a bright idea unproven from Scripture to heresies.
  33. Rather than confidence or ignorance in our abilities, let us pray for mercy (Luke 22:31-32).
  34. We must constantly be soberly and vigilantly assessing our lives and spiritual vitality.
  35. When you sense a loss of joy in Christ, it is your high duty to immediately examine yourself.
  36. When you sin (not if), it is your high duty to immediately repent and confess (I John 1:7,9).


  1. Be sober. The war is serious. True Christians cannot relax and enjoy life. It is life or death.
  2. Be vigilant. Stay focused on the conflict. Be sensitive. Be critical. Better safe than sorry.
  3. Resist him. He will flee. There are easier victims for him. He hates reminders of his defeat.