Running Scared

“Remember Lot’s wife.”
Luke 17:32


  1. One of the greatest means of picking up running speed is thinking someone is catching you from behind.
  2. If you have ever seen a child running or biking away from a strange dog, then you know what it is!
  3. Two weeks ago we considered Paul’s warning of the Lord’s terror in coming judgment (II Cor 5:10-11).
  4. Recent evidence shows serious darkness on some we once knew in the Lord. God, help them and us!
  5. One of the worst things that can happen is for God to leave us content with religion not pleasing Him!
  6. One of the worst things that can happen is for us to live our lives and religion deceived, believing a lie!
  7. Our Lord Jesus worshipped His Father for both revealing and concealing the truth (Matthew 11:25-27).
  8. Lot and his wife were told to escape and not look back (Gen 19:17). But she looked back (Luke 17:32)!


  1. Eliphaz and Job knew wisdom regarding God’s deception of men (Job 5:8-14; 12:4-25).
  2. Moses was scared to leave camp without the Presence of the Lord (Exodus 33:15).
  3. David prayed scared for the Lord not to take His Holy Spirit from him (Psalm 51:11).
  4. We must even hear scared, lest we lose what we falsely think we have (Luke 8:18).
  5. Jesus warned that repentance and fruit were necessary to avoid judgment (Luke 13:1-9).
  6. Paul pursued his ministerial calling with a fear of woe chasing him (I Cor 9:15-18).
  7. Paul warned the Hebrews to believe the gospel with fear of falling (Hebrews 4:1,11).
  8. The Lord can remove a candlestick and a church may never know it (Revelation 2:5).
  9. We live in the perilous times of no truth and more deception (II Tim 3:5-7,13; 4:3-4).
    1. Christians would be ever learning but never able to come to know the truth.
    2. Religious seducers would get worse and worse deceiving, and being deceived.
    3. Fables would be substituted for sound doctrine, for men would rather have them.


  1. Noah’s descendants wanted unity and security, so God confounded them (Gen 11:1-9).
  2. The Lord turned David over to Satan for the sinful numbering of Israel (II Sam 24:1).
  3. The Lord sent Ahab what he wanted, lying spirits of prosperity to come (I Kings 22:23).
  4. The Lord left Hezekiah to see what was in his heart, which was pride (II Chron 32:31).
  5. The Lord left Israel to their own hearts’ lusts and their own counsel (Psalm 81:11-12).
  6. Israel wanted quail. God gave them their desire but sent them soul leanness (Ps 106:15).
  7. God took away the wisdom of Israel (Isaiah 6:9-13; 63:17; 66:3-4; Ezekiel 7:26).
  8. God put stumblingblocks before Israel by false prophets (Jer 4:9-10; 6:21; Hosea 9:7).
  9. God deceived Israel when they came to Him with idols in their hearts (Ezek 14:1-11).
  10. God gave Israel new statutes to burn their firstborn children to death (Ezek 20:25-26).
  11. The Lord turned Peter over for Satan to sift, which resulted in his failure (Luke 22:31).
  12. Americans ungratefully worshipped themselves, so God blinded them (Rom 1:18-32).
  13. God sends strong delusion and lies to Catholics hating truth (II Thes 2:9-12; I Tim 4:2).
  14. When God turns a man over to delusions, he does not perceive he is now following lies.
    1. Why didn’t Pharaoh and Egypt consider the danger of the Red Sea (Ex 14:17)?
    2. Consider the absurd darkness and blind hearts of pagan idolaters (Is 44:9-20).
    3. Why didn’t the Jews, looking for Messiah, see His miracles (John 12:37-41)?
    4. Sodomites are so blinded they cannot see the perversity of their abomination.
    5. Gentiles, our relatives, were blinded to many gross perversions (Eph 4:17-19).


  1. If we seek Him with our whole heart, He will be find of us (Jer 29:13; II Chr 15:4,15).
  2. The LORD, Jehovah God, will show Himself strong for the pure in heart (II Chr 16:9).
  3. He will come to us gloriously, if we are separate and seek holiness (II Cor 6:14 – 7:1).
  4. He has promised to never leave or forsake us, if we will simply serve Him (Heb 13:5-6).


  1. Remember! In all the examples above, there was sin and rebellion, not faithfulness.
    1. Our Judge does right: He will not slay the righteous with sinners (Gen 18:25).
    2. God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love (Hebrews 6:10).
    3. The righteous (Job, David, Peter) were blessed much after the test (James 5:11).
    4. And He gave them repentance quickly (Job 42:5-6; II Sam 24:10; Lu 22:61-62).
  2. Confess sins! Don’t wait even for minutes (Job 33:27-28; Ps 66:18; Pr 28:13; I Jn 1:9).
    1. Conviction is a gift (Ps 80:3,7,19). It may be gone tomorrow (II Samuel 24:10).
    2. We should pray to be turned, and we should repent when turned (Jer 31:18-20).
    3. You do not have unlimited time for repentance (Isaiah 55:6; Revelation 2:21)?
    4. Do not come to God with idols in your heart or stumblingblocks (Ezek 14:1-11).
  3. Glorify Christ! Jesus Christ is the Source of all Truth, Knowledge, and Understanding.
    1. He is the Word of God and Light, but darkness never recognized it (John 1:1-5).
    2. It is by the eternal life He gives we know God and Jesus (John 17:3; I Jn 5:20).
    3. Our faith and religion must be Christ-centered, lest we die (Gal 6:14; I Cor 2:2).
    4. He gloriously hides and reveals, but He tells us to come to Him (Matt 11:25-30).
    5. Believe on Jesus Christ, you shall never be confounded (I Peter 2:6; Is 45:17).
  4. Be humble! Even if you are very faithful, you are an unprofitable servant (Luke 17:10).
  5. Be separated! Friendship with the world is spiritual adultery and hating God (Jas 4:4).
  6. Be humble! Trembling before His Word will bring blessing (Is 66:1-2; Matt 11:25-27).
  7. Don’t look back! For some looking back have missed God’s best (Luke 17:32; 9:62).
  8. Run forward! We must move forward with the light He gives us (Pro 4:18; John 7:17).
  9. Be holy! Perfecting total holiness will bring His blessing (James 4:6-10; II Cor 7:1).
  10. Be humble! We must crave the spirit of the publican over the Pharisee (Luke 18:9-14).
  11. Exalt Scripture! Make the Bible your family standard (Deut 11:16-21; Psalm 119:113).
  12. Be humble! Confidence in ability will lead to a fall (I Cor 10:12; Prov 16:18; Gal 6:3).
  13. Examine yourself! Search yourself before God (Pr 14:8; 16:2; Ps 139:23; II Cor 13:5).
  14. Be holy! If you have sin in your life, you are being deceived (Eph 4:22; Hebrews 3:13).
  15. Fear your heart! Your own heart is the basis of deception (Jer 17:9-10; Prov 28:26).
  16. Be foolish! God cannot stand those who think they are wise (I Cor 3:18-20; I Kgs 3:7).
  17. Be loving! We must make sure we rank love and faith/truth as the Lord (I Cor 13:1-13).
  18. Be humble! Admit often you are unworthy of His favors (Gen 32:10; II Sam 7:18-20).


  1. We have been lean before in carnal religion and doctrinal pride, and we don’t want to go there again.
  2. The response to this subject should be, “But we are bound to give thanks alway …” (II Thess 2:13-15).
  3. Don’t reject the truth of Jesus Christ. Believe on Him and obey Him: you will never be confounded.
  4. “I stand amazed in the Presence, of Jesus the Nazarene; and wonder how He could love me, a sinner …”