Many Are Called

“The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king,
which made a marriage for his son . . .”
Matthew 22:1-14





  1. We are told clearly that this passage is a parable, so we seek a lesson rather than details.
  2. The Kingdom of Heaven is the spiritual rule of Jesus Christ including heaven, His local churches, and the gospel administration of worship being preached by John and Christ.
  3. The certain King is God, Who made His Son Jesus Groom of the New Testament church.
  4. The wedding is the gospel-church administration of the new covenant with the Messiah.
  5. The servants are prophets and apostles, who by prophecy and preaching gave invitation.
  6. Those who were bidden are the Jews, who had first knowledge of the gospel invitation.
  7. The dinner of oxen and fatlings are the glorious gospel blessings of the covenant of grace.
  8. The all things are ready is the complete fulfillment of Bible prophecy and Divine timing.
  9. They made light of it is the carnal response of fleshly Jews to the glorious gospel.
  10. The remnant is those wicked Jews who slew the Lord Jesus Christ and His apostles.
  11. The King’s armies are the Romans under Titus, who destroyed the Jews in 70 A.D.
  12. The servants are the apostles, prophets, and elders of the New Testament after Pentecost.
  13. The ones found in the highways are the Gentiles by the universal preaching of the gospel.
  14. The guests, both bad and good, are the Gentile converts that filled the churches of Christ.
  15. The King coming in to see the guests is the final judgment before the throne of God.
  16. The wedding garment is the righteousness of Christ, which clothes the true saints of God.
  17. The speechless condition of the rude wretch is his lack of excuse or defense for his sins.
  18. The servants are angels called by the holy God to separate the wicked and the righteous.
  19. The outer darkness with its attendant miseries is hell, where the wicked spend eternity.


  1. The first lesson is national rejection of the gospel by the Jews and their total destruction.
    1. The gospel was first sent to Israel (Matthew 10:5-6; 15:24; Acts 1:8; Rom 15:8).
    2. They had little use for the gospel (Matt 11:16-19; 11:20-24; 12:38-45; 16:2-4).
    3. They persecuted and killed the apostles (Ac 5:40; 7:59; 8:1; 12:1-3; 13:50; 14:19).
    4. They rejected it, and it was sent to the Gentiles (Acts 13:46-48; Rom 11:11-24).
    5. They were destroyed by the Roman armies (Matthew 3:7-12; 21:33-46; 24:1-33).
    6. Therefore, great care must be taken to obey the gospel (Rom 11:18-22; He 2:1-4).
  2. The second lesson is unconditional election and its secret affect at the day of judgment.
    1. There are many deceived they are Christ’s by profession (Mat 7:21-23; II Pe 2:1).
    2. The Lord shall separate the good from the bad one day (Mat 13:47-52; Re 20:15).
    3. There are false talkers without grace (I Jn 2:4,18-19; I Cor 11:19; Ps 144:11-15).
    4. Doers of the law are justified rather than hearers (Ro 2:13; Tit 1:16; Jas 2:14-26).
    5. Therefore, great care must be taken for Christ’s righteousness (Gal 2:16; Re 19:8).


  1. How do you hear the gospel? With great joy and repentance? Or with little care or fruit?
    1. Jesus warned us to hear carefully with fruit (Lu 8:18; De 32:46-47; Jas 1:21-25).
    2. Cornelius and the Bereans were noble (Ac 10:33; 17:11-12; I Thes 1:6-10; 2:13).
  2. Have you made your calling and election sure? Or is your life as barren as a child of hell?
    1. Faith is by Christ’s righteousness, but we add to it (II Pet 1:1-15; James 2:14-26).
    2. No price should be too great to secure our souls (Mark 9:47; 10:23; I Tim 6:6-10).
    3. Do you have Paul’s great desire to be found in Jesus Christ (Philippians 3:7-21)?