What Is Your Kingdom Reputation?

Reputations Are Important and Desired

  1. A good reputation and loving esteem by others are a choice and priority (Pr 22:1; Eccl 7:1).
  2. Men with superior conduct are to be acknowledged (Rom 16:7; I Cor 16:18; Phil 2:29; 3:17).
  3. The just shall live by faith, but great men live by great faith and get a good report (He 11:2).
  4. Without a good reputation, you live a meaningless life, and you die a meaningless death.

Reputations Are Based on God and Others

  1. It is a lame excuse and lie to think you have a good report with God, while offending men.
  2. Most men consider themselves great and will say so, but great men are very rare (Prov 20:6).
  3. Samuel and Jesus are clearly identified as growing in favor with men (I Sam 2:26; Luk 2:52).
  4. Keeping mercy and truth obtain favor and good understanding with God and men (Pr 3:3-4).
  5. The conduct of the righteous causes their stock to rise rapidly (Gen 39:1-6; I Sam 18:1,5-8,14-16,30; Prov 9:8; 11:27; 14:35; 16:13; 22:11; 24:26; 28:23; Dan 6:1-5; Rom 16:4,7; etc.).
  6. Zealous saints can be known far and wide for faith and fruit (Rom 1:8; 16:19; I Thes 1:6-10).
  7. Saints and ministers are to have a good reputation before outsiders (I Thess 4:12; I Tim 3:7).
  8. Going further needs a broader study.

Examples of N.T. Reputations

  1. In each of these great examples, read every word of the Holy Ghost to glean all that is there.
  2. Cornelius led his house to fear God and was godly with God and men (Ac 10:1-2,22,34-35).
  3. Ananias had a good reputation with all the Jews in the capital city of Syria (Acts 22:12).
  4. Phebe was a succourer, or helper, of the apostle Paul and of many saints (Romans 16:1-2).
  5. Gaius was so given to hospitality that Paul said he was host of the whole church (Ro 16:23).
  6. Stephanas and family were addicted to service and worth acknowledgment (I Cor 16:15-18).
  7. Timothy was an exceptional minister with his priorities superior to all others (Phil 2:19-22).
  8. Epaphroditus was another minister that Paul commended highly for devotion (Phil 2:25-30).
  9. Philemon was a worker with Paul known by saints for love, faith, and works (Phile 1:1-7).
  10. Gaius had a lifestyle in the truth, in faithful service, and a witness of charity (III John 1:3-6).
  11. Demetrius had a good report of all men, as measured by truth, and the apostles (III Jn 1:12).

How Can I Improve My Reputation?

  1. Serving as a servant builds the greatest reputation in the kingdom of heaven (Matt 20:25-28).
  2. Work is service wherever you can be used to benefit one or more (Rom 16:6,9,12; Heb 6:10).
  3. Charity, or love of others, is more excellent service than an apostleship (I Cor 12:31; 13:13).
  4. Scriptural and spiritual conversation from knowledge is wonderful (Pr 22:17-21; Ro 15:14).
  5. Zeal in good things over time marks exceptional men (II Kings 10:16; Gal 4:18; II Cor 9:2).
  6. Fruitfulness in helping, lifting, teaching, and warning others is special (Prov 11:30; 10:21).
  7. Prayer is labor and wrestling with God for blessings (Luke 2:36-37; Col 4:12-13; Eph 6:18).
  8. Seeking first God’s kingdom separates the spiritual from the carnal (Matt 6:33; Phil 3:18-19).
  9. Faithfulness is constancy and continuing in the things marked out by scripture (Prov 20:6).
  10. Participation needs eagerness, volunteering, asking for assignments, creativity, initiative, etc.

Churches have a core of zealots, a shell of faithless and fruitless, and a body of the average.