The Great Assumptions of Faith


The BASIS OF THE ASSUMPTIONS Is the Existence of Faith and Its Peculiar Characteristics.

  1. Faith. Full persuasion and confidence in something regardless of contrary considerations.
    1. Seeing is not believing when it comes to faith – faith believes regardless of what is seen.
    2. We understand the worlds were created from nothing (unseen things) by faith (Heb 11:3).
  2. All men – natural and spiritual – exercise faith: they believe things they cannot see or prove.
    1. When God denies that all men have faith, He is describing faith toward God (II Thess 3:2).
    2. The wicked believe their houses shall endure forever (Ps 49:11), yet they cannot prove it.

The NECESSITY OF THE ASSUMPTIONS Is the Infallible Fact that All Men Exercise Their Faith.

  1. Most men try to escape life without considering its frailty, but we cannot allow such foolish.
    1. They are afraid of death and eternity, so they use all type of escapes of thinking.
    2. Life can be reduced to the basic assumptions of faith. Our actions become very clear cut.
  2. Faith must act upon something. Faith cannot exist without its assumptions. So every man.
  3. Death is coming for all of us: should we not live according to some carefully-considered plan?

The NATURE OF THE ASSUMPTIONS Provide the Great Dividing Lines Among Men.

  1. By nature man has several similarities to wild asses (Job 11:12; 39:5-8; Ecclesiastes 3:18-20).
  2. Yet God has given man some gifts that He did not give wild asses (Is 29:23-29; Ro 1:18-25).
  3. Will you work to be better than, equal to, or worse than a wild ass? You have three choices.
  4. Relative to God’s existence and reward, what is the risk: eternal life or carnal pleasures?
  5. Which assumption will give you peace at the moment of death? We must prepare for this day.

CHOICE #1: Assume God Does Not Exist In Practical Reality and Live Accordingly In the Flesh.

  1. One merit for this choice is that sin does provide its own pleasurable rewards (Heb 11:25).
  2. Denying God’s existence should result in total lasciviousness, since you are all that counts.
    1. God’s laws should be denied, since they are just a reminder that others believe He exists.
    2. Man’s laws should be denied, since their purpose is to limit exploitation of others.
    3. This position is consistent only to the extent men dedicate themselves to unrestrained sin.
  3. This category is made up of those who show little interest in things of religion (Ps 36:1-4).
  4. God compares these unreasonable men (II Thess 3:2) to the beasts without faith (Ps 49:6-20).
  5. This choice leaves you equal to wild asses, since you show no more reason than they do.

CHOICE #2: Assume God Does Exist In Absolute Reality and Live Accordingly in Godly Fear.

  1. Very few men in the world’s history have lived in agreement with this assumption (Eze 22:30).
    1. Consider how God commended Moses, Samuel, Noah, Daniel, and Job (Je 15:1; Ezek 14:14).
    2. Consider the failures of Eli, Gideon, Samson, Solomon, Jehu, Hezekiah, and others.
  2. If God is anything at all like the scriptures describe, then total commitment is required.
  3. A proper vision of God will do much to initiate or encourage this assumption (Isaiah 6:1-8).
    1. Let God’s word quicken you (Job 38-41; Is 2:6-22; 40:12-31; Daniel 4; Nahum 1; Rev 4-5).
    2. Emphasize God’s judgments (Ps 9:16; Ex 14:31), sovereignty (Ec 3:14), and glory (Ex 20:20).
    3. Take the time to commune about such knowledge (Psalm 4:4) and glory in it (Jer 9:23-24).
    4. Paul made this assumption when He met Jesus: he counted all things but dung (Phil 3:7-11).
    5. This assumption properly made will create great zeal for the Lord (Gal 4:18; II Kings 10:16).

CHOICE #3: Profess that God Exists and Live According to Both His Fear and Your Flesh.

  1. Compromising these two assumptions is true insanity – it denies any reasonable explanation.
    1. God is Jealous and will not accept partial obedience (Mark 12:30), so He is not satisfied.
    2. Denying your lusts and gratification brings misery (I Co 15:19), as you are not satisfied.
    3. God condemns this compromise as the greatest evil (Rev 3:15-16; Ezek 20:39; Judg 10:10-14).
    4. No lonely faith (James 2:19), hearing (James 1:22), or speech (I John 2:4) will do.
  2. Most men make this choice. Few choose either extreme. Most men are but hypocrites.
  3. This choice is worse than a wild ass, since you have chosen to deny all satisfaction.

The EXHORTATION TO THE RIGHT ASSUMPTION Should Prompt Us To Make Commitment.

  1. Solomon put choices one and two to the test during his life (Eccl 12:13-14; Deut 10:12-21).
  2. Let your faith grab hold of the promises of God (He 11:6 cp Pr 19:23; 23:17-18 cp Ec 8:12).
  3. Are you going to be one of the few who have lived for God and done exploits (Dan 11:32)?