Lovers of Pleasures or Lovers of God

II Timothy 3:4

Person Pleasures

or God?

What Pleasure?

What Consequences?




Moses (in Egypt)












Israel at Shittim




David (with Saul)


Young ruler


Saul of Tarsus




Jews (Matt 22:1-7)


Peter (as fisherman)


Saints (Ph 3:18-19)




Ephesus Church


New Orleans


Perilous Times

  1. The first commandment is to love the Lord our God with all we are and have (Mark 12:29-30).
  2. If we love the things of this world, then it proves we do not love the Father (I John 2:15-17).
  3. What do you love, if defined by Bible reading, meditation, memorizing, prayer, singing, and speech?
  4. How do we correct this situation? We set our affection on the things of heaven (Colossians 3:1-4).


Person Pleasures

or God?

What Pleasure?

What Consequences?


Lot Pleasures Prosperity of watered Sodom Ruin of soul, family, and assets

Moses (in Egypt) God Riches and pleasures of Egypt Friend of God and great leader

Samson Pleasures Philistine women of the world Blinded, servitude, and suicide

Joseph God Secret sex with eager woman Throne of Egypt; two tribes

Daniel God Peace; great food and wine Raised to throne of Babylon

Solomon Pleasures Many women, princesses Pagan idolatry; lost kingdom

Ruth God Family, home, and friends Rich husband: David & Jesus

Israel at Shittim Pleasures Moabite women of the world Plague killed 24,000; men hung

Sodom Pleasures Pride, success, leisure, sodomy Burned up by God of heaven

David (with Saul) God Kill a long-term enemy easily King of Israel and God’s friend

Young ruler Pleasures Money and financial success Lost out being Christ’s disciple

Saul of Tarsus God Ministerial fast track with Jews Apostle of Christ to Gentiles

Demas Pleasures Worldly fun and money Lost out being Paul’s friend

Jews (Matt 22:1-7) Pleasures Businesses and careers Destroyed and city burned up

Peter (as fisherman) God Family business with father Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ

Saints (Ph 3:18-19) Pleasures Earthly things; belly worship Enemies of Christ and destroyed

Zacchaeus God Cushy job, high pay, good perks Ate with Jesus and in the Bible!

Ephesus Church Pleasures Doctrine without passion or zeal About to lose candlestick (Spirit)

New Orleans Pleasures Mardi Gras, voodoo, sex Hurricane wiped out the city

Perilous Times Pleasures Worldly fun, money, and women Ruin of soul, family, and church