Seduce. To attract and secure from a woman undying adoration, favor, love, and complete submission without the use of authority or force. Sexual considerations are totally excluded from this definition. The best sex in the world is reserved for those men able to accomplish non-sexual seduction first.


Be a leader – provide security and earn her respect by being the man in charge.

Learn to communicate – be sensitive to her and express yourself well.

Cherish her – treat her delicately as an object of great value to you.

Nourish her – plan and provide for her development as a better woman.

Honor her – give her the respect and mercy due her as a woman.


To please God – God has commanded us to love our wives, live joyfully with them, and be ravished with their love.

To please yourself – there is no better wife than one motivated to serve and help you by her affection for you.

To please her – proper love of your wife by definition means that you will do all you can to please her.

To promote your name – growing in favor with God and man means you need the reputation of being a great husband.

To be a good example – your brethren, children, and others should be provoked to greater marriages themselves by your fine example.


Your wife will praise you 

Your in-laws will love you 

Other women will admire you 

Other men will respect you 

Your children will respect you 

She will be contented and happy

She will be consistently growing

She will converse comfortably

She will be of great character

She will be stable and moderate

She will gladly invest in others

She will maximize appearance

She will always agreeably submit

She will be confident in public

She will trust you explicitly


DEFINITION Women are followers, love security, and admire strong men. They are not decision makers, and they resent being forced into that role. If you lead in your life, her life, and the life of your family, your wife will love you, follow you, and support you as you so much desire. It requires your consistency and a firm position when she tries to object. By all means make sure your wife does not manipulate you in any way.

SCRIPTURE Genesis 2:18 Genesis 3:16 Genesis 18:19 Joshua 24:15 Proverbs 30:31 I Cor 14:34-35 Ephesians 5:22-24 Colossians 3:18 I Timothy 2:14

  1. HAVE YOUR OWN LIFE TOGETHER WELL. Confidently know your spiritual, professional, and physical goals and the corresponding plans to achieve them. Otherwise she will not respect you, and she will not be personally motivated.
  2. HAVE CLEAR PLANS FOR YOUR FAMILY’S FUTURE. Have a wise opinion regarding family size, living plans, educational objectives, dating limitations, marriage, etc. Otherwise she must answer hard questions and take positions for which she is not suited by God.
  3. DILIGENTLY TRAIN THE CHILDREN. Do most of the discipline yourself. Make your family life a part of the training process. Use current events. Teach financial responsibility. Plan individual programs and time.
  4. BE A GOOD HOUSEHOLD MANAGER. Be decisive and prudent in household decisions. Plan and keep profitable vacations. Keep the house and car in good repair and appearance. The house is her “office” or showpiece.
  5. BE A GOOD FINANCIAL MANAGER. Establish financial goals. Avoid debt. Save consistently. Keep your wife informed about wills, insurance, accounts, etc. Manage the finances yourself. Manager her income. Be prudent.
  6. BE THE SPIRITUAL LEADER. Women do not want to lead or initiate devotions. Read the Bible and pray with your wife. Be able to answer her questions. Initiate provoking conversations regarding spiritual things. Confess your spiritual faults, and let her see you resolve them. Consider her spiritual condition, and provoke her to growth.
  7. MAINTAIN HOUSEHOLD PEACE. Be the peacemaker in your home. Have absolute control. Defend your wife from the children. Execute discipline quickly when it is needed. Resolve differences immediately. Eliminate any cold war. Stop all bickering. Promote unity.


DEFINITION Women need verbal intercourse. Your wife gave you her life: she needs to know you. She craves verbal affection and reassurance. Exalt communication and agreement. Discuss everything.

SCRIPTURE Genesis 34:3 Deuteronomy 13:6 Hosea 2:14 Amos 3:3 John 15:15

  1. LEARN TO LISTEN. Conversation includes listening. She is your companion. She already knows your opinions and answers. You will hear new things. You will learn to be a better husband. You will make her feel important.
  2. BE SENSITIVE AND CONSIDERATE. Learn to diagnose her feelings and needs without her explaining them to you. Consider her nature as a woman, her circumstances, and her desires. Be sensitive and patient toward her.
  3. PURSUE AND PROBE HER. She may not easily give information about herself. Be patient, kind, and strongly interested in her. Ask questions. Ignore her evasion. Search her out. Catch her with guile.
  4. USE YOUR EYES. Your wife lives for your approval. An affectionate gaze is more important than you think. Look at her lovingly in public.
  5. USE TENDER COMFORT. It is not unmanly to learn how to soothe, stroke, and comfort a woman. Quit being a macho cowboy, and become a lover.
  6. EXPRESS YOUR LOVE OFTEN. Tell her you love her, desire her, and are proud of her. Overuse of trite expressions is self-defeating. Be sincere.
  7. CONFRONT CAREFULLY. Resolve differences quickly. Be kind and patient. Win and persuade her: don’t smash her. Magnify agreement. Apologize quickly and clearly. Avoid “I told you so.”
  8. DISCUSS THE FUTURE. Include her in your plans and ambitions. Explain the reasons for your actions. Be the leader, but include her. Express yourself.
  9. SEE HER VIEWPOINT. Try to understand her perspective. It will make you a wiser man. She will appreciate the effort. Don’t be narrow-minded.
  10. REFLECT ON THE PAST. Sentimentality will not kill you. Remind her of things you appreciated about her. Sink into past good times together.
  11. ELIMINATE UNNECESSARY CRITISM OR SARCASM. She is a weaker vessel. Consider how you desire your master to treat you. Think about the affect.


DEFINITION Treat your wife dearly, with tenderness and affection, and make a big deal over her. Glory in her; treat her delicately; and pamper her. Give her the attention you would other objects of great importance.

SCRIPTURE Deuteronomy 24:5 I Kings 1:1-4 I Corinthians 7:33 Ephesians 5:29 I Thess 2:7

  1. BE EAGER TO PLEASE HER. Does she know you want to please her? Do you have the reputation for surprising her with good things? Do you know her favorite restaurant? candy? date? outfit? friend?
  2. DO THINGS TOGETHER. Include her as often as possible. Have hobbies together. Go shopping, work in the yard, or run errands together.
  3. BE PHYSICALLY AFFECTIONATE. Use physical contact without direct sexual intentions. Pinch her bottom. Hold her hand. Give her a tender hug. Play with her hair. Consider how a good father strokes his daughter.
  4. DRESS HER THE BEST YOU CAN. Buy her nice clothing when you are able. Encourage her to try new styles, do her hair often, improve in makeup use, etc. Train her to look her best. Explain a man’s perspective on appearance. Make trying on clothes a pleasant experience.
  5. TAKE HER OUT TO EAT OFTEN. Eating out is how we hire servants. Most women rank it highly. Do better than fast food and buffets when you can. Atmosphere and service count.
  6. SURPRISE HER WITH LITTLE GIFTS. Buy her favorite candy. Take her to the shoe store while buying groceries. Surprise her when she least expects it.
  7. HELP WITH HOUSEHOLD CHORES. Make the bed when you can. Clean out the closet when it needs it. Train your children to serve her well.
  8. BE KIND WHEN SHE IS SICK. Be patient. Let her have some time off. Don’t make her feel guilty. Remember she is weaker. Show your love.
  9. GIVE HER MONEY TO SPEND ON HERSELF. Let her have the thrill of finding and purchasing something she likes. Let her go out to eat.


DEFINITION Provide your wife with everything necessary to promote and maintain her growth as a woman. Plan her growth and development with her, and make sure she has the means to achieve it. Make her something.

SCRIPTURE Ruth 4:15 II Samuel 12:3 Daniel 1:5 Ephesians 5:29

  1. PROMOTE HER FRIENDSHIP WITH OTHER GOOD WOMEN. Select the women that she should pursue. Give her the time and means to pursue them. Encourage it, and follow up on her progress. Help her use them wisely.
  2. GRANT HER LIBERTY FOR OUTSIDE PURSUITS. Let her take a part-time job. Let her take an evening course at a local college. Let her start a small business at home. Let her pursue volunteer work somewhere.
  3. GIVE HER TIME AWAY FROM THE CHILDREN. You may work forty hours a week. Consider her 168 hours a week chasing children. You couldn’t take a day of it. Send her out to lunch, to the spa, shopping, or someplace she chooses. Keep the kids or pay for a sitter.
  4. PROVIDE HER DIVERSIONS FOR HER SANITY. Find a good book for her to read. Let her in on some of the details of your profession. Subscribe to some magazines that would challenge her mentally. Discuss current events.
  5. FREQUENTLY COMMEND HER GOOD POINTS. You know how you love praise: try the same with her. Identify her strengths, and help her exploit them. Build up her confidence.
  6. AVOID COMPARISONS WITH OTHER WOMEN. Your wife is insecure by nature. Do not compare her unfavorably with other women. Use the example of other women positively and carefully. Tell her how she is better.
  7. CHALLENGE YOUR WIFE. Request her to do things that she does not like to do. Do not let her use her womanhood to be a timid wallflower. Remind her of the confidence and boldness of the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31.
  8. MAKE HER A TEACHER OF GOOD THINGS. Your wife must train your daughters. Example is not enough. Require her to develop their character, domestic, and social skills. Require her to talk in public. Promote her duty and privilege to be a tree of life to others.


DEFINITION Respect your wife as a woman and person. Know her faults and be merciful. Esteem her highly as a woman. Consider her well. Avoid bitterness due to her weaknesses.

SCRIPTURE Psalm 103:13-14 Proverbs 28:16 Colossians 3:19 I Peter 3:7

  1. BE KNOWLEDGEABLE OF WOMEN AND HER. God made women different. Appreciate the differences. Question other women to reinforce your learning. Know her temperament. Know her capabilities. Know her circumstances.
  2. DON’T EXPECT TOO MUCH OF HER. Unless you are an inferior man, your wife is a weaker vessel. Be patient, and show her mercy, as God shows you mercy. Don’t ask too much of her. Don’t judge too harshly when she fails.
  3. OVERLOOK SMALL MISTAKES. Be a glorious man: pass over offences. Let her make mistakes and not pick on each one. Consider how you want your boss to treat you. Inferiority breeds insecurity; don’t add to it. When she admits a mistake, console and comfort her.
  4. PRAISE HER IN PUBLIC. Let her hear you praise her. Brag on her. Boast to other women (who will relate it to her later). Be proud to be with her.
  5. BE YOUR VERY BEST FOR HER. You honor her by attention you give to your appearance and reputation. You expect her to honor you by her appearance, so do the same. Learn to dress well. Stay physically fit. A fat husband says to all that he does not think much of his wife. Move up from Goodwill clothing or 50’s styles. Polish your social skills and etiquette.
  6. SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES WITH HER. Let her feel special by explaining the details of some aspect of your profession, your hobby, the finances, etc. Let her know your fears and doubts. Ask her for help.
  7. WIN HER FAMILY’S AFFECTION. Strive to earn the respect and admiration of her family. She knows the normal dislike of in-laws. Show her a magnanimous spirit. Apologize clearly and sincerely for past faults. Show them special hospitality. Allow gracious visitation rights.
  8. PRAISE HER TO YOUR CHILDREN. Tell your children how wonderful she is. Promote her example to daughters, and teach sons to seek a wife like her.