1. Your life is the direct result of choices made for you by God and others and made by you yourself.
  2. There is no such thing as Fate, for God is not Fate, and human choices are not Fate. Faith defies Fate.
  3. A study like this brings us to divide between the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man.
  4. You are a pawn in a great drama for God’s glory and the blessing of some and punishment of others.
  5. You are here in God’s house this day to hear the truth by God’s choice. Humble yourself, and repent.
  6. It can be very discouraging or encouraging to watch others make choices, depending on the choices.
  7. We must learn to make good choices, and we must learn how to deal with the choices made for us.

God’s Choices

  1. God chose every feature of earth, men, women, animals, birds, fish, their clothing, their diet, their duties, their relationships, their trial, their effect on descendants, etc. (Genesis 1-3).
    1. Consider how He chose to make things … and all the ways He chose not to make things.
    2. We give Him glory as Creator of it, and we rejoice in every particular thing He created.
    3. We freely and humbly acknowledge we are creatures – He is the Potter; we are the clay.
  2. God chose Abram out of the Chaldean city of Ur (Neh 9:7; Josh 24:2-3; Isaiah 41:8-9; 51:2).
  3. God chose Israel (Deut 14:2; I Kgs 3:8; II Kgs 23:27; I Chr 16:13; Ps 132:13; 135:4; etc.).
    1. God chose Israel, not for greatness, but because He loved them (Deut 4:37; 7:6-8; 10:15).
    2. God chose prosperity and success for Israel in Canaan (Deut 11:12; Ps 47:4; Ezek 20:6).
    3. God chose Cyrus and named him before birth to rescue them from Babylon (Is 45:1-4).
    4. God shortened Jerusalem’s destruction for the sake of the elect, His chosen (Mark 13:20).
  4. God chose the offices and the men for the offices for the government of the nation of Israel.
    1. He chose their priests (Num 16:5,7; 17:5; Deut 18:5; 21:5; I Sam 2:28; I Chron 15:2).
    2. He chose the individual men to be king; there were no coups or elections (Deut 17:15).
    3. The saying, “God save the king,” originated with His choice of King Saul (I Sam 10:24).
    4. He chose David and Solomon above Saul and all Israel, Judah, and Jesse’s sons (I Sam 16:8-10; II Sam 6:21; I Kgs 8:16; 11:34; I Chron 28:4-6; 29:1; II Chr 6:5-6; Ps 78:67-70).
  5. God chose the details of how Israel worshipped (Deut 5:32-33; 12:32; I Chr 15:13; Is 58:5-6).
  6. God chose the detail of where Israel was to worship (Deut 12:5,11,14,18,26; 16:16; etc.).
  7. God chose whom He would save, which is an aspect rejected by most today (Eph 1:4,5,9,11).
    1. He chose us before the world began (Eph 1:4; II Thess 2:13; II Tim 1:9; Rev 13:8; 17:8).
    2. He chose the ugly people of this world to confound the beautiful (I Cor 1:27-28; Jas 2:5).
    3. He chose by His own will, not by the choice or will of man (Romans 9:15-16; John 1:13).
    4. He chose Jesus Christ (Psalm 89:3,19; Is 49:7; I Pet 1:20; 2:4; Matt 12:18; Luke 23:35).
    5. If you are in the Lord Jesus Christ, God chose you to it (Rom 16:13; I Pet 2:9; Re 17:14).
    6. It is a great blessing to be chosen by God, and we must give Him thanks (II Thess 2:13).
  8. God chose you to hear and believe the truth to be saved from damning lies (II Thes 2:13-14).
    1. If you believe the gospel, it is because God ordained, or chose, you to believe (Ac 13:48).
    2. If you love the things preached of the New Testament, He opened your heart (Act 16:14).
    3. God chose 12 apostles from many (Lu 6:13; John 6:70; 13:18; 15:16,19; Acts 1:2; 22:14).
    4. God made choice among the apostles for Peter to preach first to the Gentiles (Acts 15:7).
    5. See how He chose to send Paul west to Philippi instead of north or south (Acts 16:6-12).
    6. Even recovery or repentance is by God’s choice (Is 14:1; Zec 1:17; 2:12; II Tim 2:25-26).
    7. God chooses the way for the man who fears Him, and He teaches him in it (Psalm 25:12).
    8. Many are called, but few are chosen, so measure yourself by true evidence (Matt 22:14).
  9. God chose us to bear fruit, or there will be trouble (Eze 20:5-9,25-26; John 15:2; II Pet 1:9).
  10. God chose even the members in your own church, which leads to your duties (I Cor 12:18).
  11. God chose all the various features of your life (Genesis 29:17; 39:6; Dan 1:4; I Cor 4:7).
    1. If you are tall, ugly, stupid, coordinated, or their opposite, God chose them for you.
    2. Since this is true, then you should never complain or be discontent about yourself.
    3. Since this is true, then you should never complain or envy others, because He chose.
    4. The greatest contentment in the world arises from trusting a benevolent Creator God.
    5. Getting angry with God is a profane exhibit of wicked rebellion and malicious arrogance.
  12. God chose your parents, the consequences of which are hardly calculable (Luke 1:13,30-31).
    1. If your parents fear God, give thanks to the God of heaven for such a precious blessing.
    2. If your parents do not fear God, give thanks to the same God for saving you from them.
  13. God chooses to bless or hinder efforts, which requires submission to His will (Jas 4:13-15).
    1. You may devise a way in your heart, but it is the Lord that directs your steps (Pr 16:9).
    2. Paul intended to do certain things, but the Lord had to permit them (I Cor 16:7; Heb 6:3).
    3. He does not care what you choose or refuse, for it is choice that will stand (Job 34:33).
  14. God chooses the delusions and fears of men for their disobedience (Pro 1:20-33; Isaiah 66:4).
  15. God chooses all the circumstances and events of your life for a variety of holy purposes.
    1. We are joyful at God’s good choices; we consider (to repent) His evil choices (Ecc 7:14).
    2. If they are blessings, we rejoice for God’s goodness and give Him thanks with godliness.
    3. If they are tests and trials, we rejoice for their perfecting influence on our lives (Ja 1:2-4).
    4. When God chooses a role for you, do it well (I Chron 28:10; II Chron 29:11; II Tim 2:4).
  16. God chose to honor or punish your choices, so see below and do well (I Sam 2:30; Ep 6:1-3).

Others’ Choices

  1. Consider carefully what we mean by the choices of others that greatly affect many lives.
    1. Eve had a chat with the devil and ate some fruit. Can you list all the consequences, which even affect you 6000 years later? … you get sick and will die due to her sinful choice.
    2. Cain chose to kill Abel for no good reason, and Abel, Adam, Eve, and Cain suffered.
    3. Lot chose to pitch his tent toward Sodom. Can you list the effects on wife and daughters?
    4. Pharaoh chose to resist Moses, and every parent in Egypt rued his very foolish choice.
    5. David chose to get up at night and commit adultery. The results were deadly and terrible.
    6. Leaders chose to devastate Germany and Japan by initiating unnecessary war with others.
    7. The cost, lives, and distraction of our present war in Iraq are consequences of a choice.
    8. Kenneth Thompson of Wachovia chose to buy Golden West for 25.5 billion in 2006.
  2. Much of your life is fixed or influenced by choices others make for, without, or against you.
    1. A father choosing to be foolish financially leaves his children to grow up with much less.
    2. A mother choosing to be neglectful leaves her children to grow up without good training.
    3. A government foolishly choosing war causes the deaths of many and financial hardship.
    4. If a boss overlooks you for a promotion, you could apparently get behind by some years.
    5. If a pastor chooses to be carnal or lazy, you and the other hearers will lose (I Tim 4:16).
    6. If a spouse chooses to dislike or divorce you, there are painful related consequences.
    7. If a man chooses to drink and drive and hits your child, there are many painful results.
    8. If a child chooses to rebel, it causes great pain, but you can respond with good choices.
  3. Much of your life is fixed or influenced by choices others make for, without, or against you.
    1. If they made good choices for us, we thank them and honor them for resultant blessings.
    2. If they made bad choices for us, we forgive them and honor them in spite of their errors.
    3. Even in this situation, with both good and bad choices, we know God governs them all.
    4. If under authority of those who make bad choices, we can still trust God to protect us.
    5. All the choices made by others are within and under God’s own choices for your life.
    6. A boss may make bad choices, but we submit by conscience toward God (I Pet 2:18-21).
    7. A government may be a persecuting one, but we submit anyway (I Pet 2:13-17; Eccl 5:8).
  4. Your parents have made choices that have blessed or hindered your life by the consequences, for they choose your location, education, religion, nutrition, entertainment, friends, etc, etc.
    1. Grandparents’ choices have a profound effect on your life, though you cannot see them.
    2. Until you are a parent, your opinion about your parents is vain. Submit, and give thanks.
  5. We thank those over us for good choices, and we forgive them for their bad choices that hurt.
  6. The Bible emphasizes forbearing and forgiving offences of others – their decisions that hurt.

Your Choices

  1. If you feel out of control in light of the above two categories, there are choices you can make.
    1. Each man will bear the burden of his choices, and he makes many choices daily (Ga 6:5).
    2. You choose to get up or not, work hard or not, spend or not, save or not, go to school or not, study or not, get baptized or not, avoid evil friends or not, help parents or not, etc.
    3. Each day of your life, including today, is a string of choices. A good life is your choice.
    4. You may not see the consequences of choices today, but you will be blessed or punished.
  2. God works in us to will and do His good pleasure, but He does not will for us (Phil 2:12-13).
  3. God calls you to make right choices for a blessed life (Deut 30:19; Joshua 24:15; Job 34:4).
  4. When you make a public choice to follow the Lord, you better live up to it (Joshua 24:22).
  5. God will mock your foolish choices made against Him (Jdgs 10:14; I Sam 8:18; Isaiah 1:29).
  6. God promised rewards for some of your choices, such as honoring your parents (Eph 6:2-3).
  7. God promised punishment for certain choices, as neglecting children (Prov 22:6; 29:17,15).
    1. We feed children nutritiously to grow up and know to choose good over evil (Is 7:15-16).
    2. If we chose to marry and have children, we have a duty to train them (Pr 22:15; Eph 6:4).
  8. Consider a variety of choices and the consequences and results of those choices you make.
    1. There are serious consequences for not choosing the fear of the Lord (Pr 1:29; Is 65:12).
    2. When Israel chose new gods after Joshua’s death, God brought devastation (Judges 5:8).
    3. Even eunuchs could be blessed for choosing those things that please God (Isaiah 56:4).
    4. It is your choice whether you will choose a good reputation and favor of others (Pr 22:1).
    5. Do not envy the oppressor, no matter how successful or secure he appears (Prov 3:31-35).
    6. The sons of God chose worldly women, which brought the Flood (Gen 6:2; I Cor 11:11).
    7. Lot chose the prosperity of Sodom, and it ruined his entire life and family (Gen 13:11).
    8. What seat or place do you choose, when you are in a gathering of people (Luke 14:7)?
    9. David chose the way of truth according to God’s written word (Psalm 119:30,117,173).
    10. Wisdom and understanding are rather to be chosen than gold or silver (Proverbs 16:16).
    11. Mary chose the good part over Martha, for she chose to hear Jesus Christ (Luke 10:42).
    12. Moses made a great choice God’s people rather than Egypt’s pleasures (Heb 11:24-26).
  9. Our choices must agree with God’s, if He makes choice (I Sam 10:24; 12:13; Rom 13:1-7).
  10. Getting mad at God, no matter how bad the trial, is a foolish and wicked choice (Job 36:21).
  11. We must make choices based on faith in the word of God and from many good counselors.
    1. Human tradition is a sure way to make a poor choice against God (Mark 7:6-13; Col 2:8).
    2. Worldly wisdom is folly in God’s sight, and He makes it folly (I Cor 1:19-20; 3:19-20).
    3. Popularity, peer pressure, political correctness, advertising are wrong (Ex 23:2; Jas 4:4).
    4. Feelings are from a deceitful and wicked heart, which are dangerous (Jer 17:9; Pr 28:26).
    5. Results prove nothing, for you have no idea what God is doing in the matter (Nu 20:11).
    6. Evil communications through carnal or worldly friends corrupts choices (I Cor 15:33).
    7. Faith in God means we will make choices according to His words (He 11:6; Ps 119:105).
    8. Wise counselors leads to good choices, especially for the young (Pr 11:14; 15:22; 24:6).
  12. Your choices affect your spouse, children, parents, grandchildren, grandparents, church, etc.
  13. Your choices in matters of Christian liberty can destroy others (Rom 14:14-21; I Cor 8:9-13).
  14. Your choice today to do something tomorrow is procrastination. Choose to start it today.
  15. There is only one way to be prepared tomorrow for anything, and that is by preparing today.
  16. If you blow one or many choices, repent of the sin, beg for recovery, and make right choices.
  17. We must have basic standards for choices, such as seeking first God’s kingdom (Matt 6:33).
  18. Elijah asked why you are stuck between choices, which is worse than either (I Kgs 18:21).


  1. We give God the glory for His choices and submit to them with contented and thankful hearts.
  2. We thank others for their good choices, and we overlook and forgive them for their bad choices; we submit to those in authority over us in spite of their choices, knowing God made choice for the event.
  3. We thank God for moving us to good choices and pray for more; we seek wisdom from His word and wise counselors, and we confess our bad choices and repent of them to turn back with perfect choices.
  4. Proverbs is about choices and the consequences of them, and you should be learning it thoroughly.
  5. We learn the word of God, attend to preaching, and seek good counselors to make excellent choices.
  6. Your life is a collection and reflection of many choices; you happiness and success depend on them.

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