Is Baptism Foolish?




Read II Kings 5:1-14

  1. Though Naaman the Syrian was a great man in several ways, he was a leper.
  2. A little girl from Israel had been captured and was a servant to Naaman’s wife.
  3. The little girl knew of Elisha’s reputation and believed he could cure leprosy.
  4. Someone took this little girl’s statement and reported it to the king of Syria.
  5. The king of Syria sends Naaman to the king of Israel with very many gifts.
  6. A letter explains to the king of Israel that the king of Syria wants Naaman cured.
  7. Since leprosy had no cure, the king of Israel was sure this was a trick to start a war.
  8. Elisha hears of the king’s predicament, and he asks for Naaman to prove God’s religion.
  9. Naaman arrives with a great company at the door of Elisha’s house to see Elisha.
  10. Elisha does not come to the door but sends a servant to tell him to dip 7 times in Jordan.
  11. Naaman gets very angry at the lack of respect and lack of religious show to cure him.
  12. Naaman also complains angrily about the dirty Jordan and leaves in a foolish rage.
  13. His servants remind him that he would have done much more, why not much less?
  14. Naaman humbly submits to his servants’ wisdom, obeys God’s word, and is cured.

Read Luke 7:29-30

  1. It was the common people and publicans who would be baptized by John the Baptist.
  2. But the Pharisees and lawyers rejected God’s word and would not be baptized.

Read Acts 8:36-37

  1. The eunuch, out in the middle of the desert, wanted to be baptized by Philip.
  2. Why was it so important for them to stop at an oasis and perform this rite of baptism?

Read I Peter 3:21

  1. Baptism is a figure of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is a mystery.
  2. Baptism is the answer of a good conscience toward God, based on Jesus’ saving death.
  3. It does not put away sin, for it is only a figure; it is rather the answer of a conscience.
  4. It is the picture of our Lord’s death and resurrection for our sins (Rom 6:3).
  5. It is the picture of our death and resurrection to walk in a new life (Rom 6:4-6).
  6. It is the picture of our future resurrection after death (I Cor 15:29).

Read I Corinthians 3:18; 4:10

  1. If you want to be wise before God, then you must become a fool and quit your wisdom.
  2. If you want to be like Paul, you must become a fool for Jesus Christ’s sake.