Hating Sin

  1. I follow Elijah, John the Baptist, and Paul; not Schuller, Dobson, Graham, O’Connor, and Falwell.
  2. Jesus Christ loved righteousness and hated wickedness (Hebrews 1:9 cp Psalm 45:6-7).
  3. God hates sin (Prov 6:16-19; Is 61:8; Rev 2:6,15; Zech 8:17; Amos 5:21; Jer 44:4).
  4. Fearing God means hating sin (Prov 8:13; Amos 5:15; Psalm 97:10; 119:113,163).
  5. Men of truth, fearing God, and hating covetousness were to assist Moses (Exodus 18:21).
  6. We need to apply Psalm 119:128 personally rather than doctrinally and evangelistically.
  7. God’s laws were to be put on hands, foreheads, posts, and gates to keep families aware (Dt 6:8-9).
  8. Make as many things black and white as you can. Sin is sin! Right is right! Wrong is wrong!
  9. Damn euphemisms. Its adultery rather than an affair. Its sodomy rather than gay. Its drunkenness rather than alcoholism. Its pride rather than independent spirit. Its rebellion rather than strong will.
  10. Men after God’s own heart will hate all His enemies (Psalm 139:21-22; II Chron 19:2).
  11. Avoid worldly connections; come out and be separate; touch not the unclean thing (II Cor 6:14-17).
  12. Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is to be unspotted from the world (Jas 1:27).
  13. Hate even the garment spotted by the flesh (Jude 23). And learn to save one another with fear.
  14. I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me (Psalm 101:3).
  15.  Love not the world. You can’t love the world and the Father. Hate the world (I John 2:15-17).
  16. Set your affection on things above. It is a choice, and it will leave no affection for earth (Col 3:2).
  17. You must hate the world in order to love Christ, for you can’t serve both (Matthew 6:24).
  18. Paul spoke of hating the sin that remained in his flesh and striving mightily against it (Rom 7:15).
  19. Hating sin is the opposite of walking the line, protecting pet pleasures, compromise, or pragmatism.
  20. You don’t play with things you hate. You avoid, destroy, ridicule, despise, replace, condemn, etc.
  21. Ask not, How much of the world can I enjoy? But rather, Can I rid myself of all worldliness?
  22. Ask not, How close can I get to the world? But rather, How far can I get from the world?
  23. If it’s questionable, condemn it. Give God the glory. Honor Jesus Christ! Love righteousness!
  24. You can only have one master. Choose Christ, His kingdom, and His righteousness. Hate all else.
  25. Foolish talking, jesting, and vain laughter should be hated. God hates it and wants sobriety (Eph 5).
  26. Love of our brethren is a repeated commandment, so we must hate anything negative about others.
  27. Contentment is a commandment, so we must hate anything hinting at unhappiness or covetousness.
  28. Adultery is a heinous sin, we should hate anything even pointing or hinting at the possibility.
  29. A beautiful woman dressed temptingly – attractive, pleasant, desirable – should be hated.
  30. True disciples hate spouses and flesh and blood relatives who might lead him to sin (Luke 14:26).
  31. Hate hypocrisy – the worst sin of all. It is claiming to love righteousness with lips while sinning.
  32. I am talking about television, your thoughts, your speech, your attitude, your good works, etc.
  33. When considering movies, remember that the godliness they leave out is as bad as what they put in.
  34. Godliness with contentment is great gain – not godliness with contentment with success.
  35. Hate lies. Big ones, little ones, funny ones, minor ones, white ones (no such thing), any one.
  36. Hate fornication. Married, unmarried, with love, without love, thoughts, words, jokes, songs.
  37. If bitterness at your wife is wrong, do you hate anything even hinting toward it. Do you reconcile?
  38. If reverencing your husband is a command, do you hate anything detracting from your reverence?
  39. Hate anything against your parents. Hate disobedience. Hate dishonor. Hate jokes. Hate looks.
  40. What does God think of self-righteousness? I never knew you! He wants humbled sinners only.
  41. You self-righteous hyenas haven’t committed adultery? What of pride, slander, and sowing discord.
  42. What of unthankfulness, debate, envy, lack of joy, discontentment, emulation, implacable, etc.
  43. The great commandment is to love God with all our heart, mind, strength, and soul. Therefore, anything that distracts or denies you this chief and comprehensive duty is sin. Hate it! Hate it!
  44. Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold (Matthew 24:12). It abounds today.
  45. Today is worse than ever. Evil doers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.
  46. It is almost impossible to distinguish between Christians and pagans in this pagan nation.
  47. Every problem is because of sin. Sin causes pain, heartache, dilemmas, frustrations, etc.
  48. Poor Lot was still compromising with little sins as angels dragged him from Sodom (Gen 19:20).
  49. We cannot compromise. We must hate, avoid, touch not, separate, come out from among them.
  50. What caused the flood? The creation of hell? The suffering of Christ?
  51. Did babies die in the flood? Did they die peacefully in their sleep? How about grandparents?
  52. What does God think? How does He view a situation. And you can only consider the Bible.
  53. We are not “Christians.” We are saints – holy Christians. We are not Christian patriots, Americans, entertainers, religionists, ritualists, traditionalists, ecumenists, etc.
  54. What happened to Uzzah when he touched the ark? Isn’t this a little extreme by God? Hate sin.
  55. Why couldn’t Moses enter Canaan? Didn’t Moses deserve a break? He got water from the rock.
  56. What happened to a husband and wife who misrepresented their offering? Where is His mercy?
  57. Did Jesus get upset about the moneychangers? Why? Was it right? Should we?
  58. What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah? What of the little children? Newlyweds? Retirees?
  59. Lot’s wife only looked back. That isn’t a big thing. What happened to her? Why?
  60. What happened at Cain’s worship service? He brought a sacrifice at the right time to the right place for the right God. Was is it fair the way God treated him?
  61. Is Hell hot? Is Eternity long? What is a geometric increase? Eternal damnation for sin? What does it show? Is it worth it? If we are warned about skin cancer from sunshine, what about hell?
  62. If we know the judgment of God for such sins, how can we do or watch anything even close?
  63. Three assumptions of faith or life. Don’t be foolish! God cannot stand hypocrisy! Choose sin.
  64. Frank Sinatra sang, “I Did it My Way.” Do you want it your way? Or will you do it God’s way?
  65. Our leaders don’t exalt righteousness; our entertainers don’t. Who will take a stand for God?
  66. If we live godly in Christ Jesus, we shall suffer persecution. What must be wrong? Did God lie?
  67. Fools make a mock at sin. We should not joke, smile, laugh, tease, think, dream, or play with sin.
  68. Hate the world in yourself, in your children, in your wife, in your brethren, in the newspaper, etc.
  69. Any sin left will (a) lead to more, (b) destroy peace and joy, and (c) bring judgment now and later.
  70. Our motives should be (a) fear of God, (b) love of God, (c) thanksgiving to God, (d) magnify the truth, (e) personal tranquility, (f) a clear conscience, and (g) reproof of the world.