The church of Jesus Christ is where God dwells on earth (I Cor 3:16; Eph 2:22). It is not a building. It is a congregation, or formal group, of His baptized children who have united in mutual faith around His Son Jesus Christ to worship in spirit and in truth and to help one another live godly lives until He comes. It assembles to sing, pray, hear preaching, observe the Lord's Supper, and have loving fellowship.

A local church is the body of Jesus Christ, for He died for it, and His Spirit directs its members (I Cor 12:12-27). It is an organism more than an organization (I Pet 2:5). It is stronger than the gates of hell, when it follows its Lord (Matt 16:18). But most churches have forsaken Him and His scriptures for fables and entertainment: He has justly removed their candlesticks and spewed them out (Rev 2:5; 3:14-19).

What Is a Church? [audio/video]

This presentation shows that a church is much more than a building, a thing to do on Sundays, a social club for Sunday networking, a religious club for following a popular man, or a manmade organization following man's rules. Get excited about the true nature of a church!


One Another Duties

You may not like math, but you should consider the statistical consequences of all the "one another" duties in the Bible. Even a small church has many relationships that should be nurtured to be all that Jesus Christ expects His churches to be. Learn some Bible math!


Why Wear Pretty Shoes?

You spend good money for shoes, but you do little for your eyes. Some body parts you would not let anyone see, and other parts you display all the time. Why? Because uglier parts need prettied-up for public appearance. Do you know how this applies to your church?


The Lesson of the Locust

God made a special grasshopper, and He designed it to teach you wisdom. This lesson should be taught to every church, for it is the truth about the importance of banding together for the greater good of every member. Will you let a little creature make you gregarious?

Closed Communion

How big or small should communion be? Should all visitors be allowed to participate? If you include any, how can you exclude others? If you exclude any, how can you include others? There are Bible reasons to limit communion only to a local church's membership.


Should a Church Have a Piano?

This question may bother or offend you, just as it did us when first confronted with the Bible about it. Here is an article for those who care what the God of the Bible says rather than what everyone is now doing. Will you consider it with us?


Church discipline!

What is severely lacking in churches today? Church discipline! Churches no longer judge their members for sin. Hardly any churches do what Paul ordered Corinth to do in I Corinthians 5. Here is a manual of church discipline explaining how churches should deal with various kinds of sinful situations that will arise. May Jesus Christ the Head of His churches be glorified by a renewal of scriptural church judgment!


Pillar and Ground of Truth

An important role of the church is to defend and promote the truth. There is no room for compromise; preaching should include much doctrine; members should be knowledgeable of the faith and its details. Is this true of your church?