What denomination are you?

We are strictly an independent congregation of saints without a denominational label or obligation. We are not tied to any association, convention, denomination, fellowship, organization, or university. We are a simple group of believers with a serving pastor striving to obey and worship Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Without denominational bondage or influence, we are free to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit through His preserved Word.

If you must give us a label, we are Baptists. We baptize the same way John the Baptist baptized our Lord Jesus Christ. We baptize the same way the apostles baptized their converts. We require repentance and faith before baptism, and we baptize by immersion in water. We have a simple church government without popes, cardinals, archbishops, priests, or other manmade offices. Neither do we have apostles or prophets, as those Scriptural offices went away after the implementation of the New Testament order among Christ’s disciples.

Are there other Baptist churches like us?

A few. We have similarities with the Primitive Baptists, the Particular Baptists, the Sovereign Grace Baptists, and the Reformed Baptists, among others.

Are there any established church creeds to which you hold?

We hold to the Bible, as the Holy Spirit leads us to understand it. But if you want to see some historical Baptist creeds with which we find much agreement, we recommend you look at these two:

The First London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1646 (Second Edition)

The Midlands Baptist Confession of Faith of 1655