Blood Is Thicker than Blood

The world says, “Blood is thicker than water.” They mean that family bonds are stronger than marriage or friendship. People in the same family are related by blood, while marriage and friendship are chosen relationships and often not as committed.

“Blood is thicker than water” is a meaningful idiom for it teaches the strong affection and loyalty of family members. Though families may bicker and quarrel from time to time, they will unite to fight even former friends. A family bond can be that strong.

But we have a better idiom – Blood is thicker than blood! The blood of Jesus unites committed disciples in a church in a tighter relationship than any earthly family with only a DNA connection. Believers are born again with a new man with Jesus’ DNA!

Consider the blood involved – the blood of God’s only begotten Son! The sun went dark – an earthquake tore the ground – the temple veil was torn from top to bottom. No human blood has value anywhere close to what Jesus gladly shed for you.

Consider the father involved – an earthly father can only do so much, and he will usually die within fifty years of the son’s birth. But Christ’s blood was the adoption price into the family of God, where Jehovah I AM THAT I AM is our Father forever.

Consider the benefits and consequences – a family connection by blood with the rich and famous might get you into a good school and/or political office. Big deal! You will still die; you are subject to all the disappointments of the rich and famous, etc.

Consider the duration of the blood bond – family affection and commitment can only help during this life. The bond bought by Jesus Christ’s blood lasts forever and ever. Death in the Bible is compared to a family reunion of God’s elect in heaven.

The blood of Jesus Christ pardons you from all sins and eternal hell, guarantees eternal life in heaven, purchases the Holy Spirit to dwell within you, and results in an eternal inheritance of spiritual blessings man cannot even imagine (I Cor 2:9).

Jesus Christ values this blood bond, so He is not ashamed to call true believers His brothers (Heb 2:11-13). And Paul sacrificially and intensely did what he did for the churches due to knowledge and appreciation of this blood bond (II Cor 12:14-15).

We love our earthly families, because there are strong natural impulses for it, and because the Bible commands it. But we also know about our blood bond in Christ and know it is more valuable, lasts much longer, and includes many more benefits.