The mysteries of the universe are unknown to man. The smartest researchers cannot discover them. The best universities do not teach them. Computers cannot calculate them. The Creator God has reserved them for His children, and He reveals them to those who follow His rules for finding them. The Bible is God’s written revelation of truth, and it reveals the hidden secrets of wisdom to a few.

Is the Bible truly God’s words? Which Bible? Are they all the same? How should the Bible be studied to avoid all the confusion and differences in the religious world? Are there contradictions in the Bible, as some say? These and other questions should be answered, for your life in this world and the next depend on truth and wisdom, which this world proves on a daily basis that it does not have.

The Most Amazing Book Ever Written


We are Bible Christians. We know God and His Son mainly by the Bible. God has exalted His word very highly. You must prove all things by it. Our lives now and hereafter depend on it. Do you love it like you should? Do you know how superior the KJV is to modern versions?


Who Killed Goliath in Your Bible?

David and GoliathLittle children know David killed Goliath. But most Bible versions say Elhanan killed Goliath. What does your Bible say in II Samuel 21:19? Which Bible has it right? Which Bible shows God's stamp of approval on it by getting this simple history correct?


Questions Your Pastor
Hopes You Won't Ask

These questions provoked us in the past to seek God's answers, and we hope they will do the same for you.

If your pastor loves and preaches the truth, we love him and pray for him.


Jesus or Paul?

Is the red writing more important than the black? How do we rightly divide the Word of Truth between the teachings of Jesus and those of Paul?


Does the Bible have Contradictions?

Skeptics look for "contradictions" in the KJV. A favorite is Ahaziah's age when he became king. Little do they know this "discrepancy" contains hidden wisdom for humble believers, nor that they condemn their own versions by raising it.


The Bible Babel

What do the Tower of Babel and modern Bible versions have in common? In both places God confounded the efforts of men who exalted their abilities and ideas over the word of God.Take a look at their translating efforts of I Samuel 13:1.



Thee's and Thou'sDo We Need
Thee and Thou?

Most despise thee's and thou's in the King James Version. Bible scholars claim to update and improve the Bible by removing them. But both are wrong. Take a short lesson in pronouns to learn you need them, if you want to understand what you read!


Every Word of God

How carefully do you read the Bible? Jesus said that man is to live by every word, and Proverbs teaches that every word is pure. Here are eight arguments presented by Jesus and Paul based on single words. Do you have a word-perfect Bible?


The New King James Version

Most who use the New King James believe they are using a modern edition of the King James Version, because that is what Thomas Nelson Publishers tells them. But the NKJV condemns itself easily as not being either the word of God or the KJV!


Why I Believe the Bible?

The world has many holy books of various religions, but only one has the inspired words of Jehovah, the true and living God. Internal proofs show the Bible is God's word. Christianity did not invent this holy book. This divinely inspired book produced Christianity.


How to Read and Understand the Bible

Many read the Bible; few grasp its meaning. False teachers use it for all sorts of heresies. Here are tools to learn the Bible and be saved from deceivers. Hermeneutics is the science of Bible interpretation to prove what you hear (Acts 17:11; I Thes 5:21).


Is God the Author of Confusion?

Could God have written the Bible simpler, so fewer would have been confused by it? Yes, of course! But He did not, because He will confuse anyone who approaches Him wrongly. He wrote the Bible to confuse most men and reveal the truth to His elect.


The Greatest Preaching Service

Nehemiah 8 describes and details the greatest preaching service in the Bible. The preparation, preaching, celebration, and response were far different than what happens in churches today. How much do you love to hear the scriptures truly taught?