Halloween And Jesus Christ




“And his disciples remembered that it was written, The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up.”

John 2:17


“If ye love me, keep my commandments.”

John 14:15


“Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 5:19


“He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.”

Matthew 12:30



  1. Today is October 25, which means Halloween will be kept next Saturday evening before Sunday.
  2. This past Wednesday night the Bible study was about Another Jesus from the devil (II Cor 11:2-4,13-15), which is true of any Jesus that would allow or tolerate any connection to Halloween.
  3. This Sunday morning’s sermon was in the Higher Ground sermon series about spiritual warfare, meaning the importance to resist the devil, which is the ninth trait of great churches.
  4. This past Wednesday a pastor’s email described the possible physical manifestation of evil spirits.
  5. This past Thursday a Dublin, Ireland radio station interviewed me about the devil in Halloween.
  6. Only God could pull isolated events together with absolutely no planning by us for coordination.
  7. More about Another Jesus from a sermon so named.
  8. More about Halloween as devil worship.
  9. More about Halloween (slide presentation).

Bible Christians

  1. We are Bible Christians, meaning our version of Christianity is strictly by the Bible.
  2. We could not care less what an almanac definition of Christianity might be to anyone.
  3. We could not care less what the other 400 Baptist churches in this county might do.
  4. We hold God’s rules about all things to be right; we hate all alternatives (Ps 119:128).

Jesus Is Lord

  1. We believe in the Jesus of the Bible with no variations allowed to Him whatsoever.
  2. We reject any other Jesus as a caricature of man’s sinful rebellion or devilish malice.
  3. We declare that true love and service to Jesus Christ is keeping His commandments.
  4. We reject every aspect of Jesus but what we can read in the Bible about God or Him.

What Is Halloween?

  1. The Celts were early pagan inhabitants of Europe living from British Isles to Gallatia.
  2. The Druids were the priestly class of these pagan Celts that led their devilish religion.
  3. Their year ended October 31, and they honored Samhain, lord of the dead, on Nov 1.
  4. Their new year’s eve included dead coming forth and witches and anything dastardly.
  5. They had community bonfires, masqueraded, Jack-O-Lanterns, black cats, and etc.
  6. Any of these claims can be confirmed by various sources by a simple Google search.
  7. The RCC moved All Saints’ Day to November 1 to keep their pagan converts happy.
  8. The night before, the Druids’ night of witches, became Halloween, hallowed evening.
  9. This holiday, from Druidic sorcery, is entirely and only pagan and Roman Catholic.
  10. World Book: chosen by the Celts for celebrating everything wicked, evil, and dead.
  11. Any of these claims can be confirmed by various sources by a simple Google search.
  12. Most Christians never thought about it, do not have a clue, and mostly fear the dentist.
  13. The holiday is closely associated with the devil, witchcraft, the dead, and Catholicism.
  14. The most charitable meaning possible is honoring dead saints the RCC way – heresy!

God Is Holy

  1. Halloween = All Hallows Evening = Hallowed evening; there is nothing holy about it.
  2. The Lord’s Prayer has precious words, Hallowed be thy name (Matt 6:9; Luke 11:2).
  3. To hallow something is to set it aside as holy, consecrated to the use of God only.
  4. To apply hallowed to this night of death, darkness, sorcery, and witchcraft is wicked!

Halloween Is Devil Worship

  1. First, it is devil worship by direct association to sorcery, witchcraft, and night of dead.
  2. Second, it is devil worship by Rome’s claim of it (I Tim 4:1-3; Re 18:2-4; II The 2:9).
  3. Third, it is devil worship by being any worship of false gods (De 32:17; I Cor 10:20).
  4. It does not matter what a mommy thinks – she is unconsciously worshipping Satan.
  5. The world may claim many gods and lords, but there is only one (I Corinthians 8:5-6).
  6. Pagans often make fun of Christians for celebrating one of their own pagan holidays.

God Hates Sorcery and Witchcraft

  1. Most Christians believe Exodus 20:15, but they do not even know Exodus 22:18.
  2. Many scripture passages can be raised against sorcery or witchcraft (Deut 18:9-14).
  3. All sorcerers will be in the lake of fire, though it will be black dark (Rev 21:8; 22:15).
  4. Halloween glorifies death, departed spirits, etc. God is God of the living (Mk 12:27).
  5. Much more about witchcraft.

Religious Practices from Paganism Is Spiritual Adultery

  1. God does not accept worship with borrowed customs (Deut 12:1-4,29-32; Jer 10:1-2).
  2. Moses carefully condemned you using the borrowed customs to the LORD Jehovah.
  3. For much more about spiritual adultery.
  4. For holiday spiritual adultery .

Why Do Churches Tolerate It?

  1. Most churches allow families to send their children out trick-or-treating, no problem.
  2. Many churches have Halloween parties for children and youth with worldly customs.
  3. Youth organizations such as Youth for Christ think it the perfect event for evangelism.
  4. Investments are made in haunted houses and all kinds of ridiculous association to it.
  5. The apostolic rule is to come out, be separate, and touch not (II Cor 6:14-18; Re 18:4).

What about Fall Festivals?

  1. Some churches have fall festivals on October 31 and dress up like Bible characters.
  2. Why not dress up like Joseph Smith and ten wives reading the Book of Mormon?
  3. God commands come out from among them and not touch anything (II Cor 6:14-18).
  4. God does not want anything done to Him that was borrowed from false religion.
  5. These same compromising Baptists will have baby dedications to ape RCC baptisms!

Quitting Holidays

  1. This is the best time to stop keeping pagan holidays because Halloween is clearly evil.
  2. Use this link for some suggestions.
  3. Plan a huge Thanksgiving Day event.

Which Jesus?

  1. The Jesus of the Bible drove out moneychangers … what would He do to Halloween?
  2. But there are many churches that love another Jesus who will let them trick or treat.
  3. We should have the same zeal as Jesus against Halloween (Jn 2:17; Ps 69:8; Ga 4:18).
  4. We should despise compromise of perilous times in which we live (II Tim 3:1 – 4:4).

For Further Study:

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