The Genealogy of Jesus Christ



The genealogy of Jesus, the Son of David, the Son of Judah, the Son of Abraham, the Son of Adam.


  1. We recently studied our “Magnificent Matchmaker” and His mercy in Bible marriages and with us.
  2. The greatest marriage of all time – arranged by the LORD Jehovah Himself – is ours to Jesus Christ.
  3. Do you know your Husband well? Do you know His family? Do you know His famous ancestors?
  4. The Bible has a considerable number of prophecies and genealogical records for you to know Him.
  5. We should search and love scripture for its witness of Jesus Christ, which can be found everywhere.
  6. Jesus is the central and overriding Person and theme, and the genealogies help tie the Bible together.
  7. These facts were written about things most surely believed for certain faith in the gospel (Lu 1:1-4).

Genealogies for Jesus Christ

  1. Jesus Christ is the primary reason for use of historical genealogies in the scriptures.
  2. Paul warned preachers Timothy and Titus against genealogies (I Tim 1:4; Titus 3:9).
    1. The Jews were obsessed with their relationship to Abraham and aspects of Israel.
    2. Scripture condemns Jews that trusted race for salvation (Mat 3:9; John 1:13; 8:33).
    3. Identifying ancestors is an interesting study; Paul knew Timothy’s (II Tim 1:5).
  3. The Jews kept genealogies for their own sake, but God used them for His Son’s sake.
    1. Inheritance and property in Canaan was by family descent within the twelve tribes.
    2. The priests had to descend from Aaron, no other son of Levi (Ezra 2:62; Neh 7:64).
  4. Mary’s Son was called Jesus for He would save His people (Matt 1:21; I Tim 2:5).

Our Lord’s Four Principal Ancestors

  1. God told Satan Adam and Eve would have a great male Seed (Gen 3:15; I Tim 2:15).
  2. God told Abraham he would have a Seed by Sarah to bless all nations (Gen 22:15-18).
  3. God told Judah he would be the father of rulers until Shiloh came (Genesis 49:8-12).
  4. God told David he would have a Son to reign forever (II Sa 7:8-17; Ps 89:3-4,28-37).
    1. The sure mercies of David are God’s promises to Jesus (Isaiah 55:3; Acts 13:34).
    2. Jesus is connected to David repeatedly (Is 9:6-7; 22:22; Jer 23:5; 30:9; 33:15; Ezek 34:23-24; 37:24-25; Hos 3:5; Matt 1:1; 9:27; 12:23; 15:22; 20:30; 21:9; Luke 1:32,69; John 7:42; Acts 13:34; 15:16; Rom 1:3; II Tim 2:8; Rev 3:7; 5:5; 22:16).

Matthew’s Genealogy includes David, Judah, and Abraham (Matthew 1:1-17)

  1. Matthew was a Jewish tax collector (Mk 2:14 cp 3:18), so consider Jesus a legal Jew.
    1. He confirmed Jesus’ legal ancestry through Joseph – His legal father (Matt 13:55).
    2. He confirmed Him Jewish by tracing Him to Abraham, the first Jew (Matt 1:1).
  2. Note a few of the interesting facts the Holy Spirit intended we see about Jesus’ family.
  3. Though Jacob had many sons, God chose Judah to be Jesus Christ’s line (Matt 1:2).
    1. When Jacob addressed his sons at his death, he blessed Judah greatly (Gen 49:1-2).
    2. Judah was the fourth son; he was of Leah; and he was far from perfect (Gen 38).
    3. Judah saved Joseph’s life (Gen 37:26-27) and was surety for Benjamin (43:8-10).
  4. Pharez and Zarah were twins, but God chose Pharez against a midwife (Matthew 1:3).
    1. The twins resulted from incest between Judah and his daughter-in-law (Gen 38).
    2. Though the midwife thought Zarah was firstborn, God made a breach with Pharez!
  5. The women in the genealogy, a total of five with Mary, include four cases of grace.
    1. The notation of woman, especially here, is conspicuous. Luke referenced none.
    2. As a Jewish genealogy, it ties in notable events recorded in the Jewish scriptures.
    3. As an introduction to the New Testament, it shows God’s great grace to sinners.
  6. The first woman in the genealogy is Thamar, Judah’s incestuous daughter-in-law.
    1. This adulterous woman, justifiably indignant, seduced her father-in-law for a child.
    2. The Lord Jesus Christ came through this event, and it is plainly noted by the Spirit.
    3. For those social engineers that might approve abortion for incest, consider it well.
    4. No matter how ignoble or wicked an origin, God can do great and beautiful things.
  7. The second woman in the genealogy is Rachab, the Canaanite prostitute of Jericho.
    1. This great Bible story is brought into the life of Christ by its genealogical mention.
    2. She is in the Hall of Faith (Heb 11:31) and an example of justification (Jas 2:25)!
    3. In both of these New Testament passages, Rahab was still remembered as a harlot.
    4. Canaanites were to be annihilated, prostitutes were wicked, and Gentiles excluded.
    5. But God can save a woman even like Rahab and make her great in His kingdom!
  8. The third woman in the listing is Ruth, a virtuous woman of the whorish Moabites.
    1. Where did the Moabites, and thus Ruth, come from? Lot’s incest (Gen 19:30-38)!
    2. Though a virtuous woman herself (Ruth 3:11), she was of the wicked Moabites.
    3. A book of the Bible about her romance with Boaz is tied in here by the Holy Spirit.
    4. Consider that Boaz’s father Salmon married a Canaanite, so it was not new to him.
  9. The fourth woman in the list is Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah and David’s adulteress.
    1. This horrible and wicked event in David’s life is included in our Lord’s descent.
    2. Jesus could easily have been David’s son through Abigail or another good wife.
    3. But the Lord God shows His unearthly ability to pardon by including her here.
    4. And not only here, for she was also the mother of Nathan (Luke 3:31; I Chron 3:5).
  10. If nothing else, these four women show God’s glorious grace and providential mercy.
    1. Three were great sexual sinners, but God forgave each of them and exalted them!
    2. Two were definitely Gentiles to be annihilated, but He saved them in great mercy.
    3. Even children of adultery and incest can be gloriously used and exalted by God.
  11. Salmon, Booz, Obed, and Jesse must have lived long and fathered sons late in life.
    1. There are over 450 years from Joshua to David for four generations (Ac 13:19-20).
    2. Examples like Moses (120), Joshua (110), and Caleb (85+) provide our support.
  12. Joram did not beget Ozias directly: Ahaziah, Joash, Amaziah were judged with Ahab.
    1. This “error” of Matt 1:8 is solved by the error of II Kings 8:26 and II Chron 22:2.
    2. For seeing scripture defended.
  13. A son of Josiah’s that reigned only three months (Jehoahaz) is not mentioned at all.
  14. Jechonias of 1:11 (Jehoiakim) must be divided from Jechonias of 1:12 (Jehoiachin).
  15. There are other difficulties not mentioned here, which we accept by believing faith.
  16. Matthew recorded Joseph as the husband of Mary who began Jesus – a legal fact.
  17. Matthew wrote the genealogy in three parts of fourteen (with alterations) for memory.

Luke’s Genealogy includes David, Judah, Abraham, and Adam (Luke 3:23-38)

  1. Luke was a physician (Col 4:14; II Tim 4:11), so He proved Jesus’ biological descent.
    1. He showed biological basis by tracing through His mother – not Joseph’s legality.
    2. We are tipped off this is Mary’s genealogy by Luke’s “as was supposed” (3:23).
    3. He showed His humanity by tracing him all the way to Adam – well past Abraham.
    4. A genealogy back to Adam had value for Theophilus and Paul’s Gentile converts.
  2. Note a few of the interesting facts the Holy Spirit intended we see about Jesus’ family.
    1. Matthew placed the genealogy before the incarnation, but Luke put it afterward.
    2. Joseph is son of Heli (Mary’s father), since mothers were not used in genealogies.
    3. Matthew and Luke agree perfectly between Abraham and David, but nowhere else.
    4. Mary was daughter of David by Nathan, but Joseph was by Solomon (I Chron 3:5).
    5. Ashkenaz Jews today must submit to relationship to Christ in Noah, not Abraham.
    6. Luke called the godly to believing Bible study by adding Cainan (3:36; Ge 10:24)!


  1. We recently studied our “Magnificent Matchmaker” and His mercy in marriages in the Bible and us.
  2. The greatest marriage of all time – arranged by the LORD Jehovah Himself – is ours to Jesus Christ.
  3. Do you know your Husband? Do you know His family? Do you know His famous ancestors?
  4. The Bible has a considerable number of prophecies and genealogical records for you to know Him.
  5. These facts were written about things most surely believed among us for certain faith in the gospel.
  6. Knowing the glory of the Second Adam, we confirmed Jesus was of Adam by Mary (and Joseph).
  7. Knowing the glory of Abraham’s Seed, we confirmed Jesus was of Abraham by Joseph and Mary.
  8. Knowing the regal prophecies of Judah, we confirmed Jesus was of Judah by Joseph and Mary.
  9. Knowing the sure mercies of David, we confirmed Jesus was David’s Son by Joseph and Mary!
  10. Without controversy, our Lord’s incarnation and fulfilled prophecies are very great (I Tim 3:16)!

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