Jesus The Son Of David




“I am the root and the offspring of David.”

Revelation 22:16


Preliminary Reading: II Samuel 5; II Sam 7; Psalm 72; Ps 89; Ps 110; Ps 132; Isaiah 11; Matthew 1.


  1. In light of knowing and glorying in the humanity of Jesus Christ our King (I Tim 2:5; Heb 2:14-18).
  2. In light of knowing the true sonship of Jesus, the Son of God (Luk 1:26-38; Rom 1:1-4; Gal 4:4; etc.).
  3. In light of a recent study of generational Christians, including Rahab, Boaz, and Ruth (Ruth 4:13-22).
  4. In light of a recent sermon, “Lovest Thou Me?” and the holy conviction and desire that should exist.
  5. In light of our new president and the confusion and fear taking over the whole earth and its rulers.

The Title

  1. This title is not a human invention for metaphorical purposes. This is a divinely inspired title.
  2. Look at the end of your Bible. Jesus Christ claimed to be the Root of David (Rev 22:16).
    1. John by the Spirit also gave Him this particular title earlier in the book (Revelation 5:5).
    2. Praise the God of heaven, this title is also used for the sake of us Gentiles (Rom 15:12)!
    3. How is Jesus the Root of David? He grew from remains of Jesse and David (Is 11:1,10).
    4. Jesse and David were the trees that left roots in the ground from whence came the Christ.
    5. This could mean Jesus is David’s Root in His divine nature, as his Lord (Matt 22:41-46), but we choose the simpler and more straightforward interpretation based on Isaiah 11.
  3. Look at the end of your Bible. Jesus Christ claimed to be the Offspring of David (Rev 22:16).
    1. How is Jesus the Offspring of David? He was the promised and prophesied Son of David.
    2. The Lord Jesus Christ was David’s true Son biologically, legally, literally, and spiritually.
  4. Where do we begin? With the description of Judah’s rulers … David to Jesus (Gen 49:8-12)?
  5. Where do we begin? With the opening introduction to the New Testament (Matthew 1:1)?
  6. Where do we begin? Emphasizing David by ancestors and legal father (Matt 1:6,16-17,20)?
  7. Where do we begin? By the biological descent from David through Mary (Luke 1:32; 3:31).
  8. Two blind men begged Jesus as the Son of David to heal their eyesight (Matthew 9:27-31).
  9. The common people thought Jesus was the Son of David by His miracles (Matt 12:22-24).
  10. A woman of Canaan with an afflicted daughter called Him the Son of David (Matt 15:21-28).
  11. Two other blind men near Jericho called on the Son of David for healing (Matt 20:29-34).
  12. The common people honored Jesus as King, the Son of David, at Jerusalem (Matt 21:1-11).
  13. The Pharisees knew the identity of the Christ, but not with understanding (Matt 22:41-46).

The Meaning

  1. Jesus was a son of David (Luke 1:68-69; John 7:42; Acts 2:30; 13:23; Rom 1:3; II Tim 2:8).
  2. So fulfilling the prophecy of Shiloh coming from Judah (Gen 49:8-12; Rev 5:5; Pr 30:29-31).
  3. Both Pharisees and common people alike knew that their Messiah would come from David.
  4. This covenant with David was the most precious thought to David (II Sam 7:8-29; 23:1-7).
  5. Being the Son of David, Jesus had the legal right to the throne of Israel and Judah as king.
  6. Being the Son of David, Jesus fulfilled the many prophecies given regarding David’s Son.
  7. Being the Son of David, Jesus would be a King that would deliver Israel as David had done.
  8. Being the Son of David, Jesus would bring blessing and prosperity on Israel as David did.

The Prophecies

  1. Jacob told his sons that Judah would have the great ruler of God’s kingdom (Gen 49:8-12).
  2. Though David tried to build God a house, God promised him a house (II Samuel 7:8-29).
  3. David took comfort at death in the everlasting covenant regarding his house (II Sam 23:1-7).
  4. God promised many things regarding David and the Son of David, Jesus (Psalm 89:19-37).
  5. David understood that the coming Messiah among his descendants was his Lord (Ps 110:1).
  6. Look! The well-known prophecy of Jesus includes His rule on David’s throne (Isaiah 9:6-7)!
    1. Consider the government on His shoulder. He is plenty strong enough to bear up ruling.
    2. Jesus took David’s throne and kingdom and extended his government and peace greatly.
    3. He established it with judgment (fairness) and justice (righteousness) for all eternity.
    4. How would this occur? By the zeal of the great God of heaven, the Father of Jesus Christ.
  7. Does the prophecy about Eliakim have a spiritual view of Jesus Christ (Is 22:22; Rev 3:7)?
  8. God promised to preserve the city of Jerusalem for David and Jesus’ sake (Isaiah 37:35).
  9. The gospel makes promise of the sure mercies of David through Jesus (Is 55:3-5; Act 13:34).
  10. The Son of David, a Branch of David, would come to be a perfect Shepherd (Jer 23:5-6).
  11. The Son of David would deliver Israel and Judah from serving their enemies (Jer 30:8-9).
  12. The Son of David would come for His people with absolute certainty (Jeremiah 33:14-22).
  13. The Son of David would come for His people with great blessings for them (Ezek 34:23-31).
  14. The Son of David would come and make a covenant of peace and blessing (Ezek 37:21-28).
  15. Israel had no king for a long time until David their king in the latter days (Hosea 3:4-5).
  16. God raised up the tabernacle of David, the church of Gentiles (Amos 9:11-12; Acts 15:6-18).
  17. The Messiah of Israel would come from the little town of Bethlehem (Micah 5:2; Mat 2:1-6).

The Man

  1. David was a man after God’s own heart, better than Saul (I Sam 13:14; 15:28; Acts 13:22).
  2. David was loved by all of Israel, and his name was much set by there (I Samuel 18:5,16,30).
  3. He was wise in all his ways, including gracious humility (I Samuel 18:1-5,12-14,18,23,28).
  4. He was valiant for the Lord and defeated all of Israel’s enemies beginning with Goliath.
  5. David’s zeal for God would not accept anything less than exceeding magnifical (I Chr 22:5).
  6. David was Israel’s most glorious king by conquests, confession, psalms, humility, etc.
  7. Abigail spoke gloriously of David compared to Saul, and all Israel knew it (I Samuel 25:29).

The Kingdom

  1. The phrases “kingdom of God” and “kingdom of heaven” do not occur as such in the O.T.
  2. Israel was the “kingdom of the Lord,” and David and his sons ruled (I Chr 28:5; II Chr 13:8).
  3. Judah was the tribe of rulers, and God liked David to be His king (Ge 49:8-12; I Chr 28:4-5).
  4. David and Solomon extended the Lord’s kingdom the farthest (Ezra 4:20; I Kings 4:20-25).
  5. They ruled the land God promised to Abraham (Ge 15:18; Ex 23:31; De 11:24; Jos 1:4; etc.).
  6. In the days of Rome, the God of heaven set up a kingdom (Dan 2:44; Matt 3:1-2; Luk 3:1-3).
  7. We have a kingdom, and Jesus is our King (Heb 1:8; 12:22-24,28; Rev 1:9; 12:10; Eph 5:5).
  8. Jesus was absolutely a king, the King of the Jews, and Pilate heard it plainly (John 18:36-37).
  9. The kingdom of Christ is a spiritual kingdom, and men press into it (Luke 16:16; 17:20-21).
  10. The millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ is not a future Jewish fable, but a spiritual reign now.
  11. Heaven is the better part of the kingdom of Jesus Christ (II Timoth 4:16-18; II Peter 1:11).
  12. Jesus promised the thief that he would be, after his death, in Christ’s kingdom (Lu 23:42-43).
  13. Jesus’ second coming is not the start of His kingdom, but delivering of it up (I Cor 15:24-28).
  14. The preaching of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, is preaching the kingdom (Acts 28:23,31).
  15. We have another king, and though we are good citizens here, we cannot forget it (Acts 17:7).
  16. Our Jesus will soon show the world He is the Blessed and Only Potentate (I Timo 6:13-16).
  17. He is the Prince of the kings of the earth and has the keys of David (Revelation 1:5; 3:7).

The Cities

  1. The expression “city of David” occurs 46 times in the Bible, but we learn two different cities.
    1. Bethlehem is called the city of David, for he was born there (Luke 2:4,11,15; John 7:42).
    2. Jerusalem is called the city of David, for David took it and ruled it (II Kings 14:20; etc.).
    3. This second city, Jerusalem, is also called Zion for its mountain (II Sa 5:6-10; Ps 128:5).
    4. David and Joab took the city, expanded the city, and moved the ark there (II Sam 6:12).
    5. In this city, David sought to build a temple, but Solomon did it at David’s great expense.
  2. God set His love on Jerusalem and Zion long before (Gen 14:18; Ps 76:2; 132:13-18; etc.).
  3. We are come to Mt. Zion and the heavenly Jerusalem with Jesus our King (Heb 12:22-24).

The Throne

  1. A throne is a monarch’s royal seat – the chair of a king sitting with regal splendor and power.
  2. Other symbols of authority include a scepter and keys, both of which belong to Jesus Christ.
  3. David was king, and he sat on the throne of the Lord’s kingdom, ruling Israel (II Sa 3:9-10).
  4. When David died, Solomon took David’s throne and ruled gloriously (I Kings 2:12,24-25).
  5. Look! The well-known prophecy of Jesus includes His rule on David’s throne (Isaiah 9:6-7)!
    1. Consider the government on His shoulder. He is plenty strong enough to bear up ruling.
    2. Jesus took David’s throne and kingdom and extended his government and peace greatly.
    3. He established it with judgment (fairness) and justice (righteousness) for all eternity.
    4. How would this occur? By the zeal of the great God of heaven, the Father of Jesus Christ.
  6. Gabriel told Mary of the Son she would birth and His place on David’s throne (Luke 1:32).
  7. Jesus sits on God’s throne forever and ever, and He wields a righteous scepter (Hebrews 1:8).
  8. Peter knew this by a prophecy of David when he preached at Pentecost (Acts 2:30-33).
  9. The scepter would not depart from Judah – it is in the hands of a son of Judah (Gen 49:8-12)!
  10. Jesus ascended into heaven to sit on God’s throne (Rev 12:5; 3:21; 22:1; Hebrews 8:1; 12:2).
  11. Are you in trouble? Do you need help? Then run to the throne of Jesus by prayer (Heb 4:16)!

The Similarities

  1. David was of the tribe of Judah (I Chr 28:5), and so was Jesus of that tribe (Revelation 5:5).
  2. David was born at Bethlehem – so was Jesus. How did this happen? Caesar (Luke 2:1-7)!
  3. David was buried at Jerusalem – so was Jesus. Though Jesus would rise from the dead!
  4. David had wisdom like an angel, and Jesus has all wisdom (II Samuel 14:17,20; Col 2:3).
  5. David was a mighty conquering ruler, and Jesus is the Lord of hosts (Heb 1:6; Re 19:11-16).
  6. David loved music in every respect, and Jesus sang hymns to God (Matt 26:30; Heb 2:12).
  7. David loved and worshipped God, and Jesus did the same (John 2:12-17; 4:34; 17:1-5).

The Dissimilarities

  1. David sinned heinously several times, but Jesus never (II Cor 5:21; I Peter 2:22; Heb 4:15).
  2. David’s body is still in the ground today, but Jesus is glorified in heaven (Phil 3:21; Re 1:18).
  3. David’s kingdom was expansive, but Jesus is over all things (I Cor 15:27; Ep 1:22; Heb 2:8).
  4. David killed most of his enemies, but Jesus died for His enemies (Rom 5:6-10; Col 1:20-21).
  5. David sometimes bore false witness, but Jesus is the Faithful Witness (Rev 1:5; 3:14; 19:11).
  6. David provided a meal for all Israel, but Jesus chose a perpetual feast (I Cor 5:7-8; 11:23-26).
  7. David provided a meal for all Israel, but Jesus will sit us at the Marriage Supper (Re 19:7-9).

The Glory

  1. The Bible states Jesus has greater glory than Moses, so He has more than David (Heb 3:1-6).
  2. Where is the Son of David now? Gone up into glory to wait for us (I Tim 3:16; Luke 24:26).
  3. The Son of David can do more than reduce taxes – He can change your body (Phil 3:20-21).
  4. When did David see His Son? Do you enjoy such considerations How about Revelation 5!
  5. Jesus will soon show His position as Blessed and Only Potentate (II Tim 4:1; I Tim 6:13-16).
  6. His coronation in heaven at His ascension was glorious (Heb 1:3-4; 2:9; Ac 2:33; Rev 19:12).
  7. His coming will be glorious, with mighty angels and fire (I Thess 4:13-18; II Thess 1:7-10).


  1. What are the implications of this easy study? You have a great King, Saviour, and Friend like David.
  2. There is no ruler on earth that should move your heart or mind, for Jesus is the King of earth’s kings.
  3. This glorious Man, the Man Christ Jesus, died for you to make you a son of God and citizen of Zion.
  4. If He is the Son of David with royal and final authority, then you owe Him all that you are and have.
  5. If He is the son of David according to the flesh, then He can relate to all your trials and temptations.
  6. If He is Lord of all (He is) … then you should fear Him … and you should fear no enemy of any kind.
  7. He is coming soon! Are you looking for it? Do you think of it? Do you speak of it? Live in light of it?
  8. Why not just ask yourself a simple question? Do you love Him? How much? Measured how?

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