He Deserves Better Than That!


  1. This past Sunday we studied Jesus Christ as the King of a kingdom in which we are chosen citizens. Glory!
  2. The first commandment is to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, soul, and strength (Deut 6:4-5).
  3. The Blessed and Only Potentate deserves far more than mediocrity. Forget your jobs. Measure your religion!
  4. We look around and see backsliding, compromise, downgrade, and failures by Christians in every direction.
  5. Look around even in this church: I exhort you to covet to be the very best like David (I Cor 12:31; II Kgs 2:9).
  6. David is one of the greatest characters, if not the greatest character, in the Bible. You should aspire to be him.
  7. But what will you do with your life? Are you a loser? Nothing more than dandelion fertilizer? You can be great!
  8. Do not excuse yourself because of disadvantage. David was the last and least of 8 sons! But the Lord liked him!
  9. No one loved the Lord like David. If he has a peer by this measure, that person would have written the psalms!
  10. We cannot be content with the expectations or examples of those around us. We should exceed them by a mile!

II Samuel 7 (or I Chronicles 17)

  1. When David had defeated all His enemies and rested in his house, he was not content (7:1)!
  2. Though he led a great celebration to put the ark in a tabernacle, he was not content (6:12-19)!
  3. He did not think it fair that he should be in a house of cedar but the Lord in a tent (7:2-3)!
  4. The LORD could not believe David’s exceptional love and desire to do this thing (7:4-7)!
  5. God told David of all He had done for him, and He promised to build him a house (7:8-11)!
  6. The house, introduced above, was the promise of a perpetual throne and kingdom (7:12-17)!
  7. David worshipfully acknowledged God’s great grace and exposes his heart to Him (7:18-21)!
  8. He also praised the Lord for His incredible greatness toward the house of Israel (7:22-24)!
  9. Then David begged, rejoiced, and praised God for the promise He greatly desired (7:25-29)!

I Chronicles 22

  1. God told David the temple site was where he built an altar to stop a plague (21:14-30; 22:1).
  2. David could not build it, but he greatly provided for it to be “exceeding magnifical” (22:2-4).
  3. He explained to Solomon that God had chosen him to build it instead of his father (22:6-13).
  4. Then he briefly described what he had provided to make this great house possible (22:14-16).
  5. Finally, he charged Israel’s princes to help his son Solomon build a great house (22:17-19).

I Chronicles 28

  1. David explained to the gathering of all the great men the choices of God in his life (28:1-8).
  2. He then charged Solomon with being faithful to build what he had wanted to build (28:9-10).
  3. He told Solomon the pattern of the house that God had shown him by inspiration (28:11-21).

I Chronicles 29

  1. David used his enormous contribution to provoke the others to love and good works (29:1-5).
  2. Israel’s princes responded to their great leader’s giving with their abundant giving (29:6-9).
  3. David blessed God for the spirit of giving to the Lord and prayed it to continue (29:10-19).
  4. David led worship, and God confirmed this celebration by magnifying Solomon (29:20-25).
  5. David died, but he spent his life pursuing and worshipping the Lord like no other (29:26-30).


  1. The Lord does not deserve your leftovers, second love, double-mindedness, or lukewarm worship and service!
  2. He took the firstborn of families and animals, and He expects firstfruit giving! Second best stinks (Mal 1:14)!
  3. Where do you stand in reading, praying, praising, singing, weeping, serving, helping, provoking, and building?
  4. What do give Him daily? What do you give Him Sundays? What about tonight? He deserves better than that!