Character Illustrated by Bible Youth


NameReferenceEventApplication to the Lives of Youth Today
IshmaelGenesis 21:8-9Mocked young IsaacAll you have is a gift from God, so do not mock anyone for anything (I Cor 4:7).
IsaacGenesis 22:7-8Asked about sacrificeTrust parents and pastor, though scared, when they tell you God will provide.
RebekahGenesis 24:10-21Drew water for camelsGracious service is special, which the servant wisely sought, and Rebekah won!
RebekahGenesis 24:55-58Rebekah ready to goIf God is in a thing, and others depend on you, do not procrastinate (Ps 119:60).
DinahGenesis 34:1Visited worldly girlsWorldly friends and places allow for danger and sin (Rom 13:14; I Cor 15:33).
ShechemGenesis 34:19Agreed to surgeryIf you love someone, especially a girl, parents may want things – do them, now!
JosephGenesis 37:2Gave father evil reportDo tell authority about real evil; he loved truth more than his brothers’ approval.
JosephGen 39:2-3,21,23LORD with JosephNo matter the situation, righteousness will bring God’s blessings (Matt 6:33).
JoshuaExodus 33:11Stayed in tabernacleSomething is more important than duty, friends, or pleasure – walking with God.
Young ManNum 11:27-29Reported prophecyReporting irregularities is right, but do not condemn godly men (Luke 9:49-50).
Wilderness YouthNum 14:28-35Those under 20 sparedLearn by others’ failures and purpose against them; be thankful for early mercy.
Virgin MaidDeut 22:13-21No proof of virginityWhen God wrote laws, virginity was crucial, unlike this casual sex generation.
Young SpiesJoshua 6:23Saved Rahab’s familyAlways keep your word, especially when the issues are important (Jos 2:18-21).
JetherJudges 8:20Youth could not killAdult decisions and actions are harder than you think, so prepare for them now.
Jephthah’s GirlJudges 11:36Held father to oathOnce you give your word, especially to God, pay at any cost (Ps 15:4; Ec 5:1-7).
SamsonJudges 14:3Craved Philistine girlMarry only in the Lord, and that carefully, and trust your parents’ judgment.
Jonathan a LeviteJudges 17:12Priest for MicahSome men will use religious compromise for their living, but you cannot do so.
RuthRuth 1:15-18Refused dissuasionNo matter circumstances or discouragement, exalt godliness for a big blessing.
RuthRuth 3:5Agreed to pursue BoazThough bold advice, and from a mother-in-law, Ruth obeyed all Naomi told her.
RuthRuth 3:11Virtuous reputationWhat makes a woman desirable to princes? Virtue, which is by the fear of God.
SamuelI Sam 1:28; 2:18He worshipped earlyYou are not too young; it is not too early; serve Him in days of youth (Ec 12:1).
Eli’s SonsI Sam 2:25Profaned worshipThere is a difference between sinning against the LORD or men (I Cor 6:1-8).
SamuelI Samuel 2:26Pleased God and menYour goal in life should be to conduct yourself to please God and man (Lu 2:52).
SamuelI Samuel 3:9God called to himGod calls youth by parents, pastors, etc., your humility and preparation are key.
SaulI Samuel 10:6,9Made a new manIf God has assigned you a duty, do it without doubting, for He will enable you.
JonathanI Samuel 14:6Challenged PhilistinesDo not sit when there is good to be done; trust the Lord and take on a challenge.
ArmorbearerI Samuel 14:7Followed JonathanTo be a good friend means you will take on challenges with others (Prov 17:17).
DavidI Samuel 17:29Heard Goliath’s dareThere are causes and related rewards worth fighting for e.g. truth, degree, etc.
JonathanI Samuel 18:1-4Loved David as soulChoose the very best friends and love them very much (Pr 13:20; 27:10; Tit 1:8).
Nabal’s ServantI Samuel 25:14-18Told abuse of DavidIf you see abuse, or need authority for help, tell those higher or most honorable.
Young EgyptianI Samuel 30:11-16Gave up AmalekitesPerceived a better situation with David; an oath to God by the godly is security.
Young AmalekiteII Samuel 1:1-16Lied for advantageNever presume against one in authority; do not think you should lie to get ahead.
Ten BodyguardsII Samuel 18:15Killed AbsalomObey the highest authority in a dilemma, regardless of the cost you may fear.
AhimaazII Samuel 18:19-33Told Absalom’s defeatDo not reject the advice of authority; lying before God to please men is foolish.
AbishagI Kings 1:1-4Cherished old DavidFaithfulness and loyalty with privileged information is a sign of noble character.
SolomonI Kings 3:5-14Asked for wisdomGod has priorities for your life; choose them for a blessing (Prov 4:7; Mat 6:33).
JeroboamI Kings 11:28Promoted by SolomonLearn to work hard and make it your mark; it will pay for the rest of your life.
RehoboamI Kings 12:8Chose young adviceWithout overwhelming reasons, you should choose aged and proven counselors.
Little MaidII Kings 5:2Told of leprosy cureVengeance is God’s; you should love your enemies and do all you can for them.
Elisha’s ServantII Kings 6:15-17Saw God’s angelsFear no enemy; remember angels (Ps 34:7); we see them by faith (II Cor 5:7).
JoashII Chron 24:22Killed Jehoiada’s sonRemember every good deed done to you, and honor it, for God does not forget.
UzziahII Chron 26:1,16Pride destroyed himPride goeth before a fall – learn to handle greatness and praise (Pr 16:18; 27:21).
HezekiahII Chron 29:1Revival for the nationCommit now as to what you will do in a job, in a marriage, in the church, etc.
JosiahII Chron 34:3,8Began revival in JudahYou are never too young; greatness begins in youth; God gave him His word.
EstherEsther 2:15Did her best in PersiaGod makes de facto changes in circumstances, and wisdom adjusts (Gen 41:45).
EstherEsther 4:14Mordecai charged herYou must use influence God gives you for the help of right and truth (Pr 31:8-9).
Job’s SonsJob 1:4-5Fear of their cursingFoolishness is bound in young men; good character includes sobriety (Tit 2:6).
ElihuJob 32:6Corrected ancientsThough respectful of age, he boldly told four old men the truth (Ps 119:98-100).
Vulnerable FoolProverbs 7:7-9First steps to adulteryA young man cannot be tempted if he stays far away from whores and darkness.
DanielDaniel 1:8Purposed in his heartCommit yourself to obey God against any pressure e.g. speech, sex, music, etc.
Shadrach, etc.Daniel 3:16-18Refused king’s orderWhen facing trouble for obeying God’s word, fear nothing; He will protect you.
Little ChildMatthew 18:1-10Example of kingdomHumility is key to kingdom greatness; young believers have mighty protectors.
Rich RulerMatthew 19:22-24Riches over ChristAmbitious desire for riches destroys; do not desire it (I Tim 6:6-10; Pr 23:4-5).
Maids at TrialMatthew 26:69-72Peter denied JesusIt is better to say you cannot or will not, but then do it (Mat 21:28-31; Pr 18:17).
Jairus’ DaughterMark 5:23,35-36Raised from the deadPray or work until the baby dies (II Sam 12:22-23), but there are exceptions to it.
Scared NakedMark 14:51Exposed in the GardenPurpose in your heart, prepare, and get passionate to avoid most fear (Pr 18:17).
John BaptistLuke 1:80Strong in spirit youngBy the fear of the Lord and power of Spirit, you can be bold (Pr 28:1; Gal 4:18).
JesusLuke 2:49Honored God firstRegardless of intimidation or trouble, God’s business must always be your first.
JesusLuke 2:51Subject to His parentsThough you may know your parents’ faults, you should fully obey them anyway.
Lad with LunchJohn 6:9Jesus fed 5,000 menYour effort is often pitiful and weak, so remember God multiplies (Ps 127:1-2).
PallbearersActs 5:6,10-11Buried AnaniasFearing God is the whole duty of man; it is especially for youth (Eccl 12:13,1).
Saul of TarsusActs 7:58Faithful to conscienceYour conscience is a candle from God – build it and obey it (Pr 20:27; Ac 23:1).
EutychusActs 20:9-12Slept during preachingProper preparation and right attitude will keep you awake, alert, and absorbing.
Paul’s NephewActs 23:16-22Reported evil deedThere is a time to tell – report evil deeds to authority to help others (I Cor 1:11).
TimothyII Timothy 1:7No spirit of fearFear is for the carnal and wicked, so you should be brave and bold (Rom 8:15).
TimothyII Timothy 3:15Scriptures as a childLeverage the advantage of knowing scripture from an early age; do not waste it


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