Running Like Jesus


“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.”

Luke 2:52



  1. This morning we studied I Corinthians 9, where Paul was a dedicated winner in the Christian race (9:24-27).
  2. He was totally committed to rejecting everything of this life to win Christ in life’s great race (Phil 3:8-14).
  3. Our Lord Jesus Christ, however, is by far Paul’s superior and ran the race much better (Hebrews 12:1-4).
  4. We can greatly benefit by considering the blessed and perfect Man Christ Jesus in His race (Luke 2:52).

Scriptural Man

  1. When tempted by the devil himself, He answered each attempt with Holy Scripture (Matt 4:1-11).
  2. When tempted by religious leaders, He answered with Holy Scripture (Matthew 12:1-7; 22:15-46).
  3. When conversing with disciples, He opened Scripture that warmed their hearts (Luke 24:25-27,32).
  4. Godly men count Scripture to be their most precious possession on earth (Job 23:12; Ps 119:111).
  5. Godly men hide Scripture in their hearts in order to avoid sinning against God (Psalm 40:8; 119:11).
  6. Godly men give certain answers and reasons from Scripture, not feelings (Pr 22:17-21; I Pet 3:15).
  7. How much do you value Scripture, read Scripture, meditate on Scripture, and given answers from it?

Spiritual Man

  1. From the beginning, He wanted to be about His Father’s business (Luke 2:49; Ps 40:8; John 9:4).
  2. He was a man of prayer, engaging in prayer when He could (Mark 6:46; 13:33; Luke 3:21; 6:12).
  3. Consider well how he reacted to a man asking for His judgment in an inheritance (Luke 12:13-21).
  4. Godly men cannot and will not stand without much prayer (Eph 6:18; Psalm 55:17; Daniel 6:10).
  5. Are your affections set on heavenly things to the exclusion of earthly things (Col 3:2; Phil 3:18-19)?

Holy Man

  1. Jesus was tempted in all points like we are; yet He never gave into temptation (Heb 1:9; 4:15; 7:26).
  2. Whatever temptation you think you can hardly bear, Jesus Christ endured it much more than you.
  3. Great men before God are holy, as He is holy, to which we are called (II Cor 7:1; I Peter 1:15-16).
  4. Are you constantly striving to purify your hands and hearts (Ps 101:3; James 4:7-10; I John 3:3)?

Obedient Man

  1. Jesus submitted to both Joseph and Mary as His parents (Luke 2:51; Eph 6:1-3; John 19:26-27).
  2. Even when it came to the temple tribute and Rome’s taxation, He obeyed (Matt 17:24-27; 22:15-22).
  3. A man must reject this generation’s folly toward parents to be like Jesus (Deut 27:16; II Tim 3:2).
  4. And of course, he must also this generation’s folly toward all positions of authority (I Pet 2:13-17).
  5. Can you, who are inferior to the Lord Jesus, submit to your God-appointed superiors (Col 3:18)?

Zealous Man

  1. The disciples stood in amazement as Jesus cleared the temple of moneychangers (John 2:12-17).
  2. It is good to be zealously affected in a good thing, and we have the greatest cause of all (Gal 4:18).
  3. Are you full of zeal for anything to do with Jesus Christ, or do you drag along cause you have to?

Submissive Man

  1. Jesus submitted meekly to His crucifixion, God’s will for Him, in quiet resignation (Matt 26:39,53).
  2. While His crucifixion was to redeem our souls, it did give an example of submission (I Pet 2:21-24).
  3. Godly men show the same meekness under oppression by government and masters (I Pet 2:12-20).
  4. How well can you suffer being defrauded and anything else for others (I Cor 6:7; 8:13; 9:12,15,19)?

Serving Man

  1. Jesus came not to be served; He came to serve; which He did His whole life (Matt 20:28; Jn 13:4-5).
  2. And the greatest in the kingdom of heaven are those who will serve others selflessly (Mat 20:25-27).
  3. Do you love serving others, even when they do not thank you, or even hate you (II Cor 12:15)?

Gracious Man

  1. When Jesus spoke, even to those He knew were enemies, He was gracious (Ps 45:2; Luke 4:16-32).
  2. Of course, when fools and scorners manifested themselves, He could take them apart with words!
  3. We are to be always gracious in speech, only seasoning our speech with salt (Col 4:6; Eccl 10:12).
  4. Are you known for the gracious words that magnified Jesus (Matt 8:4; John 7:46; II Cor 10:1)?

Loving Man

  1. Jesus loved His disciples and friends consistently throughout His life (John 13:1,34; 15:12-14).
  2. Though they forsook Him, denied Him, betrayed Him, and doubted Him, He still loved them.
  3. We show our relationship to Him by loving His children as He did (John 13:35; I John 4:20 – 5:2).
  4. Every brother in Christ, whether in our church or out of our church, was adopted by our Father.
  5. In order to please our Heavenly Father and show His goodwill and grace, we should love them all.
  6. Do you look at all other saints, no matter how undesirable, and see their adoption as sons of God?

Merciful Man

  1. Jesus forgave a woman taken in adultery and Zacchaeus, each in one day (John 8:1-11; Lu 19:1-10).
  2. And we are to be just as merciful in our dealings with others (Matthew 5:7; Luke 6:36; James 2:13).
  3. Do you love to forgive, to forget, to make up, to embrace, to celebrate, to err on the side of mercy?


  1. Every born again child of God should humble himself before Christ and seek to be like Him in these areas.
  2. We have a race to run, and Jesus Christ is not only our reward by approval but also our example how to run!
  3. A cloud of witnesses is watching, Jesus Christ is at the finish line, and we shall soon give an account of all.