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Do you have a relationship with God? Or only a religion? Some men walked with God. One was called His friend. One wrestled with Him for great blessings. One talked to Him face to face. One was the man after His own heart. A few men and women were personal friends of Jesus. He loved them specially, and they loved Him. God saved you to have thrilling fellowship with Him and His Son. If you seek correctly with your whole heart, God and Jesus will love you even more, reveal more of themselves to you, and stay with you forever in spirit (John 14:21-23).

1/14/2024 PM
Forgiven, Restored, Promoted

Peter was a loved apostle of Jesus, though emotional and impetuous at times. Jesus let Satan sift him during His trial, but He had prayed for his recovery after denying Him. Crushed with guilt and grief, Jesus forgave Peter and gave him tokens of forgiveness and then also restored and promoted him.

5/21/2023 PM
Twelve Facts for Christians (4)

Safety in life brings everything back to the Bible - all thoughts, ideas, choices, plans, events, etc. It should be taught daily to children. Your ideas can never be better. Period. Success in life before God and men is by fruit, not results, feelings, or words. Fruit is identified in the Bible. Abound in it.

5/21/2023 AM
Twelve Facts for Christians (3)

The sin Adam chose in Eden and we choose daily pervades all parts of life, and it should be identified to avoid misjudging things, persons, relationships. God is greater than man and can do what He wants with your life, like He did Job. We should never blame, complain, or even question Him. He is God.

5/14/2023 PM
Twelve Facts for Christians (2)

With the golden parachute of guaranteed eternal life, we can manage and profit by the trials and tribulations of uncertain life in this world. Not only has God saved us for eternity, His choices rule our lives here and now with incredible blessings, if we take the time to consider His loving providence.

4/16/2023 PM
Victorious Christian Living (16)

Music is the powerful language of the soul. David played the harp to heal Saul's devil-afflicted soul. You do not have the right to any music. You must glorify God and use music that will lift your spirit toward heaven. Measure all music by its fruit in producers, performers, listeners, and churches using it.

4/16/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (15)

Recall seven reasons why God left us here. Average Christian is not VCL; most churches are not. How can you lose VCL? You can choose carnal, foolish, worldly friends. Or you can become too dependent on any relationship, so that you will compromise knowingly or not to keep the relationship.

2/26/2023 PM
Victorious Christian Living (8)

To be an overcomer, you must count the cost and give up things that compete with Christ. He taught the lesson to crowds that followed Him. You must walk in the Spirit for His power to resist temptations inside and out. Victorious living is the life of faith, so you must build your faith by preaching.

2/26/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (7)

To be an overcomer, you should look to the reward like Jesus did. You must guard your inputs vigilantly, you should be the most thankful person, you should pray for it, and you should look to the effect. Remember that your defeated Christian life or a joyful, winning one will affect all those around you.

2/19/2023 PM
Victorious Christian Living (6)

To be victorious you must believe that God forgives easily, quickly, and fully. Any ideas to the contrary are sinfully wrong and will defeat and discourage you. Look to Jesus as your example going before, see difficulties as opportunities like Job and Paul did, and get competitive to be the best in God's sight.

2/19/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (5)

A victorious Christian life is confident living, kingdom building, and intentional living. It is necessary to view each night and day, in that order, with the clear goal to obey Christ fully. Your greatest enemy is yourself, and you must force all feelings to follow faith, no matter how powerful they may seem to be.

2/12/2023 PM
Victorious Christian Living (4)

A victorious Christian is a growing one with fruit rather than funks. One of our greatest enemies is bad thinking. Your thoughts are not helpful to serve God better. Too many of them are foolish and sinful. You must hate any funks and not try to excuse them by ruling your thoughts to choose godliness.

2/12/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (3)

Key facts to remember for victorious living are why God left us here with a sinful flesh in a sinful world. There are seven broad reasons He did so, and they are quite helpful to live intentional lives for God's glory and His approval and rewards. His reasons are also our goals for living right.

2/5/2023 AM
Victorious Christian Living (2)

Further identifying marks of a victorious Christian, who grows in grace, knowledge, service, and zeal in Christ's kingdom. They do not allow the sissy fits or funks of many today that are destroyed for hours or days at a time. They quickly repent and resume their duties with God's healing power.

7/19/2022 AM
Love Not the World – Pyramid Slides

This simple graphic is a little tool to see all that is in the world we must not love. It is too easy to hate the bottom tier and forget our own lives at the top, which Jesus also said for us to hate. The tiers in between are the other things we must keep in their proper place to love God as He expects. The 3-minute video might help you further understand the graphic.

3/13/2022 AM
Glory to God Forever 1 Slides

Paul ended the first three chapters of Ephesians with a doxology. This followed his prayer for greater fellowship with God by Holy Spirit power working in them. You exist for God's glory, and it should be the focal point for every church.

10/17/2021 AM
Soul Revival (5 sermons)

We fight daily against our flesh, the world, and Satan to love God and His Son. God expects total love and devotion to Him, and He knows if we slip. Therefore, we need revival often, so we must seek it diligently, and He will powerfully reward it.

7/18/2021 PM
Character without Christ (4) Slides

What should we do to change our habits and increase our love of Christ? We must repent for past lack of love and commit our full devotion to Him. There are some practical things that can be done daily to keep our hearts with Him.

7/18/2021 AM
Character without Christ (3) Slides

Paul was taught by Jesus Christ, and knew about Him better than any man, but he sought to know Him better in personal ways. In contrast, he warned about enemies of Christ that worshipped their bellies by minding earthly things.

7/11/2021 PM
Character without Christ (2) Slides

Character or conduct valued by men is not enough, even if Biblical. We must love Jesus the Son of God or we can expect His judgment like Israel received in 70 A.D. What can you do with your family to know and love Jesus most of all?

7/11/2021 AM
Character without Christ (1) Slides

We shall soon be at the judgment seat of Christ to account for our lives. Have we loved Jesus Christ and served Him passionately, or have we measured ourselves by worldly standards? Earthly honors will not mean a thing in that day.

6/27/2021 AM
The Beauty of Jesus Christ

Isaiah foretold Jews rejecting Jesus for not having any beauty. To those with spiritual and foresightful eyes, He is very beautiful. Do you think Jesus Christ beautiful? How do you show it and tell it to others. Renew your first love of Him today.

1/17/2021 PM
Don’t Sacrifice Your Future on the Alter of the Present

Life can be summarized as a series of decisions.  Each decision has consequences for your future.  We must be intentional about life and every choice we make with a circumspect view of the ramifications.

1/10/2021 AM
What Do You Glory In?

The LORD tells us not to glory in might, wisdom, or riches but that we know and understand Him. How much do you glory in His Word? Do things of God truly delight your soul?

1/10/2021 AM
The Most Influential Member

Your tongue is far more powerful than you think! Men rise and fall in the sight of Jehovah, by their careful and diligent management of it. Godly men know the Christian walk is successfully navigated by directing their speech, rather than their feet. Have you mastered this unruly evil?

10/25/2020 AM
Cleave Unto the Lord

Persecution drove the gospel north to Antioch of Syria. Barnabas came to see the Gentile converts and exhort them to cleave to Christ. He knew the threats to their zeal, which are similar to our own. Let us run to Christ and never let go.

9/6/2020 PM
What Drives & Sustains You?

You do what you do by influences and goals you allow or choose. To please God and live victoriously, you must reset the factors for your priorities. Listen for the three reasons that should rule your life for God's glory and your success.

12/18/2019 PM
Reasoning with God in Prayer Slides

Mighty men with God learn how to bring arguments in prayer to win His favor.

12/1/2019 AM
Folly, Truth, and Glory of Baptism

Baptism according to the Bible is a wonderful event full of meaning and value, but it has been terribly corrupted by many heresies. The true followers of Jesus Christ keep God’s commandments just as given – they will not alter baptism at all from the example and instruction of the New Testament. We are Baptists because we believe the Bible, and we will exalt and defend it. Get excited about Bible baptism!

1/27/2019 AM
The Danger of Ichabod

God may take His presence away from any man or any church at anytime.

1/18/2017 AM
Reversal of Fortune Slides

Faith has three good helpers to trust God for great deliverances when in trouble.

10/5/2016 PM
Building on Christ Jesus Slides

Wednesday service to exalt Jesus Christ by the scripture and hate wood, hay, stubble.

9/7/2016 PM
Incremental Compromise Slides

Playing with sin, even a little at a time, will eventually destroy you and all yours.

8/3/2016 PM
Loose Your Bowels! Slides

Bible bowels are your affection & sympathy for others to be loosed for kindness.

10/7/2015 PM
The R Factor Slides

Any sinner can start over at anytime for any sin by true Biblical repentance.

8/19/2015 PM
Power of Prayer – II Slides

Then the earth shook! God hears and answers prayer - powerfully - like for David (Ps 18:6-7). He can and will answer prayers powerfully for you as well. David did great things with God's help. Let Bible examples increase your faith to prayer more powerfully.

5/20/2015 AM
Praying from Psalm 119 Slides

The inspired words of David in Psalm 119 can help you with spiritual prayer.

4/1/2015 PM
Sin Lies Slides

Lust and sin deceive men with all sorts of lies to get them trapped in death.

3/4/2015 PM
Three Choices for Living Slides

Your life is the result of choices you make out of only three options.

9/3/2014 AM
Inputs – Slides Slides

Godly Christians must rule a variety of inputs that corrupt heart and mind.

4/16/2014 PM
Mining for Treasure Slides

Miners invest wealth, effort, planning, patience to look underground for precious metals and gemstones. They endure hardship, setbacks, and risks searching for stones. But they cannot find wisdom and understanding. Only God knows where it is

12/4/2013 PM
Abaddon & Apollyon Slides

Jesus destroyed the works of the Devil legally on the cross and vitally by regeneration. But a very real personal and practical war continues. He is a murderous liar. He is a roaring lion seeking to devour you. He will lie about sin, hiding from you the horrible end results.

11/6/2013 AM
Armor of God Slides

Eph 6:10-17 PowerPoint of whole armor of God by Nathan Crosby.

10/13/2013 PM
Drawing Nigh to God Slides

10/13/2013 AM
Filled with God Slides

Ephesus was sealed by the Spirit (1:13-14), enlightened by Him (1:17-19), and His presence in their church (2:20-22), but Paul begged God for much more. The Spirit can witness internally about Jesus Christ to fill you with all the fulness of God. Incredible! Glory!

1/18/2006 PM
Thou God Seest Me Revisited

The Lord's tender care of the rejected slave Hagar builds faith.

8/29/2004 AM
Life of Faith

Faith must be understood and practiced to be great for God.

6/27/2004 PM
Praying for Soul Revival

God has revealed a process to regain joyful fellowship with Him

6/6/2004 AM
When Things Seem Hopeless

Bible condemnation and remedies for worry and fear.

2/1/2004 PM
Remember Lot’s Wife!

Reminder for saints to leave worldliness without looking back.

12/21/2003 AM
Spiritual Adultery

Carnal Christianity compared to a lewd and profane adulteress.

11/23/2003 AM
Delighting in the LORD

The higher spiritual plane of delighting in the Lord of glory.

8/31/2003 AM

A message about dealing with trials and tribulations in a God honoring manner so that in the end these things turn to our profit.

2/9/2003 PM
If We Confess Our Sins

Fellowship with God through faithful confession of sin

5/12/2002 PM
Blood Is Thicker than Blood

The saints' unity in Christ's blood and the Spirit beats family.

2/17/2002 PM
Loving Life – Seeing Good Days

“For he that will love life, and see good days.” I Peter 3:10

1/13/2002 PM
Sacrifice of Praise

Instruction & opportunity for men of the church to bless God

1/13/2002 AM
A Pure Heart

Detailed study of the nature and importance of heart religion

1/14/2001 AM
Drawing Nigh to God

“Blessed is the man whom thou choosest,and causest to approach unto thee.” Psalm 65:4

8/6/1989 PM
Thou God Seest Me

The Lord's tender care of the rejected slave Hagar builds faith.