Does Jesus Care?

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.
I Peter 5:7





  1. We claim the Lord Jesus Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords far above all principality and power and name, but . . .
  2. Every heart hearing my voice has pain, fear, temptation, guilt, doubt, disappointment, worry, confusion, trouble, etc.
  3. Does the Lord Jesus Christ in Whom we trust care about all these things that hurt so much in our souls? See I Peter 5:7.

Does He know?

  1. He divides your soul and spirit and discerns your thoughts like no other (Heb 4:12-13).
  2. He knows all our needs before we even ask; He cares for fowl and lily (Mat 6:5-8,25-32).
  3. He sees you with His eyes; He hears you with His ears; He knows (Ps 34:15; I Pet 3:12).
  4. He has perfect knowledge of you now and has had since conception (Psalm 139:1-16).

Does He feel?

  1. He is a caring priest touched with all our infirmities and feelings (Heb 4:14-15 cp 5:1-2).
  2. He is able to succour – give aid and help – because He was also tempted (Heb 2:17-18).
  3. He exercises lovingkindness in the earth, and He also delights in it (Jeremiah 9:24-25).
  4. He is the Good Shepherd and cares; He does not flee like the hireling (John 10:13).
  5. He is better than a mother or father and will surpass them in tender care (Psalm 27:10).
  6. He has compassion as a father to an obedient child (Ps 103:13; Mal 3:17; Matthew 7:11).
  7. He expressed strong feelings for Israel and resolve to surely show mercy (Jer 31:18-20).
  8. He compares His care of Israel to a shepherd gently bearing us in His bosom (Is 40:11).

Does He have time?

  1. He neither slumbers nor sleeps; He is ever watchful to help thee in trouble (Ps 121:3-4).
  2. He sees every sparrow fall and knows the number of hairs on your head (Matt 10:29-31).
  3. He considers us His portion, the apple of His eye, and like little eagles (Deut 32:8-14).
  4. He will save them, hold them with His everlasting arms, and bless them (Deut 33:26-29).

Does He help?

  1. Consider the tender care and love in affliction He gave His people Israel (Isaiah 63:9).
  2. He compares them to a vineyard and describes the things He will do for them (Is 27:2-6).
  3. He gave enough strength and grace to Paul to rejoice in his prior pain (II Cor 12:7-10).
  4. When the disciples were frightened by a storm, He delivered them easily (Mark 4:35-41).
  5. When David cried unto Him for help in trouble, then the earth shook (Psalm 18:4-19).

Does He change?

  1. The Lord Jesus Christ is the same forever without any change (Hebrews 13:8; 1:12).
  2. The mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting to His own (Ps 103:17; Mal 3:6).
  3. He does not even have a shadow of turning from His giving of good gifts (James 1:17).
  4. He may hide His face for a moment, but He will restore His mercy and care (Is 54:7-10).

Does He promise?

  1. Consider Isaiah 41:10. He will strengthen, help, and uphold by His righteous right hand.
  2. Consider Isaiah 44:21. He has formed us; we are his servants; He will not forget us.
  3. Consider Isaiah 49:13-17. He is better in compassion than a mother with a sucking child.
  4. Consider Hebrews 13:5-6. Both discontentment and fear should not exist with His Word.

Does He have references?

  1. Hagar, mistreated by Sarah, testifies that He comforted and blessed her (Gen 16:1-14).
  2. Joseph, hated and sold to a foreign nation, testifies He never left him (Gen 39:2-4,21-23).
  3. Moses’ parents, forced to desert their child, testify He is abundantly kind (Ex 2:1-10).
  4. Ruth, a widowed Moabitess, testifies He kindly led her to the field of Boaz (Ruth 2:1-3).
  5. Hannah, afflicted by her barren womb, testifies He remembered her (I Sam 1:10,18-20).
  6. David, in severe distress, encouraged himself in the Lord’s care for him (I Samuel 30:6).
  7. Esther, an orphan captive in a strange land, testifies He was very kind (Esth 2:1-9,15-17).
  8. Job, afflicted severely, testifies He is pitiful and tender in the end (Job 42:9-17; Jas 5:11).
  9. Daniel, made a eunuch for a pagan king, testifies the Lord gave tender favour (Dan 1:9).
  10. Mary, who anointed Him with ointment, testifies He defended her kindly (Matt 26:6-13).
  11. Elizabeth, barren and old, testifies He was merciful with a goodly son (Luke 1:7,57-58).
  12. A widow of the city of Nain testifies He cared for her and raised her son (Luke 7:11-18).
  13. A man of the Gadarenes testifies He delivered him from grievous devils (Mark 5:1-20).
  14. Two men of Jericho testify He had compassion on them for their sight (Matt 20:29-34).
  15. Peter, having denied our Lord, testifies He sent a personal message to him (Mark 16:7).
  16. The man born blind, cast out of the synagogue, testifies He comforted him (Jn 9:35-38).
  17. Epaphroditus and Paul testify He had mercy and delivered from sickness (Phil 2:25-27).
  18. Paul, appearing before Caesar, testifies He stood with him and delivered (II Ti 4:16-18).

Does He require anything?

  1. He says we can come boldly to His throne of grace when we need His help (Heb 4:16).
  2. He says to be careful for nothing but turn everything over to Him (Phil 4:6-7; Is 26:3-4).
  3. He says we are to believe and trust His care of us and to take courage (Psalm 27:13-14).
  4. He says to cast our cares and burdens on Him: He will do the rest (I Peter 5:7; Ps 55:22).