Who Is On The Lord’s Side?

“Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, Who is on the LORD’S side? let him come unto me. And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him.”

Exodus 32:26


  1. A little disappointment and uncertainty moved Israel to idolatry and fornication (32:1-6).
  2. God angrily threatened to destroy them all and start over with Moses as progenitor (32:7-10).
  3. Moses fulfilled his reputation as intercessor by begging for their wicked lives (32:11-14).
  4. Moses fulfilled his reputation as a holy man of God by his great anger at their sin (32:15-24).
  5. He told his cousins to get their swords and consecrate themselves as God’s men (32:25-29).
  6. After cooling off the next day, Moses again interceded for the wicked members (32:30-32).
  7. But God is not so merciful and would not forgive them, sending a plague on them (32:33-35).


  1. Moses asked because he was appalled at what he saw from most of this church’s members.
  2. Jesus asked a similar question when He saw the carnality of another church (John 6:67), and He wondered aloud whether there would be faith on the earth at His coming (Luke 18:7-8).
  3. Paul cursed any man at Christ’s coming that was not passionate about Jesus (I Cor 16:22).


  1. If Baal is god, follow him (I Kgs 18:21): do not halt between opinions, if God is one of them.
  2. The Lord Jesus would say that if you are not for Him than you are against Him (Matt 12:30).
  3. Either there is a God, or there is not! Either the Bible is true, or not! Our religion is simple!
  4. Disappointment occurs in church and life, when the honeymoon wears off, even if you are spiritually minded, which is often not the case. Stir up your heart for both God and others.
  5. Our commitment and duty is not just to God, but to one another also (Heb 10:23-25; Ps 122).
  6. Jesus and Paul had occasions when they saw all others flee away (Mark 14:50; II Tim 4:16).
  7. We should be asking, “Is thine heart right, as my heart is with thy heart?” (II Kings 10:15).
  8. Discipleship is glorious and rewarding, if you engage (Mk 10:28-30; Ro 8:18; II Co 4:17-18).
  9. If you choose to engage with the world instead, He will fight against you (Is 63:10; Ex 23:21; Lev 26:23-24; Deut 28:15; 32:19-25; Jer 21:5; 30:14-15; Lam 2:4-5; Ezek 9:1-7; Rev 2:16).

You Are NOT on the Lord’s Side …

  1. If you compromise for family, as Moses’ cousins proved above (Mat 10:34-38; Lu 14:25-27).
  2. If you do not love God in actions more than any and all other things (Mark 12:30; Ex 34:14).
  3. If you have lost your first love of Christ, and you are not repenting to recover it (Rev 2:4-5).
  4. If you are lukewarm in following Him, Who prefers you either hot or cold (Rev 3:15-16).
  5. If you stagnate as a Christian for (1) sloth, (2) persecution, or (3) prosperity (Lu 8:11-15,18).
  6. If you are trying to have your cake and eat it too with the world (Matt 6:24; I Tim 6:6-10).
  7. If you mind earthly things to fruitlessness and stagnation as a carnal Christian (Phil 3:18-19).
  8. If you are a lover of pleasure more than a lover of God, as most Christians today (II Tim 3:4).
  9. If you have a form of godliness without a changed life by the gospel’s authority (II Tim 3:5).
  10. If you do not count up the full cost of being a true disciple … and then pay it (Lu 14:28-33).
  11. If you think inputs to your soul of little importance e.g. piping in worldly music. See below.

You ARE on the Lord’s Side …

  1. If hating His enemies – carnality, heresy, world (II Ch 19:2; Ne 13:25; Ps 139:21-22; Ja 4:4).
  2. If you continue and stay steadfast over time (John 8:31; I John 2:19; Col 1:23; Heb 3:6,14).
  3. If you condemn heresies rather than consider them, for they will surely arise (I Cor 11:19).
  4. If you put His kingdom and righteousness first in your life, choices, and priorities (Mat 6:33).
  5. If unlike Demas, you forsake this present world for Jesus Christ (II Tim 4:10; Heb 11:24-26).
  6. If you put on the whole armor of God, including your sword, and pray always (Eph 6:10-18).

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