Reflecting God




“And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the LORD appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect.”

Genesis 17:1


  1. The first sermon this morning, “Knowing God,” reminded us of our duty to seek His face personally.
  2. This second sermon, related to the first, reminds us of our duty to live in every way like His children.
  3. The former sermon and content is more important than this, as knowing God exceeds showing Him.
  4. It is impossible to properly reflect God without knowing Him intimately and well, so the other first.
  5. If you know Him, you want to be like Him. Since you know Him, you will be different from others.
  6. God forcibly impressed these two subjects on me in the middle of the night early on my vacation.
  7. Do not be distracted by details – grasp and remember … your goal is to live God-like, Christ-like, etc.

The Text.

  1. There are three clauses – the introduction, the transitional command, and the final command.
  2. God has called us to be perfect, for He is perfect, and He expects us to be so (Matt 5:48; etc.).
  3. Do not be distracted about the term perfect, for you know already that it is limited in degree.
  4. Stay with the lesson, which is to perfectly reflect God in the world and glorify Him to others.
  5. As the children of God in this godless world, we are to represent our Creator and Savior well.

Another Text.

  1. II Corinthians 3:1-3 describes Christian saints as living epistles of Jesus Christ by the Spirit.
    1. The Holy Spirit had done the first and great work of writing spiritually in flesh hearts.
    2. Paul and his apostolic companions did their work by bringing the new man into activity.
  2. It is only by the great creative work of God in us that we are able to know God (II Cor 4:6).
  3. II Corinthians 3:18 offers the possibility of growing from glory to glory to be more like Him.
    1. The source of this transformation of a God-knowing man is the Spirit of God Himself.
    2. The instrumental means of this transformation is the glorious liberty of the N.T. gospel.
  4. See commentary on the chapter:

Honoring the Name.

  1. We would dread to dishonor the name of an important person or someone we truly loved.
  2. Since we have taken His name, and chosen to delight in it, we must protect it (II Tim 2:19).
  3. Sin in the life of one knowing God brings blasphemy on His name (I Tim 6:1; II Sam 12:14).

As dear children.

  1. God gives an example to those who know Him that proves them His children (Matt 5:48), and it is by actions like this that provide the evidence or reflection of God’s character to men.
  2. And He calls upon those elected saints to follow their God as His dear children (Eph 5:1).
  3. It is by working out the goodness He worked in that we act like His children (Phil 2:12-16).

To know Him is to glorify Him.

  1. If you truly know God, then you will want to glorify Him by your actions before the world.
  2. We are to be shining lights in this dark world to the glory of the God we love (Matt 5:16).
  3. Our lives before unbelievers are to speak credibly and powerfully on His behalf (I Pet 2:12).

Paul’s desire and commitment.

  1. Under afflictions and trials, Paul had one constant ambition to magnify Christ (Phil 1:18-20).
  2. Even by his death? Yes, even by his death to reflect Christ! And Stephen did it (Ac 7:59-60)!
  3. His foundational basis to pursue God, experimentally, is a glorious example (Phil 3:8-14).

God saved you to conform you.

  1. God predestinated you to be conformed to the image of His Son (Rom 8:29) – get started!
  2. God quickened you, which is quite a transformation, for His ordained good works (Ep 2:10).
  3. If you are in Christ, knowing God and walking before Him, you will change (II Cor 5:17).
  4. You will demonstrate to all the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God (Romans 12:1-2).
  5. There is a great creative work coming to conform you much more (I Cor 15:49; Phil 3:21).

Whatever you do.

  1. Matters of liberty or conscience are ruled for God’s glory (Ro 14:5-10; I Co 8:1-9; 10:23-33).
  2. You are not your own, and you must live in such a way as to glorify God (I Cor 6:12-20).
  3. We do not add or take away from Him, but we glorify or shame Him before men (Jb 35:1-8).


  1. Do men perceive you know God, walk before Him, and are perfect … as Peter and John (Acts 4:13)?
  2. The only Bible will some will ever read is your life before the world … is it an accurate translation?
  3. The fullest character of God some will ever observe is your life … how well do they know Him?
  4. Will you … can you … remember for each thought, each word, and each action to reflect your God?

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